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Poland SebL 
x6tence are in discussions with mertz and maNkz to join their active roster, according to DBLTAP. About a week ago roumors said that HooXi and refrezh may join MAD Lions and the deal have reportedly been finalized. Playing for Copenhagen Flames just over a month, the results have been limited for mertz's squad. x6tence have been recently playing in cs_summit 6, and they were high placed in RMR ranking, but they finished the event in last place. If the move happens x6tence will have : HECTOz Nodios mertz maNkz Queenix First of all I think HooXi is a good player, and I don't think letting him go is a good decision for them. refrezh is one of the best players in Denmark rn. and letting him go would be even bigger mistake. Honestly I think that they should bench HECTOz, because he is really bad recently, Nodios, because he has been way to inconsistent, and Queenix, because he has same problem as Nodios, and build a new lineup around the duo of HooXi and refrezh. It depends on how much money do they get for HooXi and refrezh and how much money do they want to invest in CS:GO, because if they want to invest then I would bench the core of HECTOz, Nodios and Queenix and build a lineup around HooXi and refrezh. mertz have been one of the best players in Denmark recently and it would be lovely to have him. I have no idea who is maNkz and why would they sign him, but the core of HooXi, refrezh and mertz is really good for me, if they would add a talent like fr0slev and TMB, they could have a great roster. For me this : mertz fr0slev HooXi refrezh TMB is much better for them than to build around a weak core of HECTOz, Nodios and Queenix. What do you think about whole situation and do you think x6tence is making a right decision? Discuss below.
2020-09-21 20:22
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hectoz best awp
2020-09-21 20:25
They already benched him, and he has been playing really bad recently.
2020-09-22 16:30
tl dr
2020-09-21 20:26
x6tence wants to sign mertz and maNkz in place of refrezh and HooXi. My proposition for the move would be to remove Nodios, Queenix and HECTOz instead and add mertz, fr0slev and TMB to the roster.
2020-09-22 16:31
I would agree with this move.
2020-09-21 20:28
Letting refrezh and HooXi go when you have Queenix, Nodios and HECTOz in your roster is stupid.
2020-09-22 16:31
No getting rid of Nodios and hECTOZ is good and maNkz and mertz is awesome, then this roster has some potential.
2020-09-22 16:32
Getting rid of Nodios, HECTOz and Queenix is good, mertz is one of the best youngsters in Denmark, however I have no idea who is maNkz and why would he have a chance to join such team.
2020-09-22 17:32
maNkz was the guy who was with Daffu on Lynbgy Vikings. He was beastin' really hard.
2020-09-22 17:33
From what I can see he have got a 1.01 rating in Lyngby Vikings, and this team didn't achieve anything with him, so I don't know if he was beastin really hard.
2020-09-22 19:42
but in the danish semi-pro teams, he is one of the top performers. He deserves some more recognition, and some more experience on the international scene
2020-09-24 08:43
Just because he is a top performer in semi-pro danish teams? cmon it's funny.
2020-09-24 14:51
Mankz is looking very good aswell and mertz is decent too. I don't think it is an incredibly bad deal, especially given that the players will play for better teams, which most likely they have requested so they can develop even more .Everyone should somewhat benefit from this and i wanna see it happen
2020-09-21 20:30
The onlyone that will not benefit is x6tence, because the duo of HooXi and refrezh is better than maNkz and mertz.
2020-09-22 17:34
Sweden quacke
They are discussing this move because HooXi and refrezh are allegedly going to MAD Lions instead. Keeping them is not an option.
2020-09-21 20:29
They have contract. They can just not sell them to MAD Lions.
2020-09-22 17:34
that will be stupid as fuck mad lions can buy any player from x6 wherever they want xD
2020-09-22 17:36
If x6tence won't sell them then MAD Lions won't buy them.
2020-09-22 19:42
x6 are not stupid
2020-09-22 19:43
If they want to become something in CS and they want to sell those 2 players then they have to disband and build completely new roster because making a roster on duo of Nodios and Queenix is a joke.
2020-09-22 19:48
Mad Lions can probably afford their buyout no problem.
2020-09-22 17:38
I wouldn't be so sure if they would want to pay much for those players.
2020-09-22 19:43
Sweden quacke
If they didn't have contracts they wouldn't be sold, they would be signed for free. Selling a player literally means that you buy out their contract.
2020-09-22 17:39
But is it worth it, that's the question, and how much is their contract worth.
2020-09-22 19:43
Sweden quacke
Their contracts shouldn't be worth much, and MAD Lions is a really rich org. They can afford their buyouts.
2020-09-22 22:05
They for sure can, but I don't think they will finalize this deal, they don't need changes rn. for me.
2020-09-23 16:00
Sweden quacke
The ML deal was closer than the CPH Flames deal I think. But alright.
2020-09-23 16:50
Nothing is confirmed yet.
2020-09-23 17:11
Sweden quacke
Nothing is confirmed but it's very likely to be the case.
2020-09-23 17:23
It is, but it's not 100% sure.
2020-09-23 18:14
Sweden quacke
Of course. But it's far more likely to happen than what you suggested. That's my point.
2020-09-23 18:23
I know it's far more likely, but I think that what I proposed is much better for x6tence.
2020-09-23 19:31
Sweden quacke
I guess, but life isn't all rainbows and sunshine after all.
2020-09-23 20:23
2020-09-24 08:36
Firstly, If the rumours are true MAD Lions would look like this: - HooXi (IGL) - AcoR (AWPer) - RoeJ - sjuush - refrezh I think that this could make MAD Lions nearly as good as when Bubzkji was with them, also HooXi will surely improve Acilion's results in the moment he lands on the club. Secondly, x6tence right now is below the level of other danish clubs, and in my opinion it's like Singularity, Copenhagen Flames, Tricked, AGF, etc. This clubs are like academy teams for the biggest clubs, sell their brightest talents and earn money to buy another bright talents. Edit: Also i think that is very difficult to the clubs i talked to retain their players because: Clubs have the money to invest and buy players because usually they are not ''that'' expensive for them. Players want to play important tournaments, and this orgs can guarantee them that they are going to play them.
2020-09-21 21:35
That will for sure make MAD Lions great and they can be maybe even better than with Bubzkji. If x6tence wants to become good in CS, then they should keep refrezh and HooXi, if they are just made to take players without buyouts and then sell them, then they will for sure get nice money for refrezh and HooXi. And actually MAD Lions have kind of fallen of, and I don't know if they are going to get invited to big events, maybe to closed qualifiers but I don't think that they will be invited to T1 event anymore.
2020-09-22 17:37
Copenhagen flames was doing this for some time. sign unknown players, improve them, play with them on t2 sell named players repeat... Org makes money this way. I wouldnt be surprised if x6 wouldnt do the same especially when mad lions is tier above them and willing to pay.
2020-09-22 17:43
But x6tence bought a whole roster from Copenhagen Flames, would they buy it if they would want to just resell it? It's not worth it.
2020-09-22 19:44
When there is opportunity to make money why not.
2020-09-22 20:38
Because it will destroy your CS team totally?
2020-09-22 20:41
if they pick up mertz and mankz they might lack IGL but would have more firepower on paper
2020-09-22 20:52
Without IGL this firepower makes no sense.
2020-09-23 15:58
United Kingdom StonkBonk
Mankz is IGLing for CPH flames right now. I don’t know whether he’s been an IGL for a while now or is new to the role though.
2020-09-23 16:03
For sure he didn't IGL for long atleast not in a higher level because he is a no name, his first real team is Copenhagen Flames and he isn't showing anything special in it.
2020-09-23 17:10
funny how every danish team farm players from x6tence ( roeJ,TeSes,Farlig,AciilioN,now refrezh and hooxi ) funny also how refrezh is good again since farlig left
2020-09-23 18:26
He is looking like one of the best young talents in Denmark rn.
2020-09-23 19:32
He was good since 2018 but trash igl snappi ruined him in OpTic Like TeSes was shit aswell in optic and in heroic he is good
2020-09-23 19:34
Yeah, TeSeS was shit in OpTic and now he is playing great.
2020-09-24 08:36
Chile esanchez47
x6 must bring back FlipiN
2020-09-23 19:39
You know he retired?
2020-09-24 08:37
Chile esanchez47
2020-09-24 13:50
2020-09-24 14:51
SebL does someone pay you to make threads such as this one?
2020-09-24 08:38
2020-09-24 14:51
Dont ruin AGF
2020-09-24 08:43
They are shit anyway.
2020-09-24 14:52
No, They aren't shit Solid T3 team
2020-09-24 15:06
T3? They are getting shit on by Movistar Riders, how can you name them T3.
2020-09-24 15:24
Why you rate them for one bad game ? They beat before Sprout,AGO,ForZe and 16-4 Endpoint I can name it Solid T3 team
2020-09-24 16:06
It depends on how you look at Tiers. If we are naming teams like Gen.G T3 then AGF is defienietly not T3.
2020-09-24 19:02
Of course , depends of every single person and let's stick to it
2020-09-24 19:04
Let's say that they are 50 in the ranking and they are showing some life in them.
2020-09-24 19:09
2020-09-24 19:13
common danish rule: any reshuffle in the scene -> cph flames get their players stolen
2020-09-24 08:45
Really true. Feels bad.
2020-09-24 14:52
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