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Valorant players delusional?
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Denmark |Metric| 
valorant players think valorant is similar to 1.6... Ahahahahaha LMFAO, imagine being this lost. Game with dumbed down movement and shooting is similar to 1.6, peak gamer logic xaxxaxaxax BuT bUt vAlarEntE hAs wAlLbAnGs It's an insult to even compare 1.6 to that Chinese ripoff
2020-09-23 18:54
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Malaysia Suno[t]
Exactly, I have a lot of problem with this statement especially when former pros like Delpan and fRoD said the same. I'm happy I can find someone else that agrees with me and keeps my sanity in check. val*rant is not 1.6 at all
2020-09-23 18:55
Malaysia Suno[t]
this is the real succesor to 1.6 not even go
2020-09-23 18:57
Xd i dont think anyone ever said its similiar to 1.6
2020-09-23 18:56
Malaysia Suno[t]
u will be surprised how many ex 1.6 pros said that. I asked frod and delpan and they replied in the affirmative
2020-09-23 18:57
+1 i ask some pros too. I mean its not 1.6 but it reminds 1.6 more than csgo
2020-09-23 19:03
But some of my ex 1.6 mates and even pros said that this is bullshit and this game dont remind em 1.6 at all :))
2020-09-23 19:09
Malaysia Suno[t]
interesting. I go with my gut and say its bs haha
2020-09-23 19:10
Malaysia Suno[t]
which pros sadi that?
2020-09-23 19:10
If u remember pauLy, very oldschool player from US. And some virtuspro guys(ru). Oops didnt see where u reply. In this post i talk bout pros who agree bout 1.6 vibe ;))
2020-09-23 19:14
Malaysia Suno[t]
yeah i rmrmb pauly. those virtus guys sally etc I remember as welll but I can never remember their ign as they always used their real names haha
2020-09-23 19:23
Malaysia Suno[t]
see I can remember r4do, kalb4, nook, but wtf is sally, viktor F. etc hahaaha now if u say ROMJKE then I can remember lol
2020-09-23 19:24
sally viktor f lex aleksey k romjke roman m snoop boris p f_1n ivan k
2020-09-23 21:00
Actually many 1.6 players agree that valorant have 1.6 vibes
2020-09-23 19:00
Valorant > 1.shits
2020-09-23 18:56
India xEleanorex
Yes they are
2020-09-23 18:56
Expected from room temp
2020-09-23 19:17
Austria MisterMand
I actually got cancer the moment I heard/read supposedly knowledgable people in the scene say "it's more like 1.6 than csgo".
2020-09-23 18:57
Malaysia Suno[t]
yeah feelsbadman its worse than seeing former 1.6 pros saying go is better
2020-09-23 19:07
OK | 
Other gastivy
css > valorant
2020-09-23 18:58
Valarante new CS:Source
2020-09-23 18:59
u know that there are 3, 1.6 world champions developing for valorant, right? and one of their main goal was to make it similar to it, right? u kinda shot urself in the foot with that topic.
2020-09-23 19:03
and they failed at it
2020-09-23 19:05
the movement is very very similar to 1.6 beside the bunny hopping.
2020-09-23 19:06
??? valorant probably has the most dumbed down movement in shooters to make jett and raze abilities viable and unique
2020-09-23 19:09
Its not similar. Its slow and its not like slideskating in go but its still not even close to 1.6 movement. But they tried heh
2020-09-23 19:10
Valorant movement is even dumbed down in comparison to GO. None of the advanced movement techniques from 1.6 are there in valorant, it's basically just WASD ( not even counter strafing lol). But anyways no point talking here cause you've clearly never played 1.6
2020-09-23 19:31
And they failed miserably at it. Ever wondered why? Riot Riot will never make a game that's hard for casuals to get into. No matter how many 1.6 pros they get to develop it, at the end of the day Riot will demand a product that's has a low skill floor, and appeals to casuals. That's why valorant has absurd things like near 100% walking accuracy, slow movement, no bhops, utility usage made easy etc
2020-09-23 19:32
I think CSGO > 1.6 >= Valorant > Source
2020-09-23 19:04
It doesn't even really have 1.6 kind of wallbangs, the hype around the game is only based around the fact that it is made by riot who advertise it as esport ready game. It's not good as CS, gunplay is a coinflip, riot finds it hard to balance and improve so they tell the players how the game is supposed to be played, lie that technology is not available to improve the sound engine, deliver a casual DM mode instead of a legit practice tool
2020-09-23 19:05
Malaysia Suno[t]
well said bhai +1
2020-09-23 19:06
"bhai"??? Fake flagging Indian??
2020-09-24 06:38
Malaysia Suno[t]
strangely we use that too here haha
2020-09-24 06:41
2020-09-24 06:42
It resembles more 1.6 than csgo, but no way Valorant comes even close. 1.6 was godlike in terms of shooting and movement.
2020-09-23 19:06
Malaysia Suno[t]
2020-09-23 19:06
Omfg sound in that game is even more garbage than GO.. how is it possible? Directional audio is messed up, vertical audio is indistinguishable. You'd have to legitimately try to create a game with worse sound than a 2012 game lol.
2020-09-23 20:06
Yep thats 100% what i think
2020-09-23 19:11
valorant on high rank is pretty cool. but when ur noob wood player u probably hate the game
2020-09-23 19:11
Unrelated. No one is talking about it being fun or not. Post is about people calling it similar to 1.6 stop Dick riding valorant cluelessly kkkkkk
2020-09-24 06:39
Movement is way too different and recoil is way easier, the game plays different, every gun has a scope, it doesn't feel like 1.6 at all it seems like it's own game, which isn't a bad thing, and also wallbanging is way less insane in Valorant than what it was in 1.6 idk what the fuck they're talking about there
2020-09-23 19:18
it's more like trash than cs 1.6
2020-09-23 19:27
North America 007DBR9
Valorant is like what riot always does, they just dumb down some hardcore volvo game
2020-09-23 19:29
valorant weapons are closer to 1.6 than csgo weapons Movement is even worse than in csgo 110 fov makes it look weird considering we are used to 4:3 Also jiggle peeking than hard swinging is not the case here like in csgo
2020-09-23 19:41
Denmark Y3kx
Valorent is complete trash.
2020-09-23 21:01
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