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What can help me concentrate?
Norway verydenkmem 
I have ADHD, and i take concerta every day. My biggest problem is to concentrate, no matter how important the thing i am trying to concentrate on is. I open for any drugs, medical options, basically anything that sounds logical
2020-09-21 03:19
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Norway verydenkmem
*additional medical options
2020-09-21 03:19
cry | 
Brazil IsFree
I usually get tea, its active principle is less stimulating than caffeine, and helps breathing. Another big factor in concentration is the ritual, for me of pouring tea, smelling it, seeing the water boil and such. It serves as meditation Heavier stuff could be Methylphenidate (ritalin), or anphetamines (adderal, etc) could be usefull but they're addictive af
2020-09-21 03:53
2020-09-21 03:28
ask ur doctor man, not hltv
2020-09-21 03:29
United Kingdom alcazar4
2020-09-21 03:33
DD | 
United States breasts
2020-09-21 03:33
Norway verydenkmem
taking ritalin in the evening :DDD
2020-09-21 03:46
nofap and try a dopamine detox every 2 weeks so: No pc, phone, games, music, tv, junk food , p0rn, fap for 24 hours.
2020-09-21 03:35
Brazil ghcnvbkn
wtf mens, i almost dont survive september, now that?
2020-09-21 04:04
2020-09-21 04:05
Even a fucking onion gives you dopamine. That's pure placebo
2020-09-21 08:53
so you’re telling me i was supposed to be eating onions my entire life???????????? i should have fucking eaten a raw onion before every test FUCK ME
2020-09-21 08:56
shox | 
United States kanchi
Meditate in the morning, and try to exercise (go on a run or something) before doing whatever you need to concentrate on. Also try to stay off your phone and computer more as it creates a lot of stimulus for your brain to think about. Try to make your life simpler by cutting out unnecessary shit like social media and such. Works for me! Please update me on how it goes my friend :)
2020-09-21 03:52
North America joeS
Aderall or just straight up meth
2020-09-21 03:53
just concentrate????
2020-09-21 08:42
Smart men))
2020-09-21 08:58
Have you thought of just concentrating?
2020-09-21 08:59
Wisla Krakow
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