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Im playing ps4 and drinking whole day, dont know what to do anymore. What about u gays?
2020-09-24 19:23
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throw the ps4 out of your window and buy a pc
2020-09-24 19:25
2020-09-24 19:25
perk  | 
Finland eIe
2020-09-24 19:25
2020-09-24 19:26
2020-09-24 19:28
2020-09-24 19:29
Dude Im so tilt when it comes to stupid pc because I need to upgrade my pc everytime Im playing some new game. I threw away 1000+ euros recently and bought new pc so I can finally play csgo normally. The thing that I like with ps is that when u buy it U KNOW ALL GAMES WILL WORK JUST FINE, u dont need to upgrade anymore and stuff..
2020-09-24 19:30
2020-09-24 19:40
I usually play pes, red dead redemption 2, mortal combat etc and its just fine for me..
2020-09-24 19:43
on shit graphics and shit fps, not even a game its like a slideshow for you ahaha
2020-09-24 19:44
Shit graphics? Dude have u ever played ps?
2020-09-24 19:45
2020-09-24 20:03
you got scammed hard if a 1000 euro pc from even 4+ years ago can't run games much better than a ps4
2020-09-24 20:05
Czech Republic VetriX_
2020-09-24 20:07
Bought this 2 months ago, idk Im not rly satisfied.
2020-09-24 20:10
its probably about 4x stronger than a PS4 depending on the game. Don't think its really worth 1000 euros but its a decent enough CPU so maybe in a couple years when RTX 4xxx comes out you can get a 4070 or something.
2020-09-24 20:49
Can I get RTX CPU with this Nvidia driver?
2020-09-24 20:52
what do you mean? You should update your drivers frequently anyway. Its the same driver for any nvidia gpu, but you should just uninstall and reinstall drivers when switching.
2020-09-24 22:02
My bad, I wanted to say Nvidia GPU. If I buy RTX CPU will it be fine with my Nvidia GPU that I currently have?
2020-09-24 22:10
Nvidia RTX is a GPU line
2020-09-24 22:12
LOL fuck me..
2020-09-24 22:14
Serbia bakedcs
This, though only for shitty fucking garbage CS:GO. Guess you really have to go all out and buy all the newest components just to play an 8 year old game.
2020-09-24 22:18
Ive built my pc like 7 years ago and i can still run games on medium to high settings.hell some games i just run normal.
2020-09-25 17:18
Denmark Y3kx
2020-09-24 20:36
Europe Pts
2020-09-24 22:10
pc is the best
2020-09-25 07:27
2020-09-25 08:47
Maybe go out?
2020-09-24 19:25
Not today, I finally got a few days off from work so today I just wanted to chill.. But yeah I got bored.
2020-09-24 19:33
throw yourself out of your window and go outside
2020-09-24 19:25
perk  | 
Finland eIe
Name checks out
2020-09-24 19:27
Probably homeless, so can't be inside. F
2020-09-24 19:30
2020-09-24 19:34
perk  | 
Finland eIe
F, we should start a gofundme for him so he can get a roof above his head(((
2020-09-24 19:39
2020-09-24 19:50
Sad life.
2020-09-24 19:27
Wtf bro too much beeros
2020-09-24 19:27
go for a walk, it'll clear your head
2020-09-24 19:28
Drinking and gaming is fine. But smoking indoors is an oof for me
2020-09-24 19:29
But drinking without smoking is lame :/
2020-09-24 19:32
but why not smoke outdoors?
2020-09-24 20:21
Because its more practical to smoke and play games/watch movies etc at the same time rather than pausing every one hour or less to go out and smoke..
2020-09-24 20:25
But go out actually nice, its refreshing uknow. U stay outside u bored and then u go outside breathe a fresh air with tobacco. Its only sad if u live on 15th floor or smth like that
2020-09-24 22:08
im doing nothing, bored of this already. today i did exercises
2020-09-24 19:31
I get insta bored when thinking of exercises :/
2020-09-24 19:35
im feeling better when i do exercises because i feel that im become to strong
2020-09-25 12:37
I had a pretty boring basic day. Played on my computer and went to school. You can go out in the night. It is actually pretty nice and I recommend doing it
2020-09-24 19:54
Whats going on in Venezuela? Is life normal there or?
2020-09-24 19:52
I don't live in Venezuela. I'm just fakeflagging because I'm too embarrassing to have finnish flag
2020-09-24 19:54
Europe Nuskel
Finishing up my map.
2020-09-24 19:52
Ukraine Dert38
watch porn
2020-09-24 20:25
This narcissist necessity of socializing your activities is perverse. One tip I have to recommend is to make some friends, even if they play ps4 too. I can explain it. Humans are social mammals, you and all need friends to socialize and live a great life. I hope you stop drinking alcohol and using drugs. You can live better.
2020-09-24 20:32
My 3 friends left shortly before. We were playing 2vs2 pes whole day. I wont stop drinking and doing drugs, u should enjoy in this life while it last.
2020-09-24 20:38
I'm getting into medical school. Your problem is possible to be treated.
2020-09-24 20:41
perfect day but quit smoking
2020-09-24 20:44
Smoke more indoors, close all the windows too and just chain smoke cigarettes. It's fun and you'll start to feel funny and hazy, good thing to do if bored.
2020-09-24 20:52
Reply needs to have actual content :/
2020-09-25 17:00
Or start watching anime 😀👌
2020-09-25 20:52
This looks like The Divison, isn't it? I might be wrong D:
2020-09-24 22:12
Mortal Combat :)
2020-09-25 07:25
HS | 
Estonia qoznyyy
feel u, just watching netflix and playing runescape all day kinda sad tbh that games doesnt interest me anymore that much
2020-09-25 07:43
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