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Best story ever told
Brazil AintGoingAnywhere 
Lonesome Dove. And people praise european literature, like they'll ever get close to this masterpiece. Thank you USA.
2020-09-20 00:10
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United States TrashPanda
Pretty dope ass series, surely in my top. May re read again. If you liked this you’d love Band of Brothers. Kind of the same style.
2020-09-20 00:12
I've never read it - though i've watched the series. I'll take a look.
2020-09-20 00:15
Azerbaijan polly147
I have everyone on hltv😡 Including me
2020-09-20 00:14
United States TrashPanda
Where? Am I in your house mens?
2020-09-20 00:13
You dont have me...
2020-09-20 00:43
Haha nice try Venezuela the only thing you have is Drugs, poverty, dictatorship, and oil
2020-09-20 00:44
3 out of those 4 are good tho
2020-09-20 00:53
As an American I’d think you’d only want their oil
2020-09-20 01:09
Drugs too. You pick the last
2020-09-20 01:16
Nah nah nah Mexico sell you drugs at high prices and you buy them. Mexico owns the world drug business. Venezuela doesn’t come close to our drugs.
2020-09-20 01:20
2020-09-20 00:36
CIS sexiestuser
john voight the goat
2020-09-20 00:37
Epic of Gilgamesh, author unknown. Stating anything than that is to have absolutely no culture. Cry is free americans.
2020-09-20 00:50
Yeah right, like anyone actually enjoy ancient crap... It has historic value, nothing else, stop acting like you enjoy haha, pathetic
2020-09-20 00:58
No one except the billion of christian, the billion of muslim and the millions of jews. You are right. No mention to pretty much any story made since that use the narrative progression used in it. So, in fact, no one except 95% of the world population enjoying novel, you are right.
2020-09-20 01:03
Yeah, like christians enjoy the bible, right? It's not like they have to 'enjoy' it.
2020-09-20 01:02
I edited while you were commenting
2020-09-20 01:03
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