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Worst HLTV Top 5 teams ever?
Europe Niko0 
Like any of the current top 5 teams haven't done anything special recently. I would argue that not even one of these teams really deserve top5 position. Online-era has ruined rankings.
2020-09-23 02:58
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Who else deserves top 5 in your opinion?
2020-09-23 02:59
Switzerland retard2k
2020-09-23 03:02
North American Man/Boy Love Association or the North American Marlon Brando Look-Alikes ?
2020-09-23 12:18
Canada JC_123
it is online, what do you want?
2020-09-23 03:01
They could've stopped this ranking thing until LAN back
2020-09-23 03:03
Canada JC_123
I would not have minded seeing a separate ranking list
2020-09-23 03:03
Why its not like the ranking is a special thing. its not a title or anything. To have stopped it or made a new one would hurt the sport. would make the games less important, as all they have to handle things as they are, and do the best they can, keep things as normal as they can to keep viewers and teams in the game so to speak. To remove the list will take away from that goal. Sure its not like anyone think the teams on it is the best ever. but in 5 years or even 2 its not like it matters. But to remove it would matter now. Just make sense to have it and keep it since it cost nothing, and dont really matter even if the list would look different if things where normal. the list have no power as such.
2020-09-23 03:22
Because irrelevant teams are taking top 1, making the list irrelevant itself
2020-09-23 03:38
But the list have never had a bigger meaning. So its not taking anything away from anything. But removing the list would make CS irrelavant because it takes away from what it use to be at a time where cs is under pressure. Removing it wont do anything, who is number one on the list dont really mean that much. But not having the list well give an image of a cs scene that is closed down, and that will hurt the sport. No reason to close the rankings, who ever is number one for what ever reason is number 1. its not the first time a team that is not the best makes number 1, and many other things. people just bother about it because of the overall state of things. People was bothered about it before to.
2020-09-23 12:14
United Kingdom Jonty04l32
It's a little unnecessary... The online-spat of CS:GO didn't happen by choice and teams who are in the top 5 at that time obviously deserved it at that time. I don't understand the point you're trying to make here...
2020-09-23 03:08
kNgV- | 
Brazil GuGa62
2020-09-23 03:14
i went through almost all the top 5 hltvs and this might be it but considering the online era this is basically perfect top 5
2020-09-23 03:18
Because Mouse are in the shits?
2020-09-23 12:29
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