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HenryG got it wrong
Israel 20_INCH_BONG 
To build a team you don't sign famous twitch clip flamboyant stars like woxic or maikelele, you sign workhorses like aleksib or blameF, people who are scholars of the game, humble and smart. With this I say: NEW COMPLEXITY WILL BE OUTSIDE OF TOP 10. SORRY!
2020-09-19 23:34
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i mean C9 !
2020-09-19 23:35
maikelele? lmao wtf ?
2020-09-19 23:38
With mezii ofc
2020-09-19 23:39
You sign people like mezii
2020-09-19 23:40
If OG can do it with shit aimers than C9 can do it
2020-09-19 23:41
they also have a good igl, ALEX is mediocre af and won't be able to make woxic consistent at all
2020-09-19 23:46
ALEX is not the best but he is more than mediocre
2020-09-19 23:48
He couldn't beat liquid with Zywoo on his team, how will he be able to beat Complexity, Astralis, or BIG with the most inconsistent awper of all time and a no namer on his team.
2020-09-19 23:49
Things can change when you redo absolutely everything
2020-09-19 23:52
aleksib couldnt even consistently stay in the top 20 and got kicked lmfao
2020-09-20 07:39
Sweden Fizze
They aint getting Maikelele
2020-09-19 23:42
It's just an example smh
2020-09-19 23:42
Sweden Fizze
give me an example of a "workhorse" they could sign
2020-09-19 23:44
I didn't make the thread
2020-09-19 23:44
Sweden Fizze
Oh, sorry
2020-09-19 23:45
Xizt mens)))
2020-09-19 23:53
Sweden Fizze
Idk man...
2020-09-19 23:53
They have Alex and mezii who are workhorses and w0xic as a star, I don't see the issue?
2020-09-19 23:43
>woxic >star player choose one
2020-09-19 23:46 Number 12 in the world 2019
2020-09-19 23:48
oh yeah you're right 2019...... PS: IT'S 2020 NOW AND MOST GAMES ARE ONLINE SO.
2020-09-19 23:54
Okay, you're just a hater, bye 😎 PS: IT'S 3/4 THROUGH 2020 AND GAMES ARE LOOKING TO BE BACK ON LAN IN 3 MONTHS
2020-09-19 23:58
North America 007DBR9
fan of col talking lmao
2020-09-19 23:59
hes a professional csgo analyst and caster, he knows so much, how could you know more than him bro
2020-09-19 23:44
So was YNK and look how he's coached Faze.
2020-09-19 23:46
so you judge the coach solely on teams results?
2020-09-19 23:47
Well if your team, which is super talented, doesn't get results.. then yes. How do you measure a coach succes? Lmao.
2020-09-19 23:47
to jugde just by the success seems a little stupid but you seem to know better
2020-09-19 23:49
I asked how you judged a coach's success but no answer, as I expected.
2020-09-19 23:50
YNK a professional csgo analyst, he knows so much, how could you know more than him bro
2020-09-19 23:47
YNK is a professional clown. He doesn't do his job, faze seems to be always lost. They have no tactical depth as he repeatedly said in the interviews that he lets niko do all the strats in game. Before kicking kjaerbye they should kick ynk.
2020-09-20 00:06
As a manager you need other qualities. You need a feeling for the scene and for the players. That is sth you have or you don't have. I mean if you wanna be a successful manager. for average is HneryG past enough.
2020-09-20 07:33
> aleksib > smart pick one worst igl in tier 2, no strats, no adaptation
2020-09-19 23:49
United States diimey
they literally have alex
2020-09-19 23:57
Finland AleksiBOT
2020-09-20 07:26
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