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Teams that need a Rebrand
Other syrso 
Imo the logos of the following (current top30) teams are kinda ugly or outdated and need a rebrand. that does not mean that i like/ dislike the following teams, i just don't think their logos fit them well. Vitality (ugly) Heroic (to much going on) BIG (ugly) Furia (outdated) NIP (outdated) Spirit (to much going on, needs to be much more simple) forZe (to much going on, needs to be much more simple) North (ugly - old logo was def better) TeamOne (ugly) do you agree? would you put other teams on this list aswell or do you even think the ones i mentioned look good (fanboying aside)
2020-09-20 08:53
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lol do you think apple changed their logo cause it was just a fruit? It's a brand name, coL's change of logo was cancer and a lot of them tend to be that way. I'd say most of these are fine, they're esports teams.
2020-09-20 08:55
Other syrso
apple changed it's logo many times in order to adapt to current times and their logo does look very good, so what's the point of your comment? Complexitys logo is clean btw. what has 'beeing an esport team' to do with not doing a rebrand lol? these are companies
2020-09-20 08:58
Outside of the original apple logo it's the same logo but with different colors, so no it wasn't changed to "adapt" to anything. It was kept the same. Same thing with the Nike logo, same logo with some slight differences but it's the same logo that has kept it strong for decades. coL? Completely changed it, it used to be a good logo now it's just some cheap ass star, which by the way was the team's choice not the owners choice. Esports meaning it has a different take overall, compare esport team logos to your average basketball or baseball teams, it has its own flavor. It amazes me how some teams can take a very original and beautiful logo and turn it into something generic.
2020-09-20 10:06
perk  | 
Finland eIe
Didn coL rebrand because they became part of Dallas Cowboys?
2020-09-20 09:58
No, they rebranded because they wanted to, as Jason Lake had said, the owner had no influence in the logo change.
2020-09-20 10:05
perk  | 
Finland eIe
2020-09-20 15:27 even though you could've easily found it yourself
2020-09-20 19:22
New Zealand rOtten_97
Vitality I agree Heroic is fine BIG is cool Furia I somewhat agree NiP is iconic Spirit is one of the best looking ones tbh ForZe is cool looking North did a worse rebrand than EG TeamOne who?
2020-09-20 09:00
Other syrso
you seriously think BIG ones look nice? i'd much more apreciate scratches with the letters BIG in front of it or sth like that. would look much more modern. yes NIP is iconic and they should stick with the logo but modernize it a bit like apple did over the years since it looks kinda outdated. (#1) Spirit and Forze are to colorful and to much is going on also not very modern.
2020-09-20 09:03
North America Swboy1010
Big’s logo kinda reminds of Clemson University’s logo for some reason.
2020-09-20 09:10
TeamOne kinda like irrelevant team ORDER
2020-09-20 09:45
New Zealand rOtten_97
I only like aliStair and the logo. Nothing else
2020-09-20 09:49
EG needs to go back to their old logo, this new one is so fucking ugly and they aren't even trying with their LULquid rip-off jerseys
2020-09-20 09:09
Rate OneThree Logo
2020-09-20 09:11
Navi logo is wore ngl
2020-09-20 09:14
Russia Drapery
Nip looks sick till today
2020-09-20 09:25
furia & liquid need to mirror their logo, so the stickers can be look better imo
2020-09-20 09:26
+1 for vitality
2020-09-20 09:31
looks like it was made in 5 minutes with MS paint
2020-09-20 09:36
you forgot hellraisers. rn looks like an eyebrow
2020-09-20 09:42
what the hell? I don't even like BIG but I think their logo is banger stuff. Wtf does "to(o) (sic) going on" even mean?
2020-09-20 09:48
Ok mens I think I have cum in my panties
2020-09-20 09:50
Dignitas needs to go back to their old logo
2020-09-20 09:54
Agree with spirit, forze, Heroic
2020-09-20 09:56
Faroe Islands EvilAstral
HellRaisers /closed
2020-09-20 10:31
Germany Nachofish
worst thread ive seen all year
2020-09-20 15:31
I wish EG bring their old logo back, and Gambit had a nice too. Shame they changed them, I personally feel like the new ones look like they're from R6.
2020-09-20 15:44
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