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Endpoint FlameZ (True fans come here)
Fox | 
United States Bruhmoment69420 
This guy is only 17 years old and plays like a chad on the server, he has little experience yet such so good, i hate to admit that he's better than me, and i have a confession to make... I Just farm elo that's why i have a very high one if I'm being drafted to a team I don't even know if i can survive, this guy has my respect thought i hate to admit it I'm jealous of his m, the first time has ever happened. #FoxNation #SigningOut
2020-09-25 01:42
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Indonesia lukerey
2020-09-25 01:43
hes indeed good, a bit inconsistent but he has so many opportunities to improve and he will be a good player
2020-09-25 01:47
Is he jew? Serious question tho not trying to be a bigot because i love all poeple
2020-09-25 01:53
by his name i assume, yes.
2020-09-25 18:41
United Kingdom Jonty04l32
We should all achieve success by working hard for it, having it handed to us on a silver platter isn't the same kind of achievement. "(True fans come here)" I still don't understand why you feel the need to suffix your thread-titles with parenthesis addendums.
2020-09-25 01:50
He's the only savior of ukcs so stfu
2020-09-25 01:53
United Kingdom Jonty04l32
I don't think he's the sole saviour of UK CS - there are plenty of brilliant UK players out there. Take this thread for example: "so stfu" Completely unnecessary and unwarranted. Have a good day.
2020-09-25 01:58
So mean
2020-09-25 03:20
"parenthesis addendums." XDDD u good bruv?
2020-09-25 18:42
I remember playing rank G qualifiers with him he was such a nice guy bless him <3
2020-09-25 01:55
Me too
2020-09-25 01:57
ye he aight
2020-09-25 02:04
Ukraine XBOCT<3
I think FlameZ, spinx, shushan, anarkez, steel should form the jewish superteam.
2020-09-25 02:05
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