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Faze clan Disband
North America toxicthegod 
Niko to G2 Broky and Rain to 100T for grat and liazz Cold to form with fallen fer and taco Kjaerbye to Mad Lions for innocent 100% no cap Faze CS said "we will be back" in the comments under esls page they might disband and get the cloud 9 roster to help bring more teams to NA
2020-09-19 22:06
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North America toxicthegod
this isnt a bait
2020-09-19 22:08
Norway chaoticway
2020-09-19 22:08
Germany mansmodi
broky and rain to c9 pls
2020-09-19 22:08
Faroe Islands EvilAstral
At IEM New York we will see the full potential of this roster
2020-09-19 22:09
North America toxicthegod
they fr are disbanding and this is happening no joke
2020-09-19 22:47
Norway chaoticway
proof or reported
2020-09-19 22:48
such a pussy minded mentality, bet you get a boner every time you report someone
2020-09-20 01:24
Norway chaoticway
lmao u're so f dumb
2020-09-20 01:38
please use the full words when insulting someone else's intelligence. "u're" looks like you're 8.
2020-09-20 02:14
Would probably be good. This roster might not be fixable
2020-09-19 22:50
sounds about right. also Kjearbye has all but killed his stock. unless ML want to speak danish then why even fucking get innocent and sell your best player. what a braindead org
2020-09-19 22:50
North America toxicthegod
bub was sold cause attitude and is worst in astralis innocent is already getting benched and niko already told faze he wants to go to g2 rain said he wants to play with jkaem so im not 100% abbout broky but he would be a great fit for that team or if chrisj can get over himself he could go to mouz and be with bymas ropz and Frozen to make a really good team aswell but Rain is 100% going to 100T for liazz
2020-09-20 00:12
bubzkji was their best player and I am pretty sure their youngest. This is the issue with hunden leaving he was a guy who would have stopped this shit (probably has already while in tricked and ML). If these guys want to win and stay top 10 you deal with this shit and improve not get mad and give him to your rivals. yeah I agree with your roster moves tho they seem logical, but we see what happens someone might do a lekr0 and jump to another team randomly just as they are about to sign to another
2020-09-20 00:19
they need to get kjarebye after this horrible run with Faze he would probably want to go back to mad lions ready to shit on people and the rest of the team would gain much needed connfidence that i dont think they have with acilion and innocent and he has been playing the bitch spots for faze ever since he joined on as 5th he would have a chance to shine on this team like he used to and they would actually be very good
2020-09-20 01:00
and bub got benched on ML because of his attitude inside coms
2020-09-20 01:01
doesnt matter if they are real winners they fix the issues and move forward. this is why old vertern pros are so important hiko/hunden dealt with "toxic stars" and got their best teams because of these. you have to accept that some people are a bit annoying but they carry your team
2020-09-20 01:16
but bub isnt thatt good though that is what im saying he is a good player but he isnt a star who can sole carry his team he never did in ML or Tricked he was top fragger alot yeah but he didnt have to sole carry for the win they played good as a team
2020-09-20 01:19
but its good he went to astralis because there is no way he could have a ego inside that team they are legends
2020-09-20 01:20
wait what? did bubzkji get sold from astralis?
2020-09-20 00:20
2020-09-20 01:01
But hes not listed under any team on hltv?
2020-09-20 02:04
cause he is the 6th rn because Es3tag too good
2020-09-20 02:15
that 100t choice was kinda good tbh, just trade azr instead of liazz
2020-09-20 00:13
link to comment lol
2020-09-20 00:14
Naah, I think NiKo will join G2 and rest will stay, and they will add an IGL like daps, MSL or maybe karrigan
2020-09-20 00:20
also Kjearbye might go to ML like you said, and jks will replace him. Would be interesting
2020-09-20 00:23
as if karrigan would ever go back to faze, mouz so much better
2020-09-20 01:25
yeah you're right
2020-09-20 03:11
Yes plz disband
2020-09-20 00:22
Brazil Catatauu
Pls cold last dance
2020-09-20 00:23
2020-09-20 01:25
Russian Canadians
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