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oskar kick reason
Brazil VetoPredicts 
his teammates couldnt stand this crosshar
2020-09-21 01:47
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cry | 
Brazil IsFree
default 1.6 crosshair still the best
2020-09-21 01:49
North America joeS
holy shit id kick him too
2020-09-21 01:50
big crosshairs are the best. I can't play without them
2020-09-21 01:51
Brazil angryyyy
2020-09-21 01:52
France LorisDF
can't miss with a big crosshair
2020-09-21 04:11
+1 based
2020-09-21 04:55
I do agree that this crosshair is huge. I've seen his clips and it's actually wild to think he can accurately get headshots when he doesn't really have good guidance on where the middle of his screen is.
2020-09-21 01:53
silver spotted
2020-09-21 01:57
Wonder why no other pros do the same as this guy then.. Silver spotted my ass :D
2020-09-21 03:35
many pros use big crosshair what is point? Answering to obv bait.
2020-09-21 03:37
big crosshair is ok, big gap makes no sense
2020-09-21 03:40
as #11 said, I meant having a big gap in the middle
2020-09-21 04:55
did u know resolution makes difference with crosshair.
2020-09-21 14:26
have you seen oskar clips with his res? i have, its still a big gap lol
2020-09-21 16:19
silver spotted
2020-09-21 01:56
if ur good u can play with any crosshair
2020-09-21 03:38
Still though, wouldn't you be better with a better crosshair? Regardless of you being good, why would you deliberately hinder yourself?
2020-09-21 03:42
no such thing as a "better" crosshair, as everyone's interpretation of what they like is different Thus any crosshair can be played, and in that regard it isn't deliberately hindering
2020-09-21 03:42
2020-09-21 04:06
DD | 
United States breasts
someone donated 4000 euro to loba ?
2020-09-21 03:40
not a single donation, afaik that guy often donates to him big money and set challenges like 10 usd per kill xd budget-motar2k
2020-09-21 03:45
you would have had a reaaaaaally bad time if you played 1.6
2020-09-21 03:46
no this is bigger than 1.6 crosshairs also thickness
2020-09-21 14:10
? I really cant spot the problem here. Probably bigger than most players have their crosshairs, but nothing special either tbh.
2020-09-21 03:47
At least it's not Gratisfactions opaque black crosshair
2020-09-21 06:21
no crosshair is the best or black
2020-09-21 14:19
? Default large crosshair from CS 1.6.
2020-09-21 14:25
awww look at what i have found under your post :3
2020-09-21 14:29
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