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Flashpoint probably after
Poland Recruitn1 
Cloud9 finalizes its roster.
2020-09-19 22:35
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henryg said flashpoint will be in november on hltv confirmed
2020-09-19 22:37
Poland Recruitn1
oh k
2020-09-19 22:52
flashpoint malding that mibr disbanded, only C9 games will be watched now
2020-09-19 22:53
Sweden Lagge15
Flashpoint is owned and ran by the orgs. So I bet they're happy they don't have that dead team becoming a Shanghai Dragons for Flashpoint 2.
2020-09-19 22:55
shanghai dragons turned it around though
2020-09-19 22:56
Sweden Lagge15
After 43 straight losses, 6 roster changes and more than 1 season later
2020-09-19 22:58
United Kingdom novaseer
also they didn't get anything done whilst overwatch was still kinda decent lol
2020-09-19 23:00
Sweden Lagge15
I dunno I don't watch it. Just know the reference
2020-09-19 23:02
United Kingdom novaseer
I watched it like twice in the first season before I quit OW because it became shit
2020-09-19 23:09
MIBR made it to the finals tho so I think it would be better for flashpoint if they stayed together
2020-09-19 23:00
Sweden Lagge15
How has their trajectory been since then?
2020-09-19 23:01
Really bad, just like the other flashpoint teams. All of them have made changes, but at least MIBR brought the viewers
2020-09-19 23:03
Sweden Lagge15
All are building for Flashpoint 2. Imagine if C9 or FPX win this one. What do you think will happen to MAD Lions, Dignitas and Envy who currently got weak lineups and trajectories?
2020-09-19 23:07
Can't see FPX winning when they can't even get a team. What a clown org tbh, I'm glad heroic eventually kept their roster
2020-09-19 23:17
Sweden Lagge15
I just meant that if one of the big spending orgs with new rosters more or less can buy a season victory then there will be more happening before the next season. Remember this is just 2nd season and the improvements have been immense
2020-09-19 23:33
Well we still have to see if they are improvements. Cloud9 probably will be but I'm not sure about the others. I would expect MIBR to abandon the tag and become immortals if they want to do something decent
2020-09-19 23:40
Sweden Lagge15
Flashpoint have said that they got a 6 week slot right after the Rio major was supposed to be. But since the major now is cancelled they think about changing dates, but need Valve to approve their slot
2020-09-19 22:58
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