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Superdry clothing
Germany TikTokIsGood 
What do you think of it? I like some (rare) pieces pf their clothing. Most of it looks horrible tho but the ones with neutral branding is okay or even great.
2020-09-20 14:37
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Germany DEBlL
idk my clothes are usually dry
2020-09-20 14:38
aizy | 
Denmark Gryde
name checks out
2020-09-20 14:39
Russia nobody_cars
name checks out
2020-09-20 14:44
Same brother.
2020-09-20 20:03
Superdry however does sound nice, I can imagine it being like freshly washed cloths that are still HOT and DRY, god damn that feels NICE!
2020-09-20 20:57
Germany DEBlL
it feels amazing when i put my superdry and hot clothes just after cold shower
2020-09-20 21:13
MmmHHMM, can feel it right now brother.
2020-09-20 21:18
Germany DEBlL
Mmmmm, it makes me wanna go sleep, i think i'll go 😴😴
2020-09-20 21:20
Other syrso
childs colthing for adults. but ofc taste is subjective
2020-09-20 14:43
Yeah most of it defintely looks childish
2020-09-20 15:05
Europe Nuskel
I do have a shirt from that brand, it looks good actually.
2020-09-20 14:44
Yeah the quality is nice
2020-09-20 18:14
I've a windbreaker
2020-09-20 14:44
i like blank casual clothes without logo or design or text, so i'ma say no to super dry cuz they most likely have a big fkin logo on everything.
2020-09-20 15:11
They do have some clothing eithnot branding or minimal branding
2020-09-20 16:29
Pretty much only brand I buy. I like them.
2020-09-20 15:11
Do you like their more discrete clothing or the heavily branded stuff
2020-09-20 19:15
Netherlands devauor
I bought a hoodie of them in 2016, still have it, my favorite, good quality.
2020-09-20 15:15
Their hoodies are really comfortable. They aren’t the best looking but I have one for flights and love it:
2020-09-20 16:20
great for travelling
2020-09-20 18:14
wait i thought you mean fast dry.. nvm
2020-09-20 18:15
I stopped using that brand when I saw they make swimwear. It's too ironic to call your brand superdry and make cloth for ocean, not possible to take them serious.
2020-09-20 19:18
Lmao, who gives a rat’s ass about that
2020-09-20 19:25
Denmark Notallama
It's the hoodies you bought that all your ex's currently use.
2020-09-20 19:22
Yeah women love the mens’ hoodies for some reason
2020-09-20 19:24
Denmark Notallama
The large sized Superdry hoodies without zipper that I had, has been a particularly popular commodity. Never borrow a hoodie to a female if you treasure it
2020-09-20 19:28
Yeah what is it with women liking their man’s hoodie
2020-09-20 19:29
Denmark Notallama
It has something to do with our scent or some shit like that. They will try to seem cute like wearing them while naked to snag them for themselves, don't trust it!
2020-09-20 19:31
Yeah won’t give a 100€ hoodie away for free
2020-09-20 19:34
Denmark Notallama
Aye, absolutely not. Same goes for your coloured shirts that you use at parties. They might try the same trick
2020-09-20 19:39
i like it because their style look like typical badboy style
2020-09-20 19:30
Ukraine XBOCT<3
Don't like
2020-09-20 19:36
it's just a tasteless brand for normies
2020-09-20 19:38
The only thing that's gonna be Superdry is any girl that you're gonna approach with that bullshit clothing
2020-09-20 19:41
Hhahaha, lmao. Well for example this sweatshirt :öreäkauluksinen-kohokuvioitu-sweat-shirt-shop--collegepaita-vaaleanharmaa Looks pretty nice imo.
2020-09-20 19:48
any piece of clothing with more than 3 words on it look like supermarket clothing. Especially if there is the word "vintage" on it, then it just looks super bland and cheap. 70 eur for this??? Bro go to a thrift shop with that money, i swear people sleep on thrifting!
2020-09-20 19:52
What is a thrift shop? The quality is really nice with Superdry though.
2020-09-20 19:59
quality is nice with h&m too. u cant be serious. superdry just looks silly
2020-09-20 20:30
Dude the quality is way better. Don’t know if it’s worth it to pay 70€ vs 20€ but the difference is big.
2020-09-20 20:31
i doubt it. u are just paying for the brand name (which is shit anyway lol)
2020-09-20 20:32
Yeah you are paying for the brand too but it’s crazy to say that H&M is on par with Superdry in wuality
2020-09-20 20:36
no its not, h&m is really good actually
2020-09-20 22:11
Sure :D
2020-09-20 22:27
Sweden botl0f
its a decent brand for kids, but if i see an adult with that stuff i cringe.
2020-09-20 19:50
to much print on super dry clothing, i dont like any prints but i have a vest i think.
2020-09-20 20:34
Yeah I agree but some of their discrete clothing is nice
2020-09-20 20:37
hns | 
Europe Whatafz
Without state of clothing style u buy supergay for adult with a childish taste of clothing
2020-09-20 20:38
Yeah Tommy Hilfiger is much nicer and Ralph Lauren and Boss are good too
2020-09-20 20:42
I have a couple of T-shirts from them, I think they're decent but not my favorite. Not that I really care about the brand anyways.
2020-09-20 20:45
HS | 
Finland Hageli
I have this t shirt I also have one all white hoodie with small logo and it's super comfy. I don't like most of their stuff but you can find some gems if you spend some time searching
2020-09-20 20:48
Yeah the stuff with big logos looks like shit
2020-09-20 21:07
I like superdry. You cant like everything like with any other brand but are of good quality and stylish. I got 2 pieces and are solid
2020-09-20 20:53
I like this esp the 2nd img
2020-09-20 21:09
Pretty overpriced aswell.
2020-09-20 21:11
Albania uesnu
2 expensive for what they are
2020-09-20 21:19
I mean it’s pretty cheap reaöly
2020-09-20 21:30
Albania uesnu
i mean if u want to justify spending 50 euros on something only a 14 yr old can wear then go ahead
2020-09-20 21:57
Some of their neutral stuff is nice
2020-09-20 22:28
I like how they look, but pretty weak quality imo. I have had a few shirts just break after couple uses. But hoodies and tshirts are fine
2020-09-20 21:25
Oh, that sounds terrible. I don’t have any of their shirts but didn’t know that was a problem.
2020-09-20 21:30
Finland nazand3r
Very good quality and nice prints etc.
2020-09-20 21:27
The prints are usually pretty ugly bro
2020-09-21 06:29
anime clothing for kids
2020-09-20 21:31
Bymas | 
Lithuania pmplt
love it one of the best brands. Also not super expensive.
2020-09-20 21:31
Yeah but TH, Gant and Boss for example are better imo
2020-09-20 21:33
Pakistan JvZ_
Too expensive for childish clothes
2020-09-20 21:34
Man some of their discrete pieces are nice and pretty cheap when comparing to TH, Gant, Boss and other good qulity brands
2020-09-20 21:42
tacky and shit quality
2020-09-20 21:43
Okay but the quality is good
2020-09-20 21:48
men's fashion is boring :/
2020-09-20 22:32
Women’s fashion is probably more interesting but I have no idea how their fashion is right now
2020-09-20 22:55
women just have way more freedom then men in that department
2020-09-20 23:01
Well yeah that is true. They can wear jeans and other kinda pants while we can’t really wear skiirts unless we wanna embarrass ourselves.
2020-09-20 23:20
expensive but great quality imo 80% of their clothes are ugly though
2020-09-20 22:33
That’s the problem. You really have to dig to find something mature and neutral but they do have some. The prices are pretty cheap imo. If you compare to H&M then yeah but Ralp Lauren and Boss and TH are way more expensive.
2020-09-20 22:52
Wisla Krakow
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