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blm supporter goes through cop's daily basis
Brazil ZerongBr 
2020-09-22 18:50
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blm is just dumb, stop glorifying criminals and justfying their actions.
2020-09-22 18:56
Brazil ZerongBr
have you watched the video? the man literally said that he was wrong and would stop all his non-sense
2020-09-22 18:57
Extrapolating much
2020-09-22 19:01
Kinda expected, still happy to see him admit it tho.
2020-09-22 19:02
George Floyd is not criminal, he is a legacy USA person
2020-09-22 20:02
United States Masshole
2020-09-23 04:48
BLM has many problems. Like, a lot. that doesn't mean their core ideas don't have merit it also doesnt mean you should take a republican propaganda channel paid for by billionaires seriously lol
2020-09-22 19:04
what they're saying in the video is true though, politics have no effect here
2020-09-22 19:09
what are they saying in the video?
2020-09-22 19:14
United Kingdom tank6123
watch the video
2020-09-22 19:16
North America 007DBR9
no bro am in class
2020-09-22 19:46
i dont want to fuck up my yt feed with prageru videos ;-;
2020-09-23 02:03
2020-09-23 18:23
yea bro you should only take democrat propaganda channels paid by jewish megabillionaires seriously 👌😎
2020-09-22 19:12
i dont even watch the news 👌😎
2020-09-22 19:13
well you dont give the chance to get helped either 👌😒
2020-09-22 19:22
xaxaxaxa 👌😎
2020-09-22 19:49
ajajaj 👌😎
2020-09-23 18:25
North America Swboy1010
Well first thing they have to do is get rid of the race part, than I will agree with their cause.
2020-09-22 19:23
Systemic racism -- mostly as a product of past injustices -- is undeniable. Black americans receive longer sentences for the same crime Black americans are arrested at WAY higher rates then whites, despite being convicted at similar rates, even accounting for the differences in crime Black americans are arrested 7x more often then white americans for possesion of maurijuana despite using it at similar rates subconscious bias is also an objective, provable thing need i go on? That's why it's "Black Lives matter", and not "All lives matter"
2020-09-22 19:27
North America Swboy1010
Actually all of those things could and do happen to white people and just about anybody, not just black people. no clue why people want to make this a race thing and divide people with race baiting. And also why are you wasting your time talking politics on hltv, when there is really no point into it? Don’t really know why leftist, and rightist flood this site like there’s no tomorrow.
2020-09-22 19:45
Bored, I mostly stear clear of politics these days Obviously things *can* happen to white people. But white people don't experience disproportionate violence and incarceration to such an absurd degree.
2020-09-22 19:46
Serbia bakedcs
They don't commit disproportionate violence either. Wanna take a wild guess about who does? Hint: 13 50
2020-09-23 04:42
*yawn* already addressed
2020-09-23 04:44
Serbia bakedcs
Posting a link to the comment where you did that would've taken you less time than to digitally yawn on a forum. Expected from stupid person though.
2020-09-23 04:46
I don't take people who unironically cite black crime statistics very seriously, sorry > Black americans are arrested at WAY higher rates then whites, despite being convicted at similar rates, even accounting for the differences in crime #13
2020-09-23 04:47
Serbia bakedcs
"I don't take people who cite statistics seriously." Again, expected from stupid person.
2020-09-23 04:50
if youre not arguing in good faith i cant help you
2020-09-23 04:51
Serbia bakedcs
If you disregard statistics because of your feelings nothing can help you.
2020-09-23 04:52
Here's my problem: Explain the statistics. why are they so much higher? I have an answer, but what is yours?
2020-09-23 04:59
Serbia bakedcs
Low IQ, more prone to violence, impulsive nature, being told they're oppressed and whitey bad, being fed the narrative that everything wrong in their lives is the fault of wypipo, hood culture, absence of father figures etc etc etc etc etc
2020-09-23 18:18
Jim Crow ended in the USA less then 80 years ago. Racism was very culturally prevalent for decades after that. the effects of centuries of oppression aren't just going to go away: systemic racism is an undeniable reality in the USA. All IQ differences can be attributed to socioeconomic conditions
2020-09-23 18:22
Serbia bakedcs
That's why black dominated and black run countries prosper right?
2020-09-23 18:37
Also easily explainable by geography & history. there have been many very successful african societies; Ghana, Ethiopia, Egypt, Great Zimbabwe etc etc. Societies flourished wherever it was geographically possible, given the technology at the time. The Europeans just had the technological advantage going into colonialism, again due to the circumstances they were put in. Today, the remnants of colonialism and neocolonialism still thrive in Africa.
2020-09-23 18:41
Poland Recruitn1
BLM is such a bad motto ofc that All Life Matters Poor or Rich Black or White Bad or Good everyone is the same. Im rightist but bruh. they could at same point just call it Black Equality Support Movement
2020-09-22 19:49
North America Swboy1010
+1 case closed.
2020-09-22 19:51
Poland Recruitn1
It just feels like BLM is normal movement but sometimes its used as a political agenda. If it wasn't more people would take it seriously.
2020-09-22 19:52
2020-09-22 19:48
Why can't it be all lives matter and we just forget about race. Why does every story need to start with "black man" or "white man" instead of just man. We're all just a skin pigment, and the sooner we take race out of the equation, the sooner racism is eliminated. This includes forcing messages like Black Lives Matter down people's throats. This only heightens the racial divide by pitting black people against everyone else. Lives matter. All of them. Quit hyperfocused on race if you want to stop racism.
2020-09-22 19:52
Poland Recruitn1
2020-09-22 19:53
I'm not sure I really understand what you're trying to say. I agree it is inappropriately used as a political movement, this is evident in where their donations go. But I still see an issue of the message of "stopping racism" while hyperfocusing on the race which is perceived to be the most oppressed. That is fighting against the effort to end racism in a lot of ways.
2020-09-22 19:56
Poland Recruitn1
What i mean is this is used as a political agenda given the circumstances example democrats went it running for too long against Republicans this supposed to be non-political movement that carries a message to stop rascism not a pro-political movement that supports reforms under certain political party.
2020-09-22 20:00
I agree at what the intent is, however, their leadership, website, and political donations would suggest that this is more of a political movement, not a non-political movement.
2020-09-22 20:05
Poland Recruitn1
Thats what im talking about. Why they don't make it non-political would gain more support especially from young people
2020-09-22 20:06
Then I absolutely agree with you. The current state of the movement is not what it should be, hence why it is very polarizing. The idea that people's lives matter is not a very debated issue but the politicization of it all has made people feel like they have to take sides and undermined their goals. Hopefully they'll see that too
2020-09-22 20:11
Because BLM was created to raise awareness and encourage reform in areas that disproportionately effect black americans. I don't know that it was designed to be the face of economic and justice reform in America. But, here we are, and that's probably not going to change. Acting color blind ignores the disproportionate struggles black americans face. Jim crow ended ~80 years ago, and racism was very culturally prevalent for decades after that. The cultural & economic effects of CENTURIES of oppression aren't just going to go away overnight, especially considering how hard it is to get out of poverty in the USA. I'm not in favor of affirmitive action: I don't want the state to be able to acknowledge racial distinctions. But most leftists aren't hyper fixated on race either.
2020-09-23 02:03
I really highly doubt you saying "most leftists aren't hyper fixated on race" based on my own experiences with leftists and the media which is predominantly left-leaning.
2020-09-23 02:54
the media as a whole is center left, but the right wing media is VERY prevalent... people like to undermine/ignore its role in politics. I spend enough to around leftists -- they really don't care. It's more about eating the rich then it is about race.
2020-09-23 04:45
Serbia bakedcs
This guy is the definition of a leftist shill all he does is try and paint the left in a better picture as if we don't exist in the same reality.
2020-09-23 04:52
United States Masshole
2020-09-23 04:51
similar crime + similar background pretty sure ill hunt down the study in a bit if im still awake
2020-09-23 04:50
I don't take PragerU seriously either, but this video does have a good message. It is not without its flaws however and even though the video acknowledges that training practices could be better, it appears to justify some of the killings by saying it is bound to happen with that many arrests and deadly attacks per day.
2020-09-22 20:10
Azerbaijan IMakeHS
Black Looters Matters
2020-09-22 20:12
lol these africans contribute nothing to the country other than crimes... why don't people understand this.
2020-09-22 20:46
Black Loots More😎
2020-09-23 03:21
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