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Cloud9 JKS 21:00CEST
Myanmar Jacobiss_ 
Cloud9 JKS 21:00CEST Cloud9 JKS 21:00CEST Cloud9 JKS 21:00CEST Cloud9 JKS 21:00CEST Cloud9 JKS 21:00CEST
2020-09-19 18:24
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jks dexter alex mezii would be sick
2020-09-19 18:25
2020-09-19 18:26
Europe BETONNecmi
Na cs is joke
2020-09-19 18:27
Why would they need 2 igls?
2020-09-19 18:27
because dexter is a strong fragger.. why do people think that cs roles are set into stone? ofc dexter would drop the igl role
2020-09-19 18:31
Dexter is still a good enough player without being an IGL
2020-09-19 18:32
Poland kruky
+ cooper
2020-09-19 18:27
+1 dexter is so stronk, although Renegades will probably disband if he leaves them)
2020-09-19 18:28
AU cs dead whenever dexter gets picked up LOL, from then its like asia. no development
2020-09-19 18:31
ahahahaha, at least AU cs has best casters
2020-09-19 18:32
Commonwealth team coming.
2020-09-19 18:28
the csgo ashes will never be the same
2020-09-19 18:30
The only way the poms can win is by poaching our own smh.
2020-09-19 18:37
dexter great player, but he's an IGL and they already have one
2020-09-19 18:30
Sweden Fizze
2020-09-19 19:22
Sweden Lagge15
Why would JKS move to Serbia if he is leaving the comfort of 100T?
2020-09-19 18:29
Myanmar Jacobiss_
maybe he likes winning?
2020-09-19 18:30
Sweden Lagge15
Why has he been in 100t and renegades for so long then? He got no idea what it's like to win
2020-09-19 18:42
lmfao +1
2020-09-19 20:08
Serbia CoIe47
wdym move to serbia?
2020-09-19 19:11
Sweden Lagge15
C9 will be a EU team (if you haven't figured that out yet) and are looking for a gaming office/compound in Europe. Due to travel restrictions, cost efficiency and other stuff they said it most likely will be in Serbia
2020-09-19 19:14
Serbia CoIe47
pog im gonna run a fade on them
2020-09-19 19:35
Serbia embru
lmao gde su ocu da im naletim
2020-09-19 20:12
Serbia CoIe47
axaxxaxaxa relog media kod hotel Jugoslavije ja barem mislim, tu su bili mibr i complexity
2020-09-19 20:31
Serbia embru
ozbb??? ne serii
2020-09-19 20:37
Serbia CoIe47
da da
2020-09-19 20:37
u'll prove it or...
2020-09-19 18:29
No shot they're announcing another player at 9. They'll probably just put out a hint or something. If they were announcing jks they'd be building so much hype for it over days.
2020-09-19 18:29
no shot bucko 🦍
2020-09-19 18:31
no shot, on a stack, you buggin 😂🦍
2020-09-19 18:35
I think this is all part of the plan. The mezii announcement has underwhelmed some people. You make a big signing right now with little warning, you get a lot of shock value. Henry said on HLTV that he had 2 players ready to be announced. I see no reason why he'd wait another week instead of doing it now.
2020-09-19 19:07
source: trust me?
2020-09-19 18:30
Myanmar Jacobiss_
pretty much yes
2020-09-19 18:30
Omg, if its true...
2020-09-19 18:30
idk what roles mezii plays but if ALEX doesnt play the same roles he used to play, jks will have so much freedom and it'll be so good otherwise it's useless
2020-09-19 18:32
United Kingdom AliBond007
Seems like Mezii is gonna take a support/anchor role. I wouldn't be surprised if the announcement later is Woxic.
2020-09-19 18:53
kk jks and ALEX have the same roles like shox and ALEX look at shox stats with ALEX as IGL :/ no freedom for shoxie
2020-09-19 18:56
United Kingdom AliBond007
What role does Shox play? JKS does a fair amount of lurking right?
2020-09-19 18:58
He also solo anchors bomb sites so idk what this guy is saying :D
2020-09-19 18:59
jks is anchor not like shox but as a T, he has the same role, he is extremity (like ALEX) but ALEX, shox and jks are all super aggressives extremities it cant work, or jks would perform way worse than rn
2020-09-19 19:00
Then alex can sacrifice his t side role because jks is a better player than Shox was... There's no conflict.
2020-09-19 19:01
that's why i said "if ALEX doesnt play the same roles he used to play" but if he does, jks wont perform as much basically jks would be like Liazz, RpK, AMANEK, Xyp9x (as T)
2020-09-19 19:02
Perhaps but Jks is a naturally good player, if he was forced into that role im sure he would do well. But honestly, we all know alex will give that role up to jks.
2020-09-19 19:04
not sure shox is one of the best players with these roles and yeah he'd be great for sure but he wont have 1.20 rating prolly 1.05/1.10 AT MAAAAX
2020-09-19 19:06
Shox is not "one of the best players with these roles" Shox has been average at best for years. 1.05 rating in 2020 with his "best roles".
2020-09-19 19:08
stats dont mean shit he is rly impactful, he clutches a lot, he closes the round
2020-09-19 19:10
ok man. Cant call someone one of the best and then say "stats dont mean shit".
2020-09-19 19:13
??? do you really think stats matter that much ? so sergej is worse than ISSAA for example ?
2020-09-19 19:16
Sergej has been shit since aleksi left. Bad example.
2020-09-19 19:17
sergej is as good, but with less freedom and different playstyle
2020-09-19 19:19
#32 yeah both lurking a lot like ALEX
2020-09-19 19:00
ffs be truth, but i expect woxic to be the next
2020-09-19 19:00
Save my boy from 100paycheckthieves please
2020-09-19 19:00
Not happening...C9 was interested, but 100Thieves want 500k a piece for jks and jkaem. woxic is next
2020-09-19 19:03
Finland Vkims
That sounds very cheap for Jks
2020-09-19 19:12
and you know this how?
2020-09-19 19:15
I know people that know things
2020-09-19 19:52
2020-09-19 21:05
its their 3rd player, theres still 2 spots
2020-09-19 21:06
yes, I know other 2 players...all I stated was woxic was next and jks and jkaem were too expensive, so they wont be the next 2.
2020-09-19 21:10
Netherlands H34T0N
I can confirm that Jeremy was right.
2020-09-19 21:11
Source ? Trust me bro ?
2020-09-19 19:24
Sweden axelious
Probably gonna be an european player since they are done playing by then. Don't think they are going to reveal Jks while they are playing.
2020-09-19 19:46
United Kingdom TC10
2020-09-19 19:54
2020-09-19 20:07
If Jks was going to leave 100T i would hope it is for Liquid or EG
2020-09-19 20:34
Would be sick af
2020-09-19 21:07
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