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rain | 
Europe hejmonika 
start by telling me: 1. your faceit lvl, esea lvl or mm level depending on what you play the most 2. your dedication to the game and your goal for cs 3. what you struggle the most with in general or on any map and ill do my best to give you a solid plan for improvement or guide you for playing a position
2020-09-18 23:28
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1. unranked (mm) 2. i like watching cs and bet from time to time, no real goal 3. idk men i dont play cs
2020-09-18 23:29
aw :( thx for bump tho
2020-09-18 23:30
Hej hej monica
2020-09-18 23:30
Hej på dig monica
2020-09-18 23:31
cry | 
Brazil IsFree
1. 0 2. none 3. I hate Border, shit map, only good site to defend
2020-09-18 23:30
jks | 
r6 player spotted
2020-09-19 03:07
r6 aka too many variables
2020-09-19 04:58
cry | 
Brazil IsFree
R6: The game where you know everything is unbalanced from the amouth of stuff there is, but oh boy its actually much worse than you think
2020-09-19 06:42
operation health after 6 years or some shit, fixing bugs present at the beta operators that are balanced only for the highest lvl of gameplay, instead of making the game better for casuals like us (fuck echo) game breaking bugs like the kanal window drop at control or whatever its called fuckton of hackers etc
2020-09-19 06:51
cry | 
Brazil IsFree
Balancing what? There IS NO balance The game is still absolutely broken, as balanced as two elephants fucking on top of a moving canoe, and toxic, horrible community, the game is absolute trash But holy shit I love this game lmao
2020-09-19 06:52
yeah community is shit game itself is shit but i know people love the shit out of it. im sure its more fun on console where people aren't looking through a single line of bullet holes to spawnpeek and shit.
2020-09-19 06:53
cry | 
Brazil IsFree
Console R6 feels like torture, PC runs so much smoother, but it being even shyttier adds to the magic of the game, Idk why. I just love to hate this game
2020-09-19 06:56
1. your faceit lvl, esea lvl or mm level depending on what you play the most silver 2 2. your dedication to the game and your goal for cs no dedication no goal 3. what you struggle the most with in general or on any map not being a bot
2020-09-18 23:30
skill takes time! just keep playing cs and you will visibly get better, even if you dont notice. if you feel like aim isnt your strongest factor attempt to learn utility like molotovs and nades to do damage to multiple opponents at a time. train your aim on hsdm or just normal dm and slowly you will improve.
2020-09-18 23:32
As I said I have no dedication. I play for 3 or 4 days and stop playing for a month. I started playing in 2015 and have 200h Also I got my rank this week and may have demoted to silver 1
2020-09-18 23:37
perk  | 
Finland eIe
1. Idk, unranked 2. No dedication, no goal 3. I dont play
2020-09-18 23:32
OK | 
Peru TheJuan
1. unranked 2. I play every time I want to, goal is to win 10 arms race matches in a row 3 I finish second 60% of the time help pls
2020-09-18 23:33
arms race is all aim. train your aim and speedrun your way to the Knife part, at which point - its is just luck. try to go for worse enemies to knife and make sure your movement is good to dodge as much as you can.
2020-09-18 23:35
OK | 
Peru TheJuan
very interesting Im reinstalling csgo to see if it works
2020-09-18 23:41
faceit lvl 4 / dmg idk if i have a goal, i just want to play competitively in a team on some dogshit leagues and thats all the biggest strugle has always been consistency for me, sometimes i just can't focus on the game fully no matter how i try
2020-09-18 23:34
focusing too much is an issue too, it burns you out and gives you the effect you have. just play for fun at an average level rather than tryhard to play on a slightly higher level. with time your normal play will become better and better naturally without you having to think about it much. try to not get too distracted tho, make sure you have a drive to win within you. If you play mm, set the goal to grind to LEM or further. for faceit, set a goal to get to level 5 or 6 or further. for your level make sure your communication and synergy with others is great. You dont need to know every flash or go full TACO support mode but try to just trade your teammates and support them when they need aswell as not tilting nor being toxic as that loses more games than you think. about being consistant, skill IS consistancy. The more you play, the more consistant and better you get. voo made a great video i will link to here If you want to improve consistancy, try out different areas on CT and find one you enjoy playing and stick with it. For example when i started Vertigo i started by playing A anchor which didnt cut it so i tried playing B site and now im very comfortable as a B anchor also, train your muscle memory. Your sub-concious reflexes are better than if you have to think to aim. Your arm has to move to your heads naturally, and trying or focusing too much kills that. to train that play aimlab or hsdm or any other high-pace trainer for longer periods of time.
2020-09-18 23:41
first of all i gotta say that i was never dedicated into grinding faceit/mm second, i currently have a team and imo my communication is decent. i never get tilted at my teammates, i tilt at myself. what makes me pissed off the most is that i know i can do better, but half the time i cannot set the right mindset. i have around 2k hours and i feel like i already know where i like to play on CT and i am sticking with it im practicing individually on my aim for ~1 hour per day its really weird to explain, but before my games i can just feel whenever i will perform at my best and when i won't. i dont know what causes it, but i cant set the same mentality before every game, even though i enjoy playing cs so much (and i mean it) and btw i really appreciate you taking your time for me <3
2020-09-18 23:59
Kaze | 
China vegt
1. casual 2. 700 hrs 3. I wnat to open a knife one day
2020-09-18 23:35
1. 10 2. No goals, I'm too old.. 29. 3. I'm pretty consistent but when I have a bad game I overpeek/push because I get greedy for kills and it's dumb but it's stronger than myself.
2020-09-19 00:01
Overpeeking and Pushing isnt an issue. If you get greedy for kills try asking your teammates for support rather than you supporting them to make your pushes more worthwhile and effective. If its really your playstyle and you cant stop your greed try to control it to some extent and make sure your pushes have a risk/reward balance. As an example, if youre on CT inferno dont push mid and if its clear push banana from mid, do it in a controlled manner, for example get your teammate to molotov ramp early, you + him cross boiler and smoke off the molotov window then contact together into reverse-boiler, get the trade on the aps lurk and boom greed paid off, 4v4. youre on t aggression is also fine. as an example,mirage, you are low kills and wanna get greedy. get a teammate to flash A twice for u and u smoke the ramp molotov and fight the ct guy straight on, since in pugs the awp is always mid not ct. if youre greedy for kills might aswell do it properly and with confidence however, if you dont wanna get greedy for kills attempt to play the AWP more as it often requires more passive play or well timed and well executed early aggression.
2020-09-19 00:13
Thank you for taking such a long time to type this mens, I will keep it in mind
2020-09-19 02:50
1. 7 level faceit (1630elo) 2. I want to get higher levels as much as I can 3. inconsistency. one day I perform amazing and other day I play so average and whiff easiest shots
2020-09-19 02:56
Belgium lil_vodka
1. mg 2. no goals, mb like getting to big star or smthg 3. i wanna learn all the strategies, smoke positions, improve my aim, etc but i cant cuz of school when i'll be employed i'll be able to focus on these things though
2020-09-19 02:56
Brazil ghcnvbkn
+1,the school gets in the way of training a lot
2020-09-19 04:21
Turkey TARDUzZ
GN4 (was DMG but deranked from playing with mates) / Faceit Level 1 (I made the account 5 years ago when I was new and didn't touch for a long time) I play everyday for a few hours, especially now since no lectures in person, goal is to get a good rank on mm or faceit I'm mostly top fragging, but I feel like I don't play smart enough or that I can't do enough. I also tend to struggle with nades and over peeking
2020-09-19 02:57
faceit level 10 / mm global haven't touched csgo in a month What I struggle with is having no motivation to play, but I guess that has something to do with age, turning 30 soonish
2020-09-19 03:05
arT | 
Brazil EnzuBR
1. lvl16 on GamersClub (equivalent to lvl8 on faceit) 2. I play mainly for fun, but i'd like to get better in the game 3. Pistol rounds
2020-09-19 03:10
1. None. Ive only played CSGO twice at internet cafes 2. I want to play more but parents wont let me download anything (i need permission for downloading games, apps, and even keeping the door open). I love watching the pros play though. 3. When I was little since i couldn't play CSGO I played knockoff games like minecraft CSGO and 1.6 on a web browser. I always tryharded since Im not allowed to play a lot and I wanted to win so no one wanted to play with me. Hoping to play and maybe join a team in college, that could be cool :D
2020-09-19 03:12
silver 4 my goal for cs is to become gold nova 1 but if I had the talent I would attempt to go pro I practice for 2 hours a day if i can, 30 minutes aim botz 1 hour deathmatch 30 minutes retakes I struggle the most with my nerves and I suck at using usp/p2000 thanks in advance :)
2020-09-19 03:19
Esea G Goal to get to fpl Inferno t side
2020-09-19 03:25
mid control is an issue for a lot of teams or players. most teams only focus on Banana or aps but mid generally is your go to area. since you pug and wanna get to fpl get a mate and learn him flashes and smokes for taking long control other than that make sure to have a good idea of what to do if the enemy aggresses and put down flashes mid early. B execs work 80% of the time also
2020-09-19 13:12
Korea Weeataku
1. Silver 3 2. Goal - for now just leave silver 3. struggles - I practice my aim, play arenas and retake servers, I definitely have more knowledge than your average silver. I sometimes play with Golds and from time to time MG1(because of the looking for thing) and obviously in those ones I play a more supportive role because I'm not mechanicly as skilled as an MG is. My biggest struggle is to step up my game in shitty silvers full lobby because even if i do I always have 4 handicaps. and because I'm trapped in silver I can't always play against and with more "skilled" players, therefor I can't improve my game which sucks. PS:. Not saying I could play like a MG, for now I just really want to improve and get out of silver as quick as possible... it's literally damaging my brain. Do you have any tip on what I could do more to improve? PS:. I recently started having my own way to practice. First I get on offline servers and practice smokes, moly and pop flashes. Then I hop on aimbotz and do 2800 kills (600 pistol, 800 rifles and 1400 with awp and sgg. All of these with variatons. like 50 taps, then 100 AD, 200 spray, 150 quick scopes, 200 fast flicks, 200 slow flicks.... yara yara) My question is, is it a good practice?
2020-09-19 04:16
Make that your practice routine. Do 1000 1-tap kills with ak and drop 40 kills next game(aimbotz). Any warmup longer than 30 minutes isn't recommendable. Do your warmup routine at the end of the day when you're finished with CS for the day. Also if you're stuck at silver 3 your probably have -30 iq. So please watch your demos and play Faceit. Free is better than MM. But never respond to any toxic players or be toxic yourself.
2020-09-19 04:44
Korea Weeataku
Not toxic. Usually watch my demos and write down what i did wrong. I had a victory steak of 15 with 13 games positive k/d never ranked up. I watched a video about the MM ranking system and apparently if you play less (comp) but win when you do, it will be easier for you to rank up and that's what I've been trying to do. I appreciate the warm up hints! I'll make sure I do. About faceit. Have thought about it but for some reason I don't feel comfortable just yet, not the person with the highest self esteem. but I guess I can try one day Thank you man!
2020-09-19 13:41
Also there's no such thing as being trapped. Please watch this.
2020-09-19 04:45
Korea Weeataku
Man just won my first faceit game! It was really tough but I had a lot of fun playing. Thank you for your help! Edit: I won't get premium just yet. I want to play a bit more first :3
2020-09-20 17:16
Nice. Faceit is your road to improvement. Search a channel on youtube called "voo" for gamesense tips.
2020-09-20 17:35
Brazil ghcnvbkn
1)LEM 2)nothing, but maybe i'll be happy to get global, my goal is: when i get global, i'll start playing Faceit 3)I try to train smokes, play some retake servers and play about 30 minutes of DM. the problem is that i have to study for school and i am relatively consistent too. I am IGL, awper and sometimes, but very rarely, entry PS: i play with 80 fps and 20-50 ping. I usually play more on the old Cobblestone (it is available on GC, a kind of Brazilian Faceit), I also play Mirage, Inferno and Overpass. I have a semi-closed team, three friends of mine and an random player.
2020-09-19 04:30
Lithuania Ufasas
help me find topic with :is there any gils here: or :any girls in hltv here: , i had good conversations there
2020-09-19 04:29
Brazil ghcnvbkn
did you have these conversations how long ago? btw, I searched for 2 minutes and gave up, try to remember the name, it will be easier
2020-09-19 04:34
Lithuania Ufasas
i dunno yesterday i was helping that dude who created topic, how to find girl, we said kidnap girl, use magnifying glass maybe you find, if she has bf tell her that you have bf also, and make them meet up, so you can run away from them together, but today topic gone
2020-09-19 04:34
Brazil ghcnvbkn
do you remember the name of the guy who creates the topic?
2020-09-19 04:37
Lithuania Ufasas
damn, forgot, it was some red flag, or something, almost macedonian, or turkish, i forgot :/
2020-09-19 04:44
Brazil ghcnvbkn
i will try find :)
2020-09-19 04:44
Lithuania Ufasas
it was good topics, but i think admin didn;t like the topics..
2020-09-19 04:46
Brazil ghcnvbkn
I'm sorry, but I didn't find the topic, I looked on your profile, on the profile of some Turks I know on hltv, I even looked on the wayback machine. but I didn't find it, when I clicked on the forums tab and selected the game, I even found one really close to its description, but it had been deleted :/
2020-09-19 04:53
Lithuania Ufasas
yeah, sorry to hear, admin didn;t like it for sure..
2020-09-19 04:58
2020-09-19 04:47
Lithuania Ufasas
ye, i spent few hours, we tried help the dude, like we could, he liked it or not
2020-09-19 05:06
supreme(i don't play faceit esea etc cuz i don't want any ac spying me and shit) idk,maybe reaching global lol 15 min aimbotz and 2 dms prac i struggle with missing some easy shots with awp/tracking players heads from behind sometimes,saving grenades(in some rounds i end up don't using them and die with 3/4 nades)my playstyle:t side:very agressive lurking(like a combo between art and the average lurker playstyle)/ secondary support ct side:main awper/agressive secundary awper/bomb anchor
2020-09-19 04:31
Play Faceit. They're not spying on you. Also you'll get literally nowhere with MM and the players at lvl 5 or better than Global. (Premium)
2020-09-19 04:37
tbh i was just afraid of using any ac client since esea's bitcoin miner scandal,i guess i'll give faceit a try later
2020-09-19 04:40
Fair enough
2020-09-19 04:40
who | 
North America Shehp
lvl 7 faceit want to go pro after playing against skadoodle and fl0m and shitting on them I'm missing my brain when it comes to playing csgo and making educated decisions in game.
2020-09-19 04:48
RpK | 
United Kingdom justdam
Global goal is global i can really only play nuke, inferno and cache at any high level
2020-09-19 05:07
1. your faceit lvl, esea lvl or mm level depending on what you play the most 2. your dedication to the game and your goal for cs 3. what you struggle the most with in general or on any map 1. Supreme 2. to make my mates improve so i dont need to get 30+ kills to win 3. playing with my mates, they suck hard
2020-09-19 06:35
I don't play cs I only watch pro games I don't play cs
2020-09-19 07:00
2015/2016 stats (when i play csgo) 1-silver to global in 9 months 2-because pandemic i start to watch the scene again and i got excited to comeback and play competitive (without pretense to be a professional just to have fun) 3- Atm 1 dollar worth 5 reais and a good pc is too expensive :(
2020-09-19 07:26
silver 2 mindless distraction from self hatred and anxiety reactions & consistency
2020-09-19 07:28
Sweden quacke
1. I'm LEM in MM which I have played the most, though I've kinda stopped playing. I hit Supreme, realised the skill levels of that rank wasn't very good and just kinda stopped grinding and swapped to Faceit. I've only played about 70 games over the last 5 years and about 60 of them came in the past 3 or 4 months. I'm still level 3 but I'm on the grind. I don't play much MM nor Faceit, I mostly scrim with my team. 2. I literally play basically nothing else other than CS. My dedication is big enough to play for several hours a day every day. Currently my goal is for me and my team to progress into Division 4 of 99Damage Liga, but I think we could definitely go even further. Long term I guess my goal is to be some sort of presence in the scene as an educator (analyst or journalist) or as a player, though I find the former one to be more likely. 3. I have decent aim and some good brains in terms of the game, and my utility usage is decent. I think my biggest problem right now is consistency, some days I'm an absolute god and some days I'm a bot. Also in most games I struggle to keep up a good performance constantly. I often have a strong half and a weak half. My role is entry fragging, which I do pretty well, but I have a pretty one-dimensional playbook in terms of what plays I make to let my team into the bombsites. If the other team find a way to counter my plays, it's often a 4v5 for my team.
2020-09-19 13:49
Korea Weeataku
Hey man no big tips but I wish you and your team good luck! :) Can't wait to see you and your team on this website! Go win 2022 major! - I'm an absolute god and some days I'm a bot. I can relate to it. When I'm hitting shots I feel great when I'm not I get tilted easily which is not good. So when I'm playing like shit, I tend to become a more supportive player, and flash for tm8s and try to get as much information as possible if I know I'll die. -My role is entry fragging, which I do pretty well, but I have a pretty one-dimensional playbook in terms of what plays I make to let my team into the bombsites. I definitely not as good as you or experienced but I feel like you should try to find ways to counter their counters. don't just do the same thing as always and as a team y'all could try to understand when you should entry or not and how. Most importantly make sure when you entry you can be traded to avoid those often 4v5....
2020-09-20 17:25
Sweden quacke
Thanks for the support man, I'm working on it!
2020-09-20 17:49
Korea Weeataku
You can do it bro! :)
2020-09-20 17:51
Free No Thank You
2020-09-20 17:15
Your pieces of advice to people are actually decent. Good job mens. If I played CS, I'd ask you for help.
2020-09-20 17:24
LEM Role:t side support/entry/lurker ct side:agressive 2nd awper/support/bomb anchor dedication:not that much,i don't play several matches per day(max 3-4),10 min aimbotz,play prefire in mirage/dust/inferno,2 dms my problems usually are taking shit spots in like 70% of the maps(but usually i end up with positive kd),making bad sprays sometimes(like wasting 30 bullets and hitting 2) i rage sometimes if my team can't play,which makes me underperform waste nades sometimes in ct side(ex they flash bomb i throw like 3-4 nades and end up wo utility when i need it)
2020-09-20 17:48
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