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Polish tier 1 team
Poland Numanumayey 
I would like to provide easy fix for polish CS. NEO and TaZ should leave HONORIS and start coaching. They can pick whoever they want, any polish player would like to be coached by legends like NEO and TaZ (major winners, NEO was also player of the decade in CS 1.6 by ranking, won multiplte majors in 1.6) They can make Poland to be tier in CS again. Poland was tier 1 in CS for like 15 years or more and it hurts to watch polish teams now...
2020-09-24 00:03
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poland tier1 team pick one
2020-09-24 00:04
Ehhh, stupid polacks can't even read whole thread or don't understand english
2020-09-24 00:06
who asked?
2020-09-24 00:10
All people who undestand more than HI in english
2020-09-24 00:24
kk where did you ask then
2020-09-24 08:18
Will go with classics I ASKED YOUR MOM AXAXAXAXAXA
2020-09-24 09:23
2020-09-24 00:31
neo can i don care honestly but taz can play for me as igl or rifl
2020-09-24 00:08
France Lili___
sorry but life is difficult france will never win a major again. and poland will never have a tier 1 team .. RIP OLDvp
2020-09-24 00:08
Poland humen))))
imagine if Poland had player like gla1ve and coach like zonic
2020-09-24 00:11
poland have a lot of coach
2020-09-24 00:13
Poland humen))))
but they are all shit compared to zonic
2020-09-24 00:17
Croatia lucubista
MICHU dycha mhL F1KU Kylar
2020-09-24 00:13
2020-09-24 11:36
Kylar | 
Mongolia alp3n
nice one +++
2020-09-24 11:54
- sntachie (AWP) - mhL (AWP) - hades (AWP) - Markos (AWP) - tudsoN (AWP)
2020-09-24 00:13
Poland godBASR
and pasha (awp/coach)
2020-09-24 11:41
2020-09-24 11:47
Polish scene = dead, the og VP lineup was the last tier 1 you guys had
2020-09-24 00:16
I don't think you're in the spot to laugh at other scenes right now
2020-09-24 00:24
Im just saying the truth,its not like i deny that we are fucked up
2020-09-24 00:25
Argentina WaSTe_D
+1 i don't think we will see something huge like the old VP lineup was before.
2020-09-24 01:35
we need new really talented players. no polish player outstands in the scene rn except michu bcuz michu is god.
2020-09-24 00:22
cant deal with facts xd
2020-09-24 00:23
problem? Reported
2020-09-24 00:24
NEO | 
Poland Antro
michu mhl dycha neo innocent/KEi
2020-09-24 00:27
2020-09-24 00:32
Poland humen))))
mhL KEi Kylar dycha +good igl that we dont have
2020-09-24 00:38
there is no t1 team in polish without BnTeT
2020-09-24 01:10
Polack scene suffers from horrible management. They don't have tier 1 mentality and just like the Brazilians, they are making roster changes every 2-3 months expecting that 1 change is going to miraculously slingshot them into top 15. While you have some solid young talent in people like Hades, Sobol, mhL and some well established talent in dycha, MICHU and rallen, the people managing your teams have their expectations set too high. I am also seeing some motivational issues, you barely see any solid polacks grind in top Faceit. You can move TaZ and NEO to coaching, but I just don't see any teams grinding without constant shuffles. The smart Polacks have already left your sinking ship, MICHU went NA, dycha inter, innocent went danish, mantuu didn't even consider ever going to polack scene, even bntet went to NA. On top of horrible management and mentality. If you don't have those 2 things, there is only 1 option you have left to get into top 10: finding a young superstar and build the team around him. But you don't have a Zywoo, you don't have a s1mple, ropz, coldzera, niko or even a broky or a bymas. You can keep shuffling players between avez, ago, wisla, honoris etc. but it will never work.
2020-09-24 09:43
Furlan (LIG) mhL (1st AWP) Hades (2nd AWP) Michu Dycha Kei may be a good choice too for the future. In particular,iIf the 2 AWPs can't play together. Also, Michu did'not play for a long time...
2020-09-24 10:08
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