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C9 4th and 5th
United Kingdom DDoubleE 
Who do you think will join? Vote: Obviously i am not sure, these are players i believe could join. If you think its someone else then vote Other and type the player or players in a comment below.
2020-09-24 16:04
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faze is already dead...
2020-09-24 16:05
France Lili___
bymas was faze's last chance.. dude why Kjearbye ??? why ???
2020-09-24 16:10
yep many experienced free agents out there and they choose him...
2020-09-24 16:21
France Lili___
Kjearbye just kill faze lmaoooo
2020-09-24 16:22
bot right
2020-09-24 16:05
Nah. I think GTR will play in a team like Apeks with Dennis tbh. Apeks is currently testing a Norwegian guy, so they have a spot open.
2020-09-24 16:07
REZ | 
Mexico PS4
me and my friend ( im lv5, my friend has never played csgo before but i belive in him)
2020-09-24 16:05
Europe Jimboo
xyp and one unknown ( mezii kind of player ) since Henry said that there will be one more experienced and one more rookie in the team.
2020-09-24 16:06
Finland AleksiBOT
lollipop21k and farlig Source : trust me bro
2020-09-24 16:06
I would like lollipop tbh
2020-09-24 16:30
2020-09-25 04:50
France Lili___
c9 Alex Mezii Lili Olof Guardian Woxic ( 6 player )
2020-09-24 16:06
raalz and keev
2020-09-24 16:08
Brazil 420iquser
Sounds good
2020-09-25 04:41
JKS and HS
2020-09-24 16:08
IMO its two out of smooya olof tudson dycha
2020-09-24 16:09
Smooya wont join. He himself even said this. He will most likely sign with c0ntact soon. And, why would he join C9? Woxic is the AWPer.
2020-09-24 16:11
smooya is baiting on his twitter basically all day, i wouldnt take anything he says seriously. also he isnt main awp in c0ntact either and he's practicing rifling a lot lately
2020-09-24 16:13
henryg already said no more uk players and i doubt he would be baiting and tudson is a bot
2020-09-24 16:16
really? this i didnt know, yeah i believe he isnt baiting either then
2020-09-24 16:17
Well of course mate. I know he plays second AWP in c0ntact. I just think its a weird move if C9 added Smooya as a rifler tbh when other huge talents and players exist. Sure, it would be a good AWP duo Woxic-Smooya but yeah...idk. C9 is obviously spending MILLIONS so, getting one or two expensive players should not be a problem for them.
2020-09-24 16:16
said that he can second awp like he does in contact
2020-09-24 16:14
I know, #23
2020-09-24 16:16
Sweden N01Z
I would love to see aRT, most aggressive player ever and mayby Niko from face. Then I think they have such an awsome team.
2020-09-24 16:10
niko just joined face from faze, so i doubt he would leave
2020-09-24 16:23
Other Someone says few days ago Fer and Taco are 90% confirmed
2020-09-24 16:10
"Someone" xd Its this guy on Twitter that supports 45 teams, lol. Obvious bullsh*t tbh.
2020-09-24 16:11
XD I dont know about that
2020-09-24 16:12
Ok. Its this LunchTimeReview guy or whatever his name is. I mean...i could see Fer join C9, but, it would make ZERO sense if Taco joined. They already have Mezii as support and obviously ALEX could play either Lurker or Entry. So adding Fer as second entry i guess could happen but idk.
2020-09-24 16:14
Hard to say what I think about this team Alex,Mezii,Woxic This players look more then OK but no idea who else can join and about they want to practice together
2020-09-24 16:17
not gonna happen lol
2020-09-24 16:24
so who join
2020-09-24 16:33
actually good players...why on earth would they pick them? makes no sense at all. taco is just bad and fer? with his attitude? please...
2020-09-24 16:34
#12 and #15 I dont want them!!!
2020-09-24 17:37
+HS +f0rest maybe olofmeister as 6th player
2020-09-24 16:11
2020-09-24 16:57
why would team move to fucking NA? They would have 5 EU players
2020-09-24 17:17
Because HenryG mentioned it. And because Flashpoint LAN is in NA, so less traveling.
2020-09-24 18:14
Denmark Vaxerity
maybe jonji?he's been doing really well
2020-09-24 16:13
ALEX mezii woxic rain olofmeister
2020-09-24 16:18
Rain, maybe. Olof? I doubt it to be honest. I think either him or GTR will join Dennis in Apeks.
2020-09-25 15:57
kreaz and Bååten
2020-09-24 16:19
People voting obo smh
2020-09-24 16:28
Why smh?
2020-09-24 16:36
Doesn't want to be in EU
2020-09-24 16:40
The team will move to USA though.
2020-09-24 16:40
Portugal NACKZ
jks and rain
2020-09-24 16:34
+f0rest and + jks . Also +HS as 6th .
2020-09-24 16:55
f0rest wont happen. Especially if the team moves to NA. f0rest got a child and wife in Europe.
2020-09-24 16:57
+NiKo +jks +rain +Xyp9x +f0rest if not chosen among these people , it will be a very bad roster
2020-09-24 16:59
f0rest: #42
2020-09-25 04:40
2020-09-25 04:39
Brazil hugoooo
I would LOVE to see jks finally having his chance to play with good teammates, but I think he likes to be the lone star of a team that is waaaay worse than him.
2020-09-25 04:44
2020-09-25 15:01
2020-09-25 15:58
I wish. But, he is most likely joining his cousin in G2 if he leaves FaZe.
2020-09-25 16:00
Brunei cyLoL
Forsaken Kqly
2020-09-25 16:01
Wisla Krakow
Natus Vincere
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