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United States Masshole You can have america back im going to antartica so i can go live with michel jackson and prince
2020-09-22 07:39
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2020-09-22 07:41
Third world country' Good thing we got rid of these fat Trump lovers
2020-09-22 07:43
United States Masshole
Im voting for trump lol Hopefully my homestate cali turns red but ive basically lost my faith in that state, ill always love dublin,san ramon and richmond (some parts) though
2020-09-22 07:46
Even not voting is better than voting for any of the corrupted idiots that are fighting to be president
2020-09-22 07:47
United States Masshole
Not really although i really dont like any of them trumps rallys are pretty fucking sick ngl
2020-09-22 07:49
Nothing trump has said has ever made sense and he is just testing the limits of how idiotic a person in charge can be. Imagine going like Belarus and assaulting protesters
2020-09-22 07:51
North America 007DBR9
2020-09-23 02:09
Stay the fuck out of Antartica. America has no claims there, That's going to be a Utopia when everything goes to shit. Only the good countries had claims there, and just the citizens of those countries should live there.
2020-09-22 07:50
United States Masshole
Sucks to suck america first 👍😎
2020-09-22 08:02
I'm not planning to suck anyone, but you do you.
2020-09-22 08:27
lol UK Argentina and Chile have overlaping claims, if we dont solve it through diplomacy before 2030, there's gonna be a war.
2020-09-22 09:55
And Peru, Brazil, Uruguay and Ecuador. I don't know why they try to claim already claimed parts when tehre are a huge piece that unclaimed. Be like France, just take a piece, even if it's far away.
2020-09-22 11:11
That has 2 million upvotes if it's the other way around btw lmao
2020-09-22 08:02
people have forgotten how civil disobedience works, what do they think they're accomplishing?
2020-09-22 08:03
that lady with the trans flag isnt helping anyone, honestly it's just hurting our reputation ;-;
2020-09-22 08:06
United States Masshole
At first i was finding all this leftist BLM bs quite amusing but now its just fucking sad, theres no way anyone can be this stupid
2020-09-22 08:14
honestly there's reason to be upset... but this kind of shit needs to stop. they're hurting an already damaged reputation
2020-09-22 15:52
All you have to do is ask who benefits from riots and from these retards and you know who pays them to do it. Its Russians donating money to them for sure.
2020-09-22 16:01
They're thugs, capitalizing on an opportunity to hide behind social justice. As soon as you make any sort of a remark like "hey, I don't think all these BLM protestors are out there for the right cause" you get labeled as a racist and a homophobe. This has nothing to do with anti-racism or sexual minority rights anymore. It's strange to me how organizations who actually support equality do not publically disown acts like these. It would ease speaking up for the rest of us, who now have to tippy toe around to not come off as bigots. This is hurting their image, but I guess they'd rather have leverage over integrity.
2020-09-22 16:04
It does though, they're just not very good at it. Systemic racism in the USA is an undeniable reality. Violence against the LGBT community is extremely widespread, and employment discrimination is almost completely unavoidable for most trans people at some point in their lives. Many countries and states have very limited protection & services for trans people. It's not racist or homophobic, It's just misinformed. It's just that people have forgotten how civil disobedience works. That being said, most protests are perfectly fine. Thousands showed up in my town a couple of months ago: no problems. The same goes for most protests in cities around here. The civil unrest the USA has been experiencing is one of the most widespread civil rights protests in american history: if you expect violence not to semi-regularly break out, I don't know what world you come from.
2020-09-23 01:53
Brazil nuke_brs
While you are at it you can have Brazil. I’m going back to Italy
2020-09-22 08:19
White people now becoming more rasist then before ...
2020-09-22 08:47
United States Masshole
This isnt racism its just stupidity
2020-09-22 09:27
Expected after blm lmao, people starting waking up
2020-09-22 11:11
"freedom imply to not be killed when arrested" YOU STUPID "freedom imply to not wear a mask so we can kill our elders if we wan't" YEAH FREEDOM MAGA
2020-09-22 22:12 Picture from UK at Churchills monument No wonder, that racism rises again if some group of people thinks their life are more important than others
2020-09-22 22:51
I don't get what's wrong with the picture. Black lives are not part of all lives to you?
2020-09-22 22:51
It's hypocrisy
2020-09-22 22:55
What is? This picture or your comment?
2020-09-22 22:55
Of course it's picture but to more precise what is written in the picture
2020-09-22 22:58
well factually its true, doesnt mean blm isnt a terrorist organization tho
2020-09-22 22:52
United Kingdom o_w_o
bdbqnak.mdd jdhjejsjjdjdhehehhehwg yes ue7377382839er9c if jd is d WHYYYY
2020-09-22 22:54
lmao USA is a shitshow
2020-09-22 08:55
Lithuania M0rkiz
+1 brazil should invade and kill dumb americans.
2020-09-22 09:10
+1 brazilians will put order on that country very soon just wait)))
2020-09-22 09:33
United States Masshole
+1 these people need to be deported
2020-09-22 09:29
wow, insane
2020-09-22 09:52
Sweden Zolity
2020-09-22 10:02
Netherlands tomjacky77
u know na stupidty doenst know race age. all na people are stupid
2020-09-22 10:27
United States Masshole
2020-09-22 22:10
Reddit link 0/8
2020-09-22 10:27
Armenia Yerevan
Expected from Blm.
2020-09-22 15:58
B u r n L o o t M u r d e r u r n L o o t M u r d e r
2020-09-22 16:04
Denmark Notallama
nt Redditor
2020-09-22 22:14
Finland Autisthicc
this is all trumps fault. why? he knows this will get people to vote for him, thats why he pretends to condemn it while in truth he is happy about it! disgusting! trump caused all these deaths!
2020-09-22 22:17
United Kingdom o_w_o
name checks out
2020-09-22 22:54
when did reddit become so based wtf
2020-09-22 22:50
2020-09-22 22:50
stop spreading your BS here
2020-09-23 01:57
We wuz kingz
2020-09-23 02:04
Well americans destroyed their country... who cares I dont live there fortunately
2020-09-23 02:12
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