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Current state of C9
Finland Cloud9_1_Major 
Alex, a top tier IGL Random matchmaking guy Woxic, the mouz reject, 4000dpi awper who barely hits his shots What else is coming?
2020-09-20 10:21
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Russia VelsVivard
Should have been taking Happy, free(?), decorated, experienced and still skilled.
2020-09-20 10:22 >>>>>1.03 rating 2.0 vs tier 5 >>>>>stil skilled
2020-09-20 10:23
Russia VelsVivard
You wouldn't want to play anymore after what heights you've been to. Humane factor checks out.
2020-09-20 10:24
Phoenix, Vexed, theDice, all up & coming major winning teams unlucko
2020-09-20 10:32
nt happy
2020-09-20 10:33
tell me the last 3 teams happy played for without searching it
2020-09-20 10:24
Russia VelsVivard
I don't keep the track of it now that he is teamless.
2020-09-20 10:25
ldlc vitality and envy lol
2020-09-20 10:26
ldlc, stood in for team secret ( ,is currently playing for prodigy in valorant
2020-09-20 10:34
he was staindin in secret
2020-09-20 10:35
even tier 4 team didnt see him contract worthy
2020-09-20 13:02
Poland Blaszek
He is now valorant pro
2020-09-20 10:38
HenryG said they'll have 2 rookies so if the fifth isn't some1 with a lot of firepower these peeps ain't going nowhere
2020-09-20 10:24
I think woxic as an awper is enough for them not to go anywhere, he's inconsistent as fuck, idk why people think he's a top tier player
2020-09-20 10:27
if he can find some consistency he's very good but c9 still needs another star player like ropz when w0xic was in mouse
2020-09-20 10:31
woxic is overrated but having him better than having bunch of uk trashes
2020-09-20 12:49
smooya > woxic imo regardless
2020-09-20 12:59
imo woxic proved him in tier1 scene smooya only fluked to cologne final
2020-09-20 13:00
this C9 roster looks worse than the current one LUL
2020-09-20 10:29
Except for alex, true
2020-09-20 10:32
3/5 players known, looks like a worse version of OG
2020-09-20 10:37
not possile to be worse than nbk
2020-09-20 12:46
Finland AleksiBOT
2020-09-20 13:15
2020-09-20 13:15
Finland AleksiBOT
Reply needs to have actual content??
2020-09-20 13:16
your name is content enough
2020-09-20 14:41
I bet they’ll be decent
2020-09-20 10:40
Jordan xrealx369
toxic w0xic, mouz started playing better without his inconsistent awp
2020-09-20 10:47
+1 he was the choker of the team. u can see they gameplay really flows now
2020-09-20 10:52
I agree but he was much better last year, wasn't he? Idk about his toxicity but maybe he can return to his old form in a new team? Remains to be seen but he can definitely be good.
2020-09-20 10:56
exactly, I don't get it why people overhype him so much
2020-09-20 12:01
''colossus'' makes me fcking cringe
2020-09-20 10:54
Wtf woxic is God he just failed online watch his lan games
2020-09-20 10:55
which are coming back... never?
2020-09-20 12:02
2020-09-20 13:03
press x to doubt
2020-09-20 13:09
yeah, the same people who in May said that the major is gonna happen in Brazil and in November, yes
2020-09-20 14:29
They are crazy spending xD respect lol
2020-09-20 12:03
spending a lot but not the right way
2020-09-20 12:47
Oh I agree
2020-09-20 13:39
But gotta respect their willingness lol but when they announced mezii its already dead lol and I got doubts bout woxic, I like the Alex transfer tho
2020-09-20 13:40
exactly the same thoughts
2020-09-20 13:47
Lan beast woxic is not toxic he just want achievements
2020-09-20 12:38
top tier IGL? ahahah ok
2020-09-20 12:40
can't see why it's so funny
2020-09-20 12:47
why do people overrate him so much? vitality are better even with potato brain apex IGLing, what has alex done to prove he is world class? literally carried by zywoo
2020-09-20 12:52
vitality would be fucked if it was on LAN right now. Imo alex has proven himself as a good lan player
2020-09-20 13:00
RpK | 
France Snabe_
Remember that the first objective is to rekt Flashpoint, and even if they play 3v5 with this team, they would win
2020-09-20 12:45
not really. Imo they will place 2nd or some shit
2020-09-20 12:47
they can play trashpoint with alex and mezii alone and will win it
2020-09-20 12:50
CIS scene is full of talent, but is there anyone good who could communicate in english? Ax1le, fl1t and mir could be available for reasonable prices...
2020-09-20 12:49
Alex A great igl? Definitely A top tier igl? Don't think so
2020-09-20 12:52
need a guy who is always bottom so people can make threads every day -xyz
2020-09-20 14:00
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