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oBo’s statement
Portugal LADY_NINI 
Owen “oBo” Schlatter finally broke his silence regarding the Complexity situation. In his Twitter statement, he explains that being away from home for so long took a toll on his well-being, that feeling was aggravated by the pandemic and lockdown. “I gave it my absolute all but I underestimated how much I valued having time somewhere that feels like home. I've been overseas and navigating Europe through this pandemic for the majority of this year, but at one point it had to stop.” What would you have done in his place? Source:
2020-09-24 16:00
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He was brainwashed into thinking that US is better than EU.. thats pretty much it
2020-09-24 16:01
Turkey TheKaiser
Or he might want to visit his family.
2020-09-24 16:03
His family is walking to the walmrt with AR-15's and bulletproof vests while jumping across 73737347733 homelesss people dying on streets... who tf would want to return there?
2020-09-24 16:33
2020-09-24 16:58
so edgy. so cool.
2020-09-24 22:02
United States Minicin
omg youre soooo funny and edgy hahahahahaha :l
2020-09-24 22:08
comedy king
2020-09-25 00:36
You're a dumbass
2020-09-25 00:39
yeah but that is what makes USA fun, europe so boring
2020-09-25 01:08
Australia Samrith
okay I am going to hell laughing at this comment.
2020-09-25 01:44
NEO | 
Poland OmgYes
You are not better, Australia is like location in rpg game where every mob is like 50lev and you are 1lev, everything can kill you, snakes in toilets, spoders,? Anakondas wtf
2020-09-25 02:29
2020-09-25 14:20
Netherlands RiberiA
Let me guess; -You're 14-16 years of age -Like anime and stuff -Follow edgy memepages on Insta -Think you're the biggest edgelord by posting this. OH! And you like vids of ppl getting beaten up really bad
2020-09-25 09:58
YES and I listen to billie elish
2020-09-25 14:19
Netherlands RiberiA
2020-09-25 14:20
bad guyyyyyyyyy
2020-09-25 14:20
Netherlands RiberiA
I thought Croatians were far more smart. But if you're baiting 8/8 10000iq
2020-09-25 14:21
+1 Hes just 17. Poor guy.
2020-09-27 20:57
tbh it actually seems like it reading his statement
2020-09-24 16:59
I agree
2020-09-25 01:19
Canada f0rkb0mb
1.- But it is 2.- Even if it's not, home > all.
2020-09-25 04:17
it isnt by every parameter and every fact, every stats and every everything.. denmark is miles ahead of US in eevry way.. but yeah home is home
2020-09-25 14:22
Canada f0rkb0mb
But he wasn't in Denmark either, lol.
2020-09-25 19:59
He was literally in capital of denmark..
2020-09-25 20:58
Canada f0rkb0mb
He was in UK (read his statement) , he might has been in Copenhagen for certain time tho, truth is he wasn't in one only specific place and that also burns you out (moving is scientifically proven that is one of the biggest stress / panic causes in humans), anyways, every head is different, and remember he is still a kid, maybe a person that is slightly mature would have handled the situation a little bit longer, it's a shame anyways, for him and for his team, I'm glad he is at least more relaxed now that he is home.
2020-09-25 21:07
afaik it's pretty nice if ur rich but the average stats Europe is better
2020-09-27 08:42
Denmark Raskoiano
I honestly think you can't compare the EU and US what is best, like i think where you grow up and what is familiar to you will always feel better. Then high buildings, free healthcare etc don't really matter to much in that equation.
2020-09-27 09:16
He says nothing to indicate that, he just wants to go home
2020-09-25 21:13
People shouldn't be harsh on him!
2020-09-24 16:01
I think it can be super scary for a young man to be away from his comfort zone during a global pandemic.
2020-09-24 16:03
New female mod, what is this madness?
2020-09-24 16:17
Japan gachinko
2020-09-24 16:33
poor thing
2020-09-24 17:00
-2 wtf
2020-09-25 01:46
welcome women))
2020-09-24 16:26
welcome :)
2020-09-25 01:47
Especially before the rmr qual it's the scariest time I guess....
2020-09-25 09:47
Well just being young and away is rough, I went threw it while playing professional paintball. I was gone from home constantly right when I got out of high school, it’s one of the reasons I also took a step back. The year I quit my 14 man team landed a 10 million dollar contract :( oh well still had a blast but wanted to be home more than anything :) in my mind it was worth it even tho I missed out on at least 200k basepay for the year at 18
2020-09-25 20:28
Did you feel any pressure on the stage? No, not at all. I felt like I was at home.
2020-09-25 21:09
why not?
2020-09-24 16:03
His situation is completely understandable
2020-09-24 16:04
Sure, but promising to finish the tournament and then literally leaving the next morning is a proper dick move
2020-09-24 16:05
+1. I understand not wanting to be away from home, but to just strait up dip after you told them you would finish the tournament is pretty shitty
2020-09-25 01:21
It’s not why he left it’s how he left
2020-09-24 16:04
when is the lockdown returning? couldn't he play epl playoffs and then bench himself?
2020-09-24 16:04
that was the plan initially
2020-09-24 16:59
I remember S1mple got a lot of hate in the same situation he was 18 and move to NA. When he said he wants back home people hated him.
2020-09-24 16:04
It's not easy being 18. It's not easy being away from home. One hasn't everything figured out at that age, there's a lot of pressure for a spirit that's still developing.
2020-09-24 16:14
I don't recall s1mple getting the same heat. And for good reason to: - There was/is a low intense war going on his home country. - He did not have his teammates in the gaming house with him, as it was planned. - Simple is a better player and therefore gets some slack/leeway on what he can do. - He returned to play out more tournaments.
2020-09-25 01:13
Actually better players get MORE hate for doing things ur idiotic if u think otherwise. Who gets more hate, star player beating someone up or role player, star player crashing car or role player, star player cheating or role player Stars always get more love when they do good and more hate when they do bad
2020-09-27 08:55
The timing for when these things happend also play a role in how, subjectively, the community react to such things. In s1mple case the state of CS as a professional work was not as developed in 2016-2017 as it is today so I believe the general expectations of players acting like professionals back then were lower. Again, myself however would always expect employed people to fulfill thier contractual obligations and communicate in a timely manner if problems arise. But again, I am old and experienced enough as an employer that I know young people like oBo and s1mple at the time, are basiclly "children" and will act as such. It takes a bit into the average persons twenties for the brain to be fully developed, then add in some life experienced, to be able to "correctly" judge what the course of best action is and how it should be cummunicated. I am speaking generally of course but it is scientifically proven in human bioligy. Lastly this comment can be read in conjunction with #170 as I responded to another comment.
2020-09-27 20:30
"Simple is a better player and therefore gets some slack/leeway on what he can do." that should never be the case and is actually a dumb way to look at it, everyone is human and all humans have emotions that can be hard to control. basically thats saying simple is a better player at a video game so hes allowed to get homesick but oBo is worse then simple so hes not allowed to get home sick and that is completely wrong. its like when people where saying Astralis are the best team in the world so jetlag effects them more then teams who aren't as good as they are which is also wrong...
2020-09-27 09:08
You are twisting and interpret what I mean pretty far from what I wrote and extrapolate it into absurdities like oBo is not allowed to get sick. Why you do this I don't understand the reason for. I made no statemeants what my own thoughts are regarding what should be the "correct" reaction morally and ethically from the community I simply phrased what I belivie is the reason for the difference in the subjectively percivied community reaction.
2020-09-27 20:14
France Lili___
NOOBO will never be a tier 1 player.
2020-09-24 16:15
So it doesnt need tier 1 player to beat vitality. Gotcha
2020-09-25 01:46
hes 17 and just voluntarily left a top 5 team, wtf you on about
2020-09-25 01:55
good stats in the top 5 ranked team kinda qualifties u as even a GOOD tier 1 player :)
2020-09-25 01:56
France Lili___
tier 1 player Zywoo Hunter tier 2 player S2mple niko cold obo
2020-09-26 17:05
2020-09-27 08:06
t4 players shox rpk apex misuuta kennys amanek NBK
2020-09-27 20:55
France Lili___
ok but that doesn't change the fact that NOOBO will never be a third player
2020-09-27 21:23
he was a good player in a top 5 team in the world he was already a worldclass player but okay
2020-09-27 23:21
France Lili___
2020-09-27 23:30
United States druggar0
I would have respected my team and the oppurtunities that were given by J Lake and atleast finished the ESL PL playoffs. He is really fucking them over. And CoL is on form right now, they probably would have done really well. I guess this is what you get when you gamble and sign a child to your roster. The disrespect is real though.
2020-09-24 16:26
col shouldve paid more for him to stay or convinced him in some way, wrong move.
2020-09-24 16:33
Finland Teukkasd
+1 stupid kid
2020-09-24 22:12
people are so fucking dumb in these comments. he is legit a minor and spent 7 months away from his family in a whole other continent. he probably went through hell and back mentally. he was staying in the UK and the cases are going up and there are talks of a 6 month lockdown again ofcourse he going to go back home you dimwits
2020-09-24 16:30
thats not even the issue.. its the way he did it. he assured them to stay until epl is done...and then he suddenly leaves mid tournament without telling anybody (only texting them from the airport). btw he wasnt in the uk, he was in Serbia.
2020-09-24 16:40
Brunei cyLoL
In obo own twitlonger he said UK nt
2020-09-25 14:56
Ur missing the point lmao definition of a straw man there
2020-09-27 08:56
Sweden quacke
I think he just wanted to correct him because he was wrong.
2020-09-27 11:14
peoples mental health can change and homesickness can have a really big effect on ones mental health, sometimes people just cant do it anymore no matter how hard they try
2020-09-27 09:11
He could have flown to Sweden, why the fuck would he stay in the UK
2020-09-24 17:15
I agree 7 months in the UK is torture I would never wish for anyone 👌😎
2020-09-27 09:50
wat kind of irrelevant country is your flag?
2020-09-27 10:28
ah the famous UK banter, almost as good as your cuisine 👌😂
2020-09-27 10:37
Sweden quacke
Jesus christ what the fuck are your emojis doing here
2020-09-27 11:15
whats the problem with them? 👌😟
2020-09-27 11:18
You shouldnt hate on him but i can understand why some people are upset, he left the team during a tournament.
2020-09-24 16:30
Its ur career oBo if you didnt like it before you shoulda left earlier
2020-09-24 16:32
cant expect 17-year-old kids to be the best at making career choices
2020-09-25 01:41
The guy gets paid astronomical amounts of money to play video games but he breaks his contract because he's "far from his family" lol, it's ridiculous.
2020-09-24 16:57
What are u doing when you were 16? Or you're not even 16 yet? Dont act tough bruh.
2020-09-25 01:48
2020-09-25 14:26
Brunei cyLoL
Welll said mens))
2020-09-25 14:57
At the age of 16, many young people are currently in vocational training and working in apprenticeships. It is definitely ridiculous. At 16 you are not a baby, in Europe you are already an adult 2 years later. That's his career and he does what he wants but it's still ridiculous, at 16 you're not a baby.
2020-09-25 15:51
it still so young to be someone out there far from family in this pandemic situation. no one said he is a baby. but he definitely more comfortable around his family. the way he left the team was wrong, but his statement is understandable.
2020-09-25 16:16
2020-09-25 17:27
It comes down to the same thing, it's a baby
2020-09-27 04:56
homesickness can have a really bad effect on ones mental health, just because it doesn't effect you doesn't mean it wont effect someone else. lets be real hes a human not a robot...
2020-09-27 09:16
Sweden quacke
It's also a big difference because in an apprenticeship you know what you've signed up for. CoL were originally only supposed to go to Europe for a couple of qualifiers but got stuck here due to the pandemic and decided to stay. When he signed up on the team and started the 2020 season he did not expect to be in Europe for so long, the original plan was to stay in North America.
2020-09-27 11:17
hes 16 ofc he cant handle himself alone.
2020-09-24 20:56
So oBo is a weakling. Great way to show yourself. This is one of the reasons that no one will ever consider CS:GO as a real sport. Did you ever see football or ice hockey player running away from a top team and great contract just because he is missing the family? I don't think so.
2020-09-24 21:03
He’s 17
2020-09-25 04:11
Brunei cyLoL
Actually yes, and there are older footballers who get homesick so this is just a bad take
2020-09-25 15:00
Give me some names then.
2020-09-25 17:19
Brunei cyLoL
Steven Gerard left LA Galaxy because he was homesick, Carlos Teves always claimed to be home sick that is why he kept going back and forth between Argentina and EU, Jesus Navas left a champions league match with man city to go home and left a Spain training camp to go home because he was home sick, Mikel Marino most back to Spain from new castle because he was home sick (new castle got him for 17 m £ and sold him for 10m£ Loss 7m£), Jermaine Defoe left Toronto FC because he was homesick of englando land. Do you want me to keep going ?
2020-09-26 00:54
+1 We are humans, not robots. We NEED family. People need to be more empathetic...
2020-09-27 08:52
Did any of them leave right before their team was starting a massive playoff event?
2020-09-27 08:57
"Jesus Navas left a champions league match with man city to go home "
2020-09-27 09:14
Brunei cyLoL
Yes +1
2020-09-29 15:27
even in hockey Russian and Finish players always get homesick its a well-known trend. Kovalchuk, Datsyuk etc. and those were so effing good I would say top 10 players at their respected times.
2020-09-26 13:56
This is a perfect example of why you don't sign children. Immaturity on top of this making the whole scene look amateur. This would never happen in any other competition other than "esports". It's pathetic.
2020-09-24 21:54
Nobody will understand better what you try to say if you scream, on the contrary, people will translate it as an invitation to them to scream too and then everyone will lose their reason. If, on the one hand, you have spent too much time with yourself repressing your visceral truths, on the other, you will have to shorten the moment of your explosion, balancing it as soon as possible with your return to judgment and a cordial, firm but also elegant speech.
2020-09-24 21:54
actually sportsmen come up with reasons all the time to not do their jobs.
2020-09-25 04:20
Bullshit. Point me to one famous pro that has ever backed out of a top paying contract over being homesick. Col is the highest paid team from what I have read. So show me one sports star who is top payed in his sport that backed out of an actual contract over being homesick. No grown man is going to back out over it.
2020-09-25 06:19
i can point to human nature and the fact that not all decisions are based on potential gain/income. it's irrelevant whether or not i can find you a famous sportsman who quit his job for this specific reason you have stated. sportsmen have quit their jobs for their families, studies, other jobs, health reasons.. "no grown man is going to back out over it" ----> a grown man might throw away economic opportunities for entirely different and incomprehensible reasons to you.
2020-09-25 19:19
Sweden quacke
#133 is a list of soccer players who quit their current team/left tournaments to go home because they were homesick.
2020-09-27 11:20
The kid is like 16/17, so of course in his situation most people would go home. How scary is it for someone that age to be in an entirely different country from the rest of their family? With the pandemic on top of it, I don't blame oBo at all, it's the right choice for him and a very mature one.
2020-09-24 22:00
there is a huge culture barrier plus people have kind of forgotten that people might have lives outside the game. maybe he has a girlfriend in u.s, etc. feels like he has to go back to that.
2020-09-25 04:21
For sure people have forgotten about that, they also forget that legally he's a child in most places around the world. I think Cadian has the right idea about it .
2020-09-25 16:20
yea man, thats it. we cant know for certain what the fuck is going on, but there are players in the professional scene atm that probably would benefit greatly if they just moved closer to the region they're playing in. like woxic and issaa for example, but they're not doing that. staying home is better.
2020-09-25 20:27
everyone knows that he is going to c9
2020-09-24 22:03
Sweden quacke
C9 are based in Europe. He left CoL so he could leave Europe. It makes no sense.
2020-09-27 11:21
Sweden botl0f
i would have never went back, but i'm the exact opposite of him. never really cared about family and shit. i'm not very emotional and can get along on my own which is a huge plus for me.
2020-09-24 22:04
But you are as self-centered as him, I would say. You just commented on another persons life and decisions - just to make it about yourself. Might be huge plus for you. Might not be a huge plus for a team.
2020-09-25 01:27
Sweden botl0f
op literally asked what would you have done in his place.
2020-09-25 09:30
Sweden quacke
I think a big difference between you and oBo is that had you been away from your family and friends for 7 months you would do it voluntarily and you would know what you signed up for. When oBo started 2020 with CoL the plan was to stay in North America. They went to Europe for a few qualifiers but got stuck here because of the pandemic. He didn't sign up for being in EU for this long and when the situation in the UK got worse and there was talk about a 6 months lockdown, he took the opportunity to go home rather than being stuck for another 6 months.
2020-09-27 11:24
If many football players cry about living in UK (Weather, food, ugly cities, even nasty people) I guess it's even more normal for a 17 year old "kid" that likely never spent more than 3 weeks away from his family...
2020-09-24 22:11
Senegal m0rkTFH
He knows that i can compete for the top spot if he replaces bottarik in the EG.
2020-09-25 00:42
Sweden quacke
tarik has been playing really well after the season break. He's averaging a 1.10 rating for the past 3 months. Yesterday he was topfragging vs 100T.
2020-09-27 11:25
0 respect, 17 year old or not he doesn't value the opportunity he was given, lots of people go abroad at young age to actual shit jobs
2020-09-25 00:43
+1 Also he screwed up his team, let's be honest
2020-09-25 09:43
Not a single word about his team mates. He is leaving them behind...Might be some internal issues as well. It's all a big guessing game. Mentioning Complexity as a whole , especially Jason Lake - probably for the connections he has with other orgs in USA. Of course it is because he has other options. I am thinking EG, but lets see.
2020-09-25 01:24
EG are doing fine rn and dont really need oBo rn. tho if they start doing bad i could clearly see -tarik +obo
2020-09-25 01:32
I'd take oBo over tarik any day, but you are right. They are not in a bad spot rn.
2020-09-25 01:37
United States AYYAtOMiC
I agree, EG are good where they are, but I think they would take him as a sixth. But of all the teams I want him to go to gen.g -koosta
2020-09-25 02:06
Mongolia Kkura
2020-09-27 11:14
AM | 
Asia Yarrak
i arent think that
2020-09-27 21:04
He did the right thing. His career isn't over
2020-09-25 01:39
Returning to home isn't wrong thing. But leaving before epl play-offs & rmr qual is CRITICALLY WRONG
2020-09-25 09:42
That's about how he left, there's no excuse for such a disgusting way to leave the team
2020-09-25 01:44
2020-09-25 09:41
His choice , but leaving team right before playoffs isnt good thing also he has kid mentality i can understand this, when he will grow he will regret about this, rip career most likely unless EG or Liquid will not make 6 mens rosters
2020-09-25 01:53
Ukraine Dert38
take me instead =)
2020-09-25 01:53
But u ain't god sjuush bro(((
2020-09-25 09:41
NEO | 
Poland OmgYes
2020-09-25 02:34
NEO | 
Poland OmgYes
Lol, didnt follow scene for a while and there coming out complexity out of knowhere with 17years old kid in top5 team, he”s traveling over seas- like for 5years or few months.. what a stupid decision from him. Lol kids in his age would give everything for such a chance
2020-09-25 02:46
2020-09-25 09:40
United States Gonginator
The way oBo handle things was just disappointing. He broke a promise that he made to his teammates while they were on the rise. But that's not the worst thing about it. He waited until he arrived at the airport before telling someone about it. Now they're just going to crash out of ESL Pro League Season 12 Europe playoffs and it'll be because they have to play with their coach, making it a 4v5. They likely won't qualify for playoffs for any big event for a while because of having to play matches 4v5. Honestly, people ask for a lot yet they always overestimate their limits. Don't sign up for something you don't fully understand is all I have to say. This is one of the worst things you can ever do to someone - bail on them after having promised that you would be there for them.
2020-09-25 03:02
You are a moron, you don't know what was happening exactly inside their team neither do i, so shut the fuck up and don't try to explain something you don't know.
2020-09-25 09:36
You are a moron because oBo clearly stated that he was homesick. You should never just jump at an opportunity because it seems too good to pass up. You need to take into account the risks that you are taking. I'm upset because oBo fucking abandoned his team in a time of need. They just made playoffs in ESL Pro League Season 12 Europe, but not they have to play a 4v5 because their coach is subbing in due to a last minute decision by a salaried player who is part of the starting lineup that basically put all of their efforts to waste. They're going to crash out of playoffs a lot earlier than they should have and will not be winning any events any time soon for the same reason. When you sign your name on a piece of paper, especially for a job, you accept all of the terms and conditions stated by the employer. He left the team's training house and did not let any of his teammates or coach know that he was stepping down due to being homesick until he got to the airport. How are you going to sign a contract stating that you agree to all of the terms and conditions as stated by an employer, but then you breach the contract by basically telling everyone "I quit my job, good luck finding a replacement for me". I don't care that he's only a teenager. He signed the contract knowing damn well that they would be moving to Europe for a long period of time to compete in European events. When you sign something, that means you acknowledge everything. If you don't read everything then that is on you. If you don't understand something, then you need to ask the right people the right questions because that is also on you. You don't need to know every single detail as to why oBo left Complexity. It's clearly stated that he left all of a sudden because he felt homesick and he didn't tell anyone until he already arrived at the airport. He signed papers and just quit his job in an un-professional manner. He ruined opportunities for his teammates and coach. He disrespected Complexity big time. When you quit any job, you need to let your employer know ahead of time - at least 2 weeks in advance. If oBo told his team earlier on that he wanted to go home and quit because he was homesick, they would have had time to look for a replacement. They wouldn't have wasted time practicing with someone who was leaving the team.
2020-09-25 16:47
2020-09-25 09:40
tbh this leaves more questions than answers. He didnt answer as to why he didnt just go home a week later after the epl playoffs
2020-09-25 03:53
Australia naroan
17 years old living on another continent with a global pandemic going on away from friends and family. I don't think any of us will ever be put in that sort of position ever, but surely you can empathize with a kid being out of his element. With all the uncertainty going on in the world I can understand why he'd wanna get out of the situation.
2020-09-25 04:18
He was pretty much thinking only about himself and left right before the most important qual. He could've left after epl/rmr tournament at least
2020-09-25 09:36
Russia win73ry
Yeah, might've left after the major as well, because oh-oh-oh, that's a dick move! Complexity should've been a NA-based team, that's why oBo joined it, he never knew the team would be in Europe for such a long time. He was a 17 years old guy, living in another continent far away from his family. Why'd he suffer from being "depressed", because of all the circumstances, when he can just move back, and play for Gen.G / Chaos, still earn good money, while also being close to his family members?
2020-09-27 08:20
Denying someone's point by exaggerating it, so smart
2020-09-27 09:34
Russia win73ry
Yeah, and you completely ignore my second paragraph.
2020-09-27 09:41
Still a dick move. Should've told J. Lake or some1 about his feelings like a month before he just left so they would've had time to find a suitable 5th.
2020-09-25 06:27
Sweden botl0f
anxious beta male generation...
2020-09-25 09:32
Just proves that muricans are weaker than europeans, how old was cerq when he moved to NA? same as obo probably and he does not complain.
2020-09-25 09:35
Blamef, poizon & k0nfig also joined the NA team (global pandemic made them EU) and were ok with that. Aleksib was mature enough to decline instantly in order to not screw his team up at some point like obo
2020-09-25 09:38
Thing is obo never expected to be in the eu for that long
2020-09-25 14:47
why didn't col use a dallas plane to bring his family to eu ffs lol
2020-09-25 14:23
United States JustBitsy
Logical for a 17 y/o to think that way. I'm sure at 17 id be the same way, now though? I would move to Europe in a heartbeat if given a good opportunity...
2020-09-25 17:27
AM | 
Asia Yarrak
i moved away in 16
2020-09-27 21:07
he will regret
2020-09-25 21:14
he will
2020-09-27 11:44
he is 17 and he wants to be close to his family witch I understand since he is so young
2020-09-26 17:07
He’s just a kid bro not everyone copes the same with being away from home at that age
2020-09-27 08:43
how could he know, he's only 17
2020-09-27 11:27
He went away like an ungrateful little kid he is, there are so many things he did wrong and it's the people who trusted him that are on the other side of his decision making. He's just a young idiot, that's all.
2020-09-27 11:38
it's a bad move but oh well
2020-09-27 12:53
The UK gov. announced another 6 month lockdown, that prob forced his decision to return to US tbf.
2020-09-27 12:55
Yeah, he didn't want to risk being trapped in a foreign country during a global pandemic. He didn't sign up to be a EU player so it is unfair for anyine to expect him to stay in hotels forever + he had already lived there for what 6/7 months? Col should thank him
2020-09-27 20:18
Geez no lockdown and London has been quite nice during the pandemic Only limitation is the curfew after 10pm of pubs and bars which should not affect him
2020-09-27 23:37
Ruined his career. work is work, easy work at that, could of set his family up for life. Good luck in retiring half the wage with tier 3s
2020-09-27 20:59
He is just a kid (17) and is living away from his family. Completely understandable.
2020-09-27 23:41
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