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Estonia whosmans 
how long do u think it would take me to teach myself how to ride a bike?
2020-09-25 06:38
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You mean a bicycle or a motorcycle?
2020-09-25 06:40
2020-09-25 06:40
2020-09-25 06:42
Then I don’t know what to tell you, do you have some kind of disability that you still don’t know how to drive one ?
2020-09-25 06:43
i just never learned earlier, wondering how long it would take me to learn now at age 19
2020-09-25 06:45
If you genuinely want to learn then it'll probably take about a week to get it down
2020-09-25 06:46
I learned how to drive a bicycle when I was 6, I don’t know what to tell you. Get some cheap 400 euro bike and just try to drive it, look what other people do. Don’t get those stupid small wheels on the side, they will make you learn longer, it’s easy to drive a bicycle, just like swimming you have to practice
2020-09-25 06:48
you seem to have a steeply critical yet grossly daft mindset if you think everyone was fortunate enough to have parents to teach them this. You don't know what to tell me? Then don't tell me, because you're just being judgmental and unhelpful You may have learned how to ride a bike at 6, but you definitely didn't learn to appropriately communicate with others
2020-09-25 06:53
lol perfectly said. and who the fuck would spend 400 euro on a bike?
2020-09-25 06:56
It’s nothing for a beginner bike, my custom mountain bike cost me around 4000 euros.
2020-09-25 07:10
Germany sommares
+1 good bikes are easily 1000+ got mine for 800 tho 6 years ago, still using it
2020-09-25 08:06
this guy has never rode a bike and doesnt even know if he will use it that often...u can get a really good bike for 200euro. Im glad ur custom bike cost 4000 euro. thats not what this guy needs
2020-09-25 08:37
I'm not telling that guy to buy a 4000 bike, I'm telling him to buy a bike for at least 400 euro because below that the quality is pretty bad. He might not notice but I still recommend starting from at least 300 euro when looking into bikes.
2020-09-25 09:16
Philippines EDBX
Typical cyclist with the stupid elitism. He wants to learn how to ride a bike for the first time. No one gives a fuck about your expensive ass bicycle dude.
2020-09-25 08:46
Where did I brag about my bike ? I answered to a stupid 19 comment because this guy is clueless about bikes and has no idea what he is talking about.
2020-09-25 09:17
lol i sold bikes at a bike shop when i was 16/17 yrs old. I know plenty about bikes. Im just not a moron and posting about 4k bikes in a thread about some guy who has never rode a bike before. Like .0001% of people in this world would spend 4k on a bike. Like the other poster said, no1 gives a shit about ur 4k bike...
2020-09-26 06:55
Well, I just have no idea how an adult can’t drive a bicycle. Nobody taught me how, my friend gave me his bike to try and I tried. Everyone knows how to ride a bicycle, I was trying to be helpful but I see that you’re a bad person and I don’t want to talk with you. Before creating such stupid threads go to google and google how to ride one.
2020-09-25 07:09
i've read some of your posts, pretty obvious that you are just baiting lol. No point in arguing with such a deranged creature, you will get banned for this post on dark skinned individuals you made that they are all apparently more dangerous and suspicious lol, no idea what type of hatred for the world youre trying to vent but i sincerely hope your life finds some reform
2020-09-25 07:11
You should study statistics, maybe it will get your far in life but I doubt it if you can’t even drive a bicycle. Done here, uneducated child.
2020-09-25 07:24
took college level statistics in high school, that isnt the problem xd problem is guys like you that clearly havent socialized enough irl to know how to interact with others, anyone that isnt pure bred eastern european is frightening to you -- such a revolting way to live. Similarly, anyone that doesnt know how to ride a bike is apparently strange to you? Your mindset is so weak it astounds me
2020-09-25 07:28
Philippines EDBX
2020-09-25 08:47
He's baiting. I remember this guy made 100% political bait thread.
2020-09-26 07:40
Europe Cirros_V2
Lol he just said that's unusuall to meet someone like you and then tried to be helpful. Jess mby instead learning hiw to bike go to psychologist cuz i see some huge complexes here.
2020-09-25 07:20
2020-09-25 06:40
2020-09-25 06:43
aa ur baiting, ok continue
2020-09-25 06:45
not baiting, i am serious
2020-09-25 06:45
get those lil wheels on the sides, finna be ez
2020-09-25 06:42
will i go as fast with them?
2020-09-25 06:43
couple hours
2020-09-25 06:45
first genuine response ty xd
2020-09-25 06:46
2020-09-25 06:48
Few days
2020-09-25 06:53
Germany DEBlL
I am outside every day for many hours (Because one of my favorite things to do is BMX)
2020-09-25 07:08
my original account got 10 year banned because i posted this ten times in a row :(
2020-09-25 07:12
Latvia latvianguy
where did this originate?
2020-09-25 07:24
Latvia latvianguy
I don't know if you are not a nerd like me, you will spend alot of hours outside, because I like BMX and It's one of my favorite things to do. Good luck!
2020-09-25 07:26
United States WumboCumbo
just hop on it bro it'll take you like an hour
2020-09-25 07:37
my father tried to teach me how to ride bikes but then i couldn't learn it. in the end i learned it by myself. ok so listen, u put 1 feet (left or right it's up to u) on a pedal, the other feet stand on the ground & just kick and push forward, but just stand on the pedal, no need to sit on the bike, there u can slowly floating forward, try to to balance the bike when the other feet not touching the ground, main thing of this step is to learn how to balance the bike. so just do it until u can go long & keep the bike balance, then u can sit on the bike normally. it's ez to feel when u can balance the bike.
2020-09-25 07:55
United States AYYAtOMiC
Although it may be scary, you need to maintain a decent speed, cuz if you don't you will likely fall over and that's no good. Find a place that's straight and relatively free of traffic and have one foot on a pedal, personal preference which one, and push off the ground with the other. A lot of your balance comes from your body itself, im learning rowing RN and it's like biking but 10x harder. I hope you have a good time! :)
2020-09-25 08:24
I only ride cars
2020-09-25 08:39
Idk, but many hours outside for sure.
2020-09-25 08:47
Won't take long, don't worry
2020-09-25 09:22
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