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US Election Thread
maga | 
Netherlands Bogdanoff 
Who do you prefer? Who do you think will win and why?
2020-09-24 12:29
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obama ez win
2020-09-24 12:30
Would be better than biden imo
2020-09-24 12:32
Trump wins or rigged
2020-09-24 12:31
Thats what he thinks lol
2020-09-24 12:58
Taking a page out of the lefties book. smart
2020-09-24 12:58
Although polling suggests Biden is going to win, I still think Trump will win.
2020-09-24 12:31
Dosia | 
United Kingdom Noided
Remember 2016?
2020-09-24 12:31
Remember that hillary won the popular vote?
2020-09-24 12:32
Dosia | 
United Kingdom Noided
2020-09-24 12:33
Barely, while polls had her at 91% lmfao
2020-09-24 12:59
2020-09-24 16:42
I'm assuming there was a slight lapse in your English comprehension
2020-09-24 16:44
That's not a poll, that's an opinion.
2020-09-24 17:10
Like I said, slight misunderstanding stemming from lack of English comprehension. Dont sweat it
2020-09-24 17:12
You could also just admit your mistake but i guess that's a bit hard for you rightwing people.
2020-09-24 17:21
Left wingers pulling a page out of the nazi propaganda handbook and projecting their own doings onto everyone else as usual? Color me shocked
2020-09-24 17:23
Didn't know you were a leftwinger. Usually it's the right that loves nazis.
2020-09-24 17:27
Yea right wingers are a big fan of the National Socialists. First thing I think of when I think of a right winger is their want to genocide white people. Oh wait...
2020-09-24 17:33
Nah rightwingers usually hate all non-white people (just like the nazis). You should answer #80 btw
2020-09-24 17:35
Jews are quite white mate : So #88 (ironic number regarding to the subject) is kinda right.
2020-09-24 17:38
Mass genocide and socialism ae the cornerstones of the rightwing. Your abundance of knowledge is unmatched
2020-09-24 17:47
Sadly here, no one spoken of socialism, but national socialism. So try again next time.
2020-09-24 17:50
Ah I wasn't aware that the person I was talking to was replaced by someone with the English level of a Russian 12 year old. Feel free to rephrase in English if you'd like me to understand what you're struggling to say
2020-09-24 17:57
I aren't think that. You lose
2020-09-24 17:58
That's what I thought too. Better luck next time
2020-09-24 17:58
what polls ?
2020-09-24 17:12
Yeah exactly that, media said Hillary had a 90% win chance. Well that 10% sure happened
2020-09-24 12:33
Yup, I don't really care who wins to be honest. I just really enjoyed the meltdown when Trump won lol
2020-09-24 12:34
Yeah that was indeed funny cuz everyone on my school was triggered saying stuff like "the world is going to end"
2020-09-24 12:35
Funny since all poll you can find of back then put her around 3% ahead. Which was the real result
2020-09-24 17:12
2020-09-24 12:32
Care to explain why?
2020-09-24 12:33
because Trump is a lying piece of shit
2020-09-24 12:34
True, biden couldnt lie using a teleprompter
2020-09-24 12:35
nt trump fanboy
2020-09-24 12:36
Biden has dementia he won’t remember what the usa is in 3 years.
2020-09-24 13:07
and he is still better than trump
2020-09-24 13:14
So you would rather his vice kamala Harris who lobbied to save a murderer on death row then voted and rallied for the death sentence after George Floyd died. She is pure evil and is using Biden. If trump wins you have 4 more years of a mediocre presidency but it will force the democrats to change. Nothing is worse then a crippled old man in the most important job in the usa
2020-09-24 13:17
Europe Pflatzi
read ur last sentence and you know why trump have to go
2020-09-24 15:42
trump is german si u are true xd
2020-09-24 13:08
funny that this is coming from a romanian
2020-09-24 13:14
still mad after ww2 adolf ? xD
2020-09-24 15:30
Why would i be mad ? xD
2020-09-24 15:32
Brazil Fulmini
i live in brazil, not in USA so whatever
2020-09-24 12:33
Yeah but who do you prefer?
2020-09-24 12:33
Brazil Fulmini
if i were an american citizen, i would vote for the most protectionist and nationalist one
2020-09-24 12:35
Yeah that would be Trump
2020-09-24 12:36
i suggest trying to get European citizienship
2020-09-24 12:33
2020-09-24 12:33
i dont understand your question if i live in us in actual state i would preffer to move to any normal country
2020-09-24 12:35
But still
2020-09-24 12:36
it like death choice it will end same on one side u have dementia old pedophile on the other orenge skined egoistic racist clown
2020-09-24 12:38
So its JoJo 2020 for you
2020-09-24 12:38
but if i must choice it will be that clown i support death for pedos
2020-09-24 12:43
SleepyJoe no chance #TRUMP2020
2020-09-24 12:36
Serbia bakedcs
Got 5.00 odds on Trump winning popular vote, hoping there's still some sanity left in that shithole that they don't vote a literal vegetable into presidency.
2020-09-24 12:39
axaxaxa true
2020-09-24 12:39
dang I went in too soon with my bets
2020-09-24 16:45
For EU and NA interests Biden is better For Chinese and Russians interests Trump is better So at this point it matter only a little who's best. But Biden is probably better against the climate change so I hope him to win. I well see Trump being in front during the election day, but behind once all votes are counted. This being said, the best part of it will be the real shit show after the election, none of them admitting their loss. I will make an overdose of Pop Corn
2020-09-24 12:51
Biden has dementia he’s not going to remember his name in 3 years and when that happens kamala Harris will come and fuck everything up again. She’s like a shit Bill Clinton. At least if you vote for trump you’ll force the democrats to vote in a competent candidate because they stole two from Bernie And the progressives .
2020-09-24 13:05
His personal psychiatrist is not supposed to disclose his medical record on hltv. Or perhaps you are not. I guess it wouldn't be hard to rekt someone with dementia during debates, so we ll have clear proof right?
2020-09-24 13:08
Trust me he’s gonna be on a brick of medication and it’s Gonna be a shit show Also about 200 clips of Biden forgetting and rambling
2020-09-24 13:11
So they invented medication against dementia? Even if there is some sort of worldwide conspiracy preventing the world to learn about it and the patent owner to make billions, then why he did not took them earlier to prevent it? Also, if errors make you demented, then both candidates are. For exemples : etc
2020-09-24 13:18
There is medication to num the effect for a few hours and they can prepare him psychologically to prevent him fucking up. What world do I love in if you think a corrupt lying politician with dementia is better than a regular corrupt lying politician. Please inform yourself. I hate trump but I don’t want Biden thinking the nuclear launch button is room service
2020-09-24 13:21
"Please inform yourself." Ty, another point for the conspiracy theory Bingo
2020-09-24 13:35
Delusional stop reading cnn
2020-09-24 13:35
And two new points In so few words, it has to be a record, well done mate.
2020-09-24 13:37
Turkey TheKaiser
Ah yes, watching fox news is better
2020-09-24 18:38
Imagine votting because of "he's better for climate change" LMFAO
2020-09-24 18:33
Well, is there a more important topic to you?
2020-09-24 18:33
Yes. If a politician says : "I'm gonna lower your taxes" You can bet your ass that he has my vote :*
2020-09-24 19:03
Good for you then. Not sure the money you will save will be of any use once its worthless but whatever mate.
2020-09-24 19:09
Ez trump I have no idea why biden is candidate he looks like he could die from cancer 3 months later lmao
2020-09-24 12:54
He is in a very bad shape yes
2020-09-24 13:55
i guess the dems thought they could rally the population behind "orange man bad" and biden's centrist ass, and just have kamala run the country behind the scenes
2020-09-24 15:48
I hope Biden wins
2020-09-24 12:57
biden literally gonna fall apart in like 3 months so no i do not think so
2020-09-24 13:11
I prefer biden on the soul basis that Trump is blatantly gearing to question the legitimacy of the elections. He has done nothing for the last 2 months but stir up outrage in the conservative party and manufactured fear over mail in voting. I think there's legitimate reason to be concerned about the upcoming transition of power -- assuming Trump loses. Part of me thinks its better for Trump to just win so we don't have to worry about that, though.
2020-09-24 15:34
who knows what will happen when biden wins
2020-09-24 15:36
Poland Recruitn1
He ll forget what button is USed for and blows up the world creating nuclear war
2020-09-24 15:37
Poland Recruitn1
+1 also they ll put somoene competent on next voting for democrats yikes
2020-09-24 15:36
I voted for Jo Jorgenson (libertarian)
2020-09-24 15:39
Anyone who thinks Biden will be president is delusional Because even if he wins Kamala Harris will be the one in charge
2020-09-24 15:40 like how can some1 vote for this xdd
2020-09-24 15:44
Turkey TheKaiser
Ah yes, taking things out of context. Flair+username definitely checks out.
2020-09-24 18:41
I dont know who is the next US president but I know who is the next Russia president
2020-09-24 15:43
Personally I want Jimmy Carter to win. But I'm pretty sure Ronald Reagan will win.
2020-09-24 15:44
2020-09-24 18:54
United States tatsumi
Trump 2020 for acceleration
2020-09-24 15:48
2020-09-24 15:50
Is that even a question? Psycho democrats have braindead candidates. Trump is ez win, ez drain swamp, ez MAGA
2020-09-24 15:51
2020-09-24 16:14
No difference. POTUS is just a patsy. A puppet.
2020-09-24 15:54
if you want more content and a speedy death of the usa then biden
2020-09-24 16:05
arT | 
Brazil eumesmo
trump, not cause he deserves, but cause biden is even worse.
2020-09-24 16:09
Trump best president.
2020-09-24 16:10
Trump because Democrats are mad about nationalistic policies.. Trump is doing good for Murica, and not giving 2 shits about the rest of the world, the way a nationalist leader runs a country.. + He is a lvl 100 SJW Troll so besides all the other upsides of having him run the country, this one, (all the memes that follow his win) will be a great.
2020-09-24 16:49
Spain SS_SS
doesnt matter the usa has its days counted
2020-09-24 17:12
Trump. because he is good for India
2020-09-24 17:30
At the very least Biden is demented creep, at worst he is demented pedophile. No way he wins
2020-09-24 17:34
Don't really have any preference. Not gonna vote. My guess is Biden wins, but Trump could upset again.
2020-09-24 17:48
I'll prob just take Biden at this point, I'm apathetic in this shit anyways. However Trump's useless and worthless that's just killing America. Get him out.
2020-09-24 17:52
Trump will win because it's obvious.
2020-09-24 17:59
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