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Where is he ?
2020-09-25 11:15
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Belgium ibuprofenia
2020-09-25 11:16
2020-09-25 11:17
2020-09-25 11:17
periodic table
2020-09-25 11:17
Myanmar Guzhas
2020-09-25 11:17
+1 haha
2020-09-25 11:27
Europe legal2333
+1 goat Mendeleev in help
2020-09-25 16:35
Sweden doskanpjiff
2020-09-25 11:18
2020-09-25 11:18
VAC banned
2020-09-25 11:19
elemeNt the cs1.6 player
2020-09-25 11:19
Bulgaria cuddleslut
these kids dont know element lol
2020-09-25 11:19
>Signed up 2018-07-01
2020-09-25 11:31
Bulgaria cuddleslut
2020-09-25 11:31
real oldschoolers use gotfrag sk-gaming and fragbite
2020-09-25 11:32
NEO | 
Poland ScR1337
ahahha, sk gaming insider times XD I spent hours to find their wallbangs videos
2020-09-25 11:33
I miss the old NA scene with hanes, funk, exodus and fr0d. zEx, Jax money crew and 3D in my memories, for some reason I modified Sievers' config back then and used it as base for my own lmao
2020-09-25 16:47
Haha, the first config I ripped off was walle's, didn't even use the right dpi
2020-09-25 22:17
HS | 
Estonia qoznyyy
lol same, thought downloading pros cfg will make my shots better
2020-09-25 22:20
2020-09-25 22:18
Denmark twinseN
No they dont :)
2020-09-25 16:35
2020-09-25 11:20
Yes i know but i barely see him after the interview with thorin
2020-09-25 11:22
these hltv trash kids don't know who elemeNt is, one of the best and smartest player to ever play the game. Ola Moum did a reflections not so long ago, I think he's doing fine in the stuff he's doing
2020-09-25 11:25
*people ask a question* "Boomers" that are most likely children but act like adults: TRASH KIDS... IDIOTS!
2020-09-25 11:30
Lul i'm just a millenium kiddo Edit: sorry for bad englando didn't mean to type millenium but gen z should be the time i'm born
2020-09-25 11:42
me too but old enough to remember the legend elemeNt
2020-09-25 11:39
man just seeing that name takes me back to the glory days of cs you've made me watch this haha, cs go will never come close to the early cs versions.
2020-09-25 11:26
Mexico tscXvnx
:'( one of my favorite cs movies ever
2020-09-25 16:43
+1 one of the first CS movies I watched and still one of my favorites.
2020-09-25 16:51
He's working in Telenor where he has a quite decent position. He has appeared in a few CS-podcasts and I think as an "analyst" for some Norwegian tournaments. He still watches CS, mainly the big events etc.
2020-09-25 11:28
Thanks for the info
2020-09-25 11:36
Malaysia Suno[t]
2020-09-25 16:37
He is playing for a South American team now
2020-09-25 11:28
Not that elemeNt but cs1.6 god elemeNt
2020-09-25 11:39
Malaysia Suno[t]
2020-09-25 16:32
LMAO imposter.
2020-09-25 16:52
2020-09-25 11:28
Is he still a diva?
2020-09-25 11:30
Korea day|dream
in esports hall of fame
2020-09-25 11:36
Second best Norwegian MIBR player.
2020-09-25 16:33
bls ?
2020-09-25 16:51
Malaysia Suno[t] I listened to this at least 5x now never gets old. I can't believe someone is looking for him at this day and age, are you perhaps a zoomer and why do you want to know about him that's pretty sick. The thing about element is his aim is never great but he always know where the enemy is kinda like a living wall hacker. Just being at the right time, right place and everything. He had like 8 major finals or something crazy like that and only won 4. \ In 2003 he joined SK in June and from that time onwards they won everything on the trot and became unstoppable. The thing about elemeNt is tho he hates winning all the time so he seeks other adventures LMAO Its kinda like ur magisk, and your winning all these titles in 2018 right? THen he says F that I want some challenge and leaves the team LMAO So he left SK-gaming to join NoA. This was also an epic line-up, let me tell you why It features: XeqtR - arguably #1 IGL at the time or at least TOP 5 Method - #1 NA rifler ShaGuar -#1 NA AWPER elemeNt - well ola moum Naikon - SOLID 5th player/anchor So they had a couple of hiccups during their earlier tournaments. But after sometime they won CPL winter 2004 and then the korean tournament WEG. But as always elemeNt left the team again after being bored LMAO then join teams like u5, mibr, mouz before returning to norwegian roots at MYM and retired after that. Hope that answerse your question :D
2020-09-25 16:37
Mibr with ElemeNT, insane team
2020-09-25 22:23
+1 legend team
2020-09-25 22:24
Ola "elemeNt" Moum is a pretty reserved guy, but I'd love to see him come back in some form as a coach or analyst. His style of strat calling on the fly during the match was fantastic to see unfold back in the day. Good old days of eoLithic, NoA, 4Kings, SK, MYM, etc.
2020-09-25 22:25
Chile esanchez47
The original one? or the chilean player?
2020-09-25 22:26
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