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team jerseys
Germany sommares 
why do they differ SO MUCH in price? faze jersey is like 82 USD while navi is like 41 USD
2020-09-21 11:30
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Best jersey is G2's jersey by far
2020-09-21 11:31
2020-09-21 11:49
Faze = USA (rich) Navi = Russia (poor)
2020-09-21 11:31
2020-09-21 11:34
RpK | 
France pol44r
faze=overpriced trash because they are in debts of 8 millions each year ,clown org not navi
2020-09-21 11:35
2020-09-21 12:02
2020-09-21 12:06
RpK | 
France pol44r
Source:every fucking esports org is in debt if it wasn't for investor,they got 30 million loan recently bc they needed it.
2020-09-21 13:34
cause navi jerseys looks boring
2020-09-21 11:38
Cuz production in Ukraine with the same quality will be cheaper than in the USA or Western EU countries
2020-09-21 11:51
They all order in Asia anyway
2020-09-21 12:00
As I know, NaVi merch is made in Ukraine
2020-09-21 12:07
Because FaZe wants to be seen as a clothing brand just like 100T. Both jokes of orgs.
2020-09-21 11:56
I think FaZe is the bigger joke. 100T do it right where there whole clothing line is very limited and priced high and a lot of people buy to resell. But FaZe are just braindead thinking they can charge for a jersey priced so high.
2020-09-21 12:11
No, 100T is also a joke of an org and doesn't deserve a place in esports, should just be a clothing brand and have tiktokers and shit signed to them, I'd say FaZe actually isn't as bad because at least they have the history behind them.
2020-09-21 12:13
Korea XigNw0w
Because they are different organizations and can offer different prices.
2020-09-21 11:57
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