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Astralis Never top 1 Again
i am | 
Finland the_one_who_baits 
Astralis already peaked in 2018 and hasn't been the same ever since they took that long break in 2019. The scene has leveled up and Astralis has leveled down, and in the long run this 7-man roster nonsense is only going to make things worse.
2020-09-21 14:27
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Finland AleksiBOT
Who cars about top 1 if you can just win another major
2020-09-21 14:29
+1 Money > being top 1
2020-09-21 14:32
United States Festive_
also increased legend status
2020-09-21 15:20
United Kingdom novaseer
when a new player clicks on the majors tab and sees 20 astralis logos they'll certainly think they're top 1 as well lol
2020-09-21 15:22
United States Festive_
+1 they'll see they're the GOATs
2020-09-21 15:23
OK | 
United States Bioax
2020-09-21 16:46
Yeah it's an easy mistake to make
2020-09-21 17:44
+1 who cars about being #1 for awhile when you can be: "THE BEST OF ALL F*CKING TIME!"
2020-09-21 15:30
2020-10-15 22:09
2020-09-21 14:30
2020-09-21 14:58
Ok!!! astralis #1 soon
2020-09-21 15:38
Happy for the boys!
2020-10-15 18:56
Romania Faker77
2020-09-21 15:40
United Kingdom novaseer
They're looking super strong right now (top of group B in EPL) with gla1ve back + es3tag, and over time the larger roster will allow for the players and team to not have to take these long breaks, so they can stay competitive for longer.
2020-09-21 14:31
Romania Xyst
The seven men roster will probably not work.
2020-09-21 15:04
United Kingdom novaseer
With the right people it totally could. Es3tag fits really well into the roster, and we obviously know the core 5 are legends, so that's 6 that are already good fits. And we haven't seen Bubzkji playing a role he's more comfortable in yet.
2020-09-21 15:13
why do people think that...?
2020-09-21 15:16
Personally I would have hard time when I have to compete within my own team for a place in the lineup. Even now I dont like it when I get left outside of 5 stack if I just couldnt make it in time or something. And this is just a hobby for me. Think about how bubzkji for example must be feeling right now? Pretty shit I'd reckon. Most likely he has no idea when he is going to be in the starting lineup again, and he could be using this time to pursue his career as a full time player elsewhere. I can not see how a 7-man roster could work longterm without internal issues. As of now when Xypex is not ready to play yet, and bubzkji + es3tag are basically honored to play with astralis, it works. When you have 7 "equals" and everyone is all set to play, how does this work without problems..?
2020-09-21 15:45
i surely get your point but on the other hand competetive environment inside of the team can boost players effort = boost their individual performance. another aspects could be: 1. other teams will have much harder time to antistrat you 2. if your player is in slump then you can just swap him and "stay on top" 3. players can have more free time and will be more relaxed and you dont have to find stand ins and start from the bottom bcs you already have 2 players that just can fill the spot and you are immidiately able to play on the same level. it surely depends on players mindset and how zonic will be able to handle players. it also depends on if ese with bubzkji are just players that are there to fill the spots if needed or they will consistently play. im not sayin that it will surely work. i just dont understand why a lot of people claim that its retarded idea that will never work because we have no data yet. time will tell ofc but its already a thing in lol for example
2020-09-21 15:57
Romania Xyst
Astralis always plays with estag because he fits better so the antistrat point doesn't really work. The rest time will tell maybe i am wrong
2020-09-21 16:45
Well yeah, time will tell. From performance standpoint I can totally understand that it would be great to just swap out players that are slumping. Granted you actually have good enough 7 players so they are better than slumping device for example. It will definitely require certain types of people for this to work. But whats the scenario when all of the 7 players are in great form? Who are the "lesser" players? In astralis scenario, the core will most likely always be favored. But that doesnt sound too good thinking of the other 2.
2020-09-21 18:22
That's good question and that's what zonic will have to solve... And like I said it will depend on players mindset
2020-09-21 19:41
I reckon very similar to a normal sports team: if everyone is performing at a similar level, then likely the more experienced players in the team will be the starting five. When someone is performing badly enough to be replaced, or need rest / are dealing with an issue, then the next guy will step up. Players can be bummed when they are benched, but often when they have another chance to play, they will make the most of it in an attempt to prove they should either keep starting for their current team, or another team will see their skill and sign them (as we just saw with es3tag)
2020-10-15 19:31
Imo this can only work if all the players are equally treated. So in normal situation there should be systematic rotation with starting lineup. Seriously no one still ambitious player would go for backup player role.
2020-10-15 21:00
Russia nobody_cars
stop baiting men
2020-09-21 14:32
+1 He's your flair :D
2020-09-21 14:32
2020-09-21 14:47
United Kingdom novaseer
Apparently everybody on HLTV is, a fact I just discovered on my own thread because I was slightly wrong about something 4 years ago.
2020-09-21 14:48
What did you expect from CS community... In my case I was joking, btw
2020-09-21 14:50
United Kingdom novaseer
I mean... you've got a point
2020-09-21 14:58
I love some good toxicness now and then, and the experiences i have with HLTV is that everyone else does too, sometimes there's a snowflake. But well, you must be able to take a joke here.
2020-09-21 15:01
Just joking men))) I love your baits :)
2020-09-21 14:49
thanks mate))
2020-09-21 14:52
They got the best score right now in ESL Pro League Season 12 Europe. Trust me, they will accomplish the 1st place again :)
2020-09-21 14:32
2020-09-21 14:57
2020-09-21 15:04
2020-09-21 14:32
2020-09-21 15:02
+1 mir will lead team spirit to top1
2020-09-21 15:10
2020-09-21 16:03
Name checks out
2020-09-21 15:23
0/8 because they are top 1 in current form. Gonna win epl pretty ez.
2020-09-21 15:31
Need to beat Complexity first
2020-09-21 17:34
2020-09-21 18:09
Latvia Andreyq
Astralis is the only team i can take serious
2020-09-21 15:31
Even with jugi and snappi???? OMEGALUL.
2020-10-15 19:00
Latvia Andreyq
where is jugi and snappi?
2020-10-15 19:06
Poland Spanksss
still no real top1 atm :( cs in 2k20
2020-09-21 15:32
Even after the break they where still the best in the world. Sure they where not at the same extreme high level as they where when they where GOAT. But good enough to still be the best. And now they are changing the game again, how its meant to be played and how teams are meant to work again lifting cs to a new level. The reason cs is better than ever is the changes Astralis pushed and forces other teams to follow. And now they are doing it again. They will become the best team again no doubt.
2020-09-21 15:32
Wishful thinking haha. Finish CS :P
2020-09-21 15:39
I have already finished CS
2020-09-21 17:24
name checks out
2020-09-21 15:55
Best looking team at the moment with ma boi es3tag, they only need to keep up the performance throughout the rest of the year to be top 1. Everyone else is choking; coL against FaZe, Na'Vi and mouz against lower-tier teams and general inconsistency, G2, fnatic and Vitality against everyone... Astralis has been pretty reliable in comparison.
2020-09-21 15:58
Saudi Arabia Xpicyy
Expected from Finlandia
2020-09-21 16:04
Expected from Saudi Arabia
2020-09-21 16:11
name checks out
2020-09-21 16:47
Flair checks out
2020-09-21 16:48
what? :D
2020-09-21 16:51
eeeeehhhhhhh... you do know they are rank1 in their group right now????? So how can you possible argue that they have "leveled down"????? They have been sh*tting on teams lately. MOD please delete this troll thread.
2020-09-21 17:09
Congratz Astralis, you beat Mouz, Faze and Spirit and lost 0-2 to Complexity. Truly the greatest team
2020-09-21 17:17
funny how you left out Vitality, NIP and Fnatic... are they sh*t teams aswell??? hahaha :D
2020-09-21 17:24
Vitality lost to Spirit so they can clearly lose to anyone, Fnatic has been fairly bad online and NIP played with burned out Nawwk Astralis is truly the greatest team, apart from Complexity and NIP who they lost to 0-2 ofc
2020-09-21 17:26
Hahaha yes every team Astralis met are of course amateurs who should uninstall and go play Valorant.... right?? You talk like spirit is some second tier team. They ranked 19. Vitality is tanked 1. Then we have NIP (10) and Fnatic (13). Stop trolling.
2020-09-21 21:35
boltz | 
Brazil !Pzr
If xyp9x come back to the roaster they can be top 1 again, es3tag is playing very well but xyp9x is a legend
2020-09-21 17:19
haha you dremaing ... #1 like always
2020-09-21 18:12
2020-09-21 18:18
first in the groups respect us
2020-09-21 18:26
why not? vitality rich top 1 without any tournaments wins so..
2020-09-21 19:43
Andorra BENZ1N3RA
0/8 bait
2020-09-21 21:37
2020-09-21 21:46
Current Astralis - es3tag, worst rostermove of 2020!!!! R.I.P #1 spot.
2020-10-15 19:01
best roster move.
2020-10-15 19:05
didnt age well xd
2020-10-15 19:03
that's such an ignorant thing to say. sure they were at peak in 2018 and won the most tournaments in that year but don't forget they won 2 MAJORS in 2019 and a few other big tournaments. they came into 2020 with player issues and multiple roster changes but considering the way they have responded to it, what makes you think they're not #1? name one other team that did 4 roster changes and went from rank #11 to #1 in a month and won a big tournament after being 2 maps down. get the dogshit out of your brain so you can think better please
2020-10-15 19:08
> 2020-09-21
2020-10-15 19:20
He cant read your name
2020-10-15 19:33
kekw why tf is it showing up in my list now??
2020-10-15 22:02
why people being dumb and take this kind of bait seriously
2020-10-15 19:43
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