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German guy in USA
Germany Germania 
Venice beach looks nice!
2020-09-24 23:42
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Poland humen))))
expected fats peoples)))
2020-09-24 23:43
Germany Germania
2020-09-24 23:44
At this point most people know that the LA area is a shit hole. Come to orange county where it's a lot nicer
2020-09-24 23:44
socal in general is a shithole. norcal >>>>
2020-09-24 23:48
Anything else >>>>>>>>>>>> California in general
2020-09-25 00:12
Depends where, around the bay area the homelessness is as bad as LA
2020-09-25 00:13
coming right now men 🏃‍♂️🚁
2020-09-24 23:51
Are you sure this isn't Brazil? It's exactly like that. EXACTLY.
2020-09-24 23:44
Expected from Cali
2020-09-24 23:46
It's sort of unfair to compare the Los Angeles and Portland to the rest of America. These are shitty leftist hubs.
2020-09-24 23:47
so do you say south states are better my friend? im just a curious outlander
2020-09-25 00:01
I'm not sure. I've only been to Texas and it was fantastic. But even within California and Oregon there are better places than L.A and Portland. Cities in general attract left leaning people and those people attract homeless populations by giving them hand outs and allowing them to camp out. America is a big place and it's a lot more culturally diverse than outsiders would believe.
2020-09-25 08:52
USA = jacked Brazil,
2020-09-24 23:47
Funny way he says beach "bich"
2020-09-24 23:47
i think i cant say it either.
2020-09-24 23:52
Bich beach bitch bih kkkkkkkkkkkk
2020-09-24 23:53
Only one guy can save california...
2020-09-24 23:50
2020-09-24 23:54 this is one the funniest thing i've seen it "im going turn to the left sometimes" hahaha
2020-09-24 23:54
yeah thats gold lmao new season on the 30th, i cant wait lul
2020-09-24 23:58
i would feel at home. I like it. I dislike the idiot saying "You pay 12 dollars for a beer and have to see this" lol, so the problem is you want to drink a beer and see nothing, just move them to other place and its fine.
2020-09-24 23:51
._. ok fuck
2020-09-25 00:05
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