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my obo theory
Asia Blitzer 
the c9 rumour makes total sense c9 is a flashpoint team, based in LA. if he moves to c9 he's back home instead of living in hotels in serbia/dk/london like col atm. probably a bit much for a 17y with school in the middle
2020-09-22 18:31
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Asia Blitzer
2020-09-22 18:31
No wei men complexity would gib him away
2020-09-22 18:32
Finland Vkims
Everyone has their price
2020-09-22 18:33
Asia Blitzer
it's the player's decision and I believe that the org respects that its jason lake bro
2020-09-22 18:34
Didnt mr lake say that they will help obo to find a new team
2020-09-22 23:39
I think he had to finish his homework this week
2020-09-22 18:33
2020-09-22 23:58
Germany R1AN
col wont give him go away...
2020-09-22 18:33
Asia Blitzer
nobody is giving anyone for free player wants to leave, org puts the player in the market, possible interested parties approach simple
2020-09-22 18:35
Yeah I believe Alex left Vitality due to how much they traveled and wanted to join a Flashpoint team instead. Might be the same case for oBo.
2020-09-22 18:34
Dude is making like over 10K a month living his dream if I were his parents I'd say just don't worry about school. Either that or get online tutor.
2020-09-22 18:34
Asia Blitzer
each person is different money is good but its not everything
2020-09-22 18:36
What is school in 2020 anyways? find your hustle, kid.
2020-09-22 18:36
Mine : He got caught without makeup and Col figured it out he had a second professional life where he is called Johnny Sins. For obvious reason, this second career do not fit the Col values and so must separate from him.
2020-09-22 18:35
I dont understand why would they target oBo and not blameF, even if ALEX is the IGL, blameF is a god fragger.
2020-09-22 18:35
blamef buyout is definitely somewhere in the millions not only that but there are no clues to blamef wanting to leave, the team is getting better
2020-09-23 00:00
Makes sense as he lives right now on absolutely foreign for him continent. But I hope that won't happen.
2020-09-22 18:36
Ukraine Dert38
c9 is already dead coz of woxic tho
2020-09-22 18:37
2020-09-23 00:07
Argentina Fuxuryy
makes sense
2020-09-22 18:39
Hes gonna be in c9 for some months and its gonna work out, then most likely will move to VALORANT. Most likey all NA teams will leave CS for VALORANT till end of next year.
2020-09-22 18:41
2020-09-22 18:42
United States JustBitsy
col wanted to go to eu anyway, this just forces them to commit earlier than theyd hoped.
2020-09-22 18:46
United States Festive_
C9 is going to be EU based for a while. No way oBo is going to C9 at least for several months.
2020-09-22 18:56
WTF mens you might be right mens
2020-09-22 22:46
cool theory 😎👌
2020-09-22 22:48
Sweden Lagge15
C9 will be playing from Serbia until summer 2021 - at earliest So your theory makes no sense. CoL is based in Dallas, but they are in Europe because of Covid. So if he wanna wait until summer 2021 he would just stay in CoL
2020-09-22 23:25
Sweden quacke
+1 Insane how it took 41 replies until someone mentioned this. Though just to keep this reply futureproof: their ambition is to move the squad to LA at some point. So oBo Cloud9 would be a possibility in the far, far future.
2020-09-22 23:30
I think that maybe he got some hot girlfriend in usa now, and wants to start a family or sth?
2020-09-22 23:26
he is prob homesick, dude is 17 and have been "stuck" in EU for months bcs off Covid, no real friends or family here either
2020-09-22 23:31
I'm 100% sure it's this
2020-09-22 23:43
ye he will be back in a couple off month when he has "recharged"
2020-09-22 23:46
Bulgaria f0ukS
2020-09-22 23:32
Everything makes sense other than the roster itself.
2020-09-22 23:34
Kosovo je Srbija.
2020-09-22 23:36
Lmaoo mr sherlock xD Or maybe cpt obvious? xD
2020-09-22 23:38
C9 is moving to Serbia... so your theory is dumb
2020-09-22 23:40
Turkey rivaluk
but why would c9 with the current roster (which is based on eu players) would consider playing in NA?
2020-09-22 23:41
North America ZachS721
I love oBo. He’s legitimately my favorite player. However, go watch HLTV confirmed with HenryG. He said they’d be living in EU for the first year or so.
2020-09-22 23:50
2020-09-22 23:57
North America 007DBR9
flashpoint 2 is probably going to be in london and c9 is probably staying in malta x to doubt
2020-09-22 23:58
The guy is just homesick. And who can blame him? Living 8 timezones away from family and friends is hard at age 17. Living in hotel-rooms and just grind, grind, grind.
2020-09-23 00:01
Singapore eriknords
Might be possible
2020-09-23 14:11
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