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Job Center Retarded?
Austria Angelo_Merte 
so due to corona virus my job is canceled, i work in catering and no bigger caterings allowed by government rules, now job center, send me job on the otherside of the country even tho i have still my job i just wait for this stupid laws to change. what can i do?
2020-09-23 11:30
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You don't have to do anything
2020-09-23 11:32
u have to, otherwise they cut all social benefits. and since i dont have actual income atm, i get some money from them. i was supposed to start working in september again but now covid rising again and they are annoying me everyday.
2020-09-23 11:46
mertz | 
Denmark V1tus
idk, go ask govmnt
2020-09-23 11:32
sex someone
2020-09-23 11:32
jL | 
Lithuania klnv
Be a stripper
2020-09-23 11:33
jL | 
Lithuania klnv
Go play cs go join some teams make cash if your good
2020-09-23 11:32
go make protest outside of their offices and bring friends to make it look legitimate and not just some crazy person
2020-09-23 11:33
Aren't you the guy who spends 5k partying in summer? Your stories don't really add up my dude
2020-09-23 11:33
how doesn't it add up? i was never unemployed in my life only now cuz of corona for 4 months already.
2020-09-23 11:47
Zero savings, dont cry please.
2020-09-23 12:17
get some black face paint and apply for refugee money
2020-09-23 11:35
2020-09-23 11:39
maybe contact the job center instead of hltv forum
2020-09-23 11:36
Say noty job center I have my own money and work, I dont need your job of your welfare.
2020-09-23 11:37
You change company.
2020-09-23 11:37
write a shit application and say you try it.
2020-09-23 11:40
this man knows!!
2020-09-23 11:48
some job centre will ask the company but even if. They have to prove that I did it with purpose. GL with that. Just write "Hello guys I search a job goive it to me cuz jobcenter say so best regards the milfhunter"
2020-09-23 12:05
i sent the same pdf to every job they sent me and it was basically the same 5 lines and a fucked up resumee which was lacking 5 years in between i never go any msg back.
2020-09-23 12:18
just do it man, sometimes things happen and you might not like it at first but then it works out well for you
2020-09-23 11:49
why should i do it? i already have the same job for 8 years that i enjoy and want to continue but due to corona its not possible.
2020-09-23 12:19
well it sounds like if you dont take it you wont have work?
2020-09-23 12:28
Just become a Twitch streamer 4Head
2020-09-23 11:50
Sell your soul
2020-09-23 11:57
Sweden botl0f
tell them that you are still employed????
2020-09-23 12:30
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