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Australia sad_faze_fan 
I don't wanna talk About things we've gone through Though it's hurting me Now it's history I've played all my cards And that's what you've done too Nothing more to say No more ace to play The winner takes it all The loser's standing small Beside the victory That's her destiny I was in your arms Thinking I belonged there I figured it made sense Building me a fence Building me a home Thinking I'd be strong there But I was a fool Playing by the rules The gods may throw a dice Their minds as cold as ice And someone way down here Loses someone dear The winner takes it all The loser has to fall It's simple and it's plain Why should I complain? But tell me does she kiss Like I used to kiss you? Does it feel the same When she calls your name? Somewhere deep inside You must know I miss you But what can I say? Rules must be obeyed The judges will decide The likes of me abide Spectators of the show Always staying low The game is on again A lover or a friend A big thing or a small The winner takes it all I don't wanna talk If it makes you feel sad And I understand You've come to shake my hand I apologize If it makes you feel bad Seeing me so tense No self-confidence But you see The winner takes it all The winner takes it all So the winner takes it all And the loser has to fall Throw a dice, cold as ice Way down here, someone dear Takes it all, has to fall It seems plain to me
2020-09-25 11:01
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Brazil! Best in a world! I has only one word! Champions! Champions! Thank you coldzera. Fer Felps fallen taco coldzera! I's biggest fan of blogs of junera! Cry europoors! cry is free! Shittest form of human life, I's rather to be animal Than is be european! Three majors in an row! Without any shitty throw!
2020-09-25 11:02
2020-09-25 11:02
2020-09-25 11:05
reply needs to have actual content
2020-09-25 11:08
RpK | 
France pol44r
i remenber this meme from facebook where there is a a cocktail with the girl from ipanema playing then there is a giant fucking beer glass (Steinkrug) smashing the cockatil with rammstein music can you guess at what occasion ??
2020-09-25 11:08
2020-09-25 11:09
2020-09-25 11:12
pretty good actually!
2020-09-25 11:13
Brozileiru huehue abreu dodou
2020-09-25 11:16
2020-09-25 16:23
Are u poet?
2020-09-27 21:50
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