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Last comment gets home from school to full focus on cs for 8hrs, sleeps 4-5hrs and goes to school. then u have stewie who has to wake up a few times earlier to play a match at 10 am. what a disgrace
2020-09-26 01:14
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yep and goes 0.80
2020-09-26 01:16
JD | 
Poland Siarrra
2020-09-26 01:33
yea, was talking about stewie
2020-09-26 02:05
My bad, thought you meant bymas
2020-09-26 10:58
yes u can see bymas 0 iq becaus he go to schooll tired not learn any thing
2020-09-26 03:16
Greece Vedalken
expected. He is IGLing right?
2020-09-26 13:40
in 2020 if u wanna be a top team u need a decent fragging igl. Look at nexa blamef gla1ve tabsen etc
2020-09-26 14:29
Greece Vedalken
I dont disagree but do you think someone can take the role out of nowhere and start fragging and calling perfectly immediately??
2020-09-26 15:16
stewie has been calling for a while now, he was even calling for some time when nitro was still in liquid
2020-09-26 16:20
Greece Vedalken
I didnt knew that. +1 if thats true
2020-09-26 17:34
2020-09-26 16:29
I made a thread on this yesterday. I still believe it is dumb to even tweet this, because this is all by Bymas’s choice. Nobody is forcing him to stay awake for 19hours while getting payed to play his favourite game. Plus he performs badly. Stewie is just another level of stupid.
2020-09-26 01:21
How? instead of crying and being defensive like stewie, bymas gives reason why he was making "excuses". 17years and much more mature than 22year old man.
2020-09-26 01:22
I just explained why. He can’t make excuses for performing so bad when it is Bymas’s choice to stay in school as well as be a pro. HE made his schedule so long. Edit - that’s like me deciding to work in a gulag and then me complaining about working in a gulag. Dumb.
2020-09-26 01:25
was that ur thought process when u went to school back then?
2020-09-26 01:26
If you’re talking about the edit, it was a made up example. If not, my thought process was wow school is really important and I have to make it my focus so I’m not homeless later.
2020-09-26 01:28
Exactly, Bymas might not be in a team forever and if he doesn't finish his school. He Fucked.
2020-09-26 03:44
He can finish his school later if he want? Playing in mouz is the best chance he will get in his life. He should leave school ASAP and instead train 8 hours more every day and become top 20-30 players in the world, earn 20k$++ and make business after his CS career
2020-09-26 11:17
So go back to school at 20 years old? You know how much he would get bullied for that?
2020-09-26 13:41
not true, i used to had 2 classmates that were older for 2 or 3 years and neither of them was bullied, they both fit in well.
2020-09-26 14:26
bro you realize there is adult school right? There's plenty of schools for adults who want to go back to school to get their diploma
2020-09-26 14:31
That's wasting the time, the kid is doing the right thing.
2020-09-26 14:36
Not in Lithuania, that sort of thing does not exist here.
2020-09-26 16:22
are you sure? i didn't know adult schools existed in belgium untill like a year ago
2020-09-26 16:26
Okay, you're right. I did a bit of a research myself right now and turns out that such a thing does exist(literally a single entity in the country). However, it's the kind of solution for people who have been locked up in jail as teenagers etc. In other words, this sort of thing is really looked down upon in Lithuanian society(we are a bit backwards when it comes to accepting people who fall under unusual circumstances, need some more decades until we are better at it). In the end solutions do exist if bymas were to drop school for cs, but it all depends on the views of his parents. My parents, for example, would have laughed at an idea(and told me to forget it) of me dropping school for a sport, even if it paid more than they would ever make.
2020-09-26 16:57
And quality of education in that adult school is shit
2020-09-26 17:15
Bullied to go to school when ur older? What kind of 3rd world country do u live in?
2020-09-26 19:33
OMFG. You would be get bullied if you go to school when you're 30. BTW. Don't call me 3rd world country when no one knows what country you're from.
2020-09-27 00:22
"excuses" as a bad behavior usually refers to someone putting up airs to deflect their faults. This is not that, but something that can legitimately impair one's health, let alone performance in game.
2020-09-26 11:06
His choice.
2020-09-26 12:12
Yes, so? Questioning your choices and making conclusions on what you've done wrong, that's a way to do things.
2020-09-26 14:22
Still dumb to do it during school.
2020-09-26 14:23
Whatever works.
2020-09-26 14:32
2020-09-26 01:23
"Oh it's all his choice" So don't chase your fucking dreams I guess.
2020-09-26 02:13
Nope, just logic. Playing in FPL while in school obviously worked for Bymas. He didn’t complain, and big orgs signed him. If Bymas waited one year maybe less to get out of school and join the scene in a better time, he wouldn’t be having the issues that made him tweet.
2020-09-26 02:19
You can't wait when you are in school, you take any opportunity you can get, you act like everyone has infinite time and can do whatever they want whenever they want. If he doesn't take an offer perhaps he drops in form and then his value drops. So he will take what he can get while he can. And when you start playing a game professionally, its not fun and banter with the boys anymore, it's work, it's not like he fucks around for 10 hours a day, he must be focused on practice, and then in-game. It's exhausting Not to mention cum2k crying about having to play one bo3 at 10AM while Bymas played 190 rounds of counter-strike after coming home from school. Bymas didn't ask for 190 rounds when he signed up. Neither did Karrigan, mouz, or any pro player
2020-09-26 03:08
Waiting a year for a better schedule and scene isn’t much. Bymas is trash too, not as if his value will decrease. Again, this is his payed job. People work longer and harder for less. Not to mention pros who were WAYYY better than Bymas used to have worse conditions than this. Trust me, I haven’t been kind to Stewie. You don’t have to ask for the 190 rounds. You sign a contract and play the 190 because that is your job. That is how employment works.
2020-09-26 03:16
"Waiting a year for a better schedule and scene isn’t much" 2 years I believe
2020-09-26 11:03
Would be worth it.
2020-09-26 12:14
Poland HGHLook
Idk about the law in Lithuania, but in Poland kids are forced to go to the school byt the law before the age of 18. If you break this restriction your parents will get a fine to pay or country will take a parental right for their child so I am not sure if it is "100% of his choice" to not leave the school for playing in professional team.
2020-09-26 14:36
I think it would be smarter to finish school first.
2020-09-26 14:45
Poland HGHLook
Ofc it would be, I just try to explain "the law" point of view to the people who acts as he has a choice.
2020-09-26 14:49
2020-09-26 14:53
Nobody is forcing him to do anything, he can quit one or the other or both whenever he wants.
2020-09-26 01:21
u dont get my point
2020-09-26 01:23
What is your point then?
2020-09-26 01:25
im just saying that this kid does both with pretty much no sleep and doesnt cry like stewie when its his only full time job.
2020-09-26 01:28
Well, we'll see for how long he'll manage to do both at the same time.
2020-09-26 01:32
that he can do both of them and not crying like stew
2020-09-26 01:29
it's called building a career, if he quits now he might not get a chance like that later down the line.
2020-09-26 01:29
his point was stewie is the bitchest bitch of all bitches in the bitch world
2020-09-26 01:29
What makes stewie a bitch?
2020-09-26 01:32
Can you just stfu stupid
2020-09-26 16:30
as a girl it's hard to play games after school :)
2020-09-26 01:23
2020-09-26 01:28
why isnt he quitting school lol, playing for tier1 team and going to school will also disrupt mouz prac schedule too right? probs make his teammates tired too if they have to prac late at night cus of bymas no wonder why they lose to fkn tier3 teams Stewie is just a bitch, clueless of what other people who work in actual jobs. Alot of people including me wake up at 4am start at 6am and finish 8pm 6days a week and even 7days straight if i get called in.
2020-09-26 01:28
why not quitting school? lol if for some reason the esports thing doesnt work out for him in 3-4 years hes fucked because he has no degree to study anything. also maybe his parents tell him to finish school or else he wouldnt be able to become a pro
2020-09-26 01:31
joining faze and mouz isnt something that comes by to any player. If he doesnt take this chance and take full advantage of it, nobody is going to wait for him and remove him if team doesnt succeed. This chance is too big to think about 3-4years in future. He needs to commit 100% and build in own brand so even if he gets removed after giving his 100%, he can still join other team or have big enough brand to do other media things. I really dont think parent will say that to bymas when he makes more than them kekW
2020-09-26 17:23
"playing for tier1 team and going to school will also disrupt mouz prac schedule too right" you are absolutely right. In one of post-game interviews for ESL pro league, karrigan himself stated in a bit of a ranty underlying tone that mouz can't practice as much as other teams, due to bymas having to attend school. I think even Bymas was reluctant on joining a serious T2 team for a long time(as he said he did have a offers to join serious T2 teams when he was 16) due to school commitments. However, with pandemic lockdowns I think he fell a bit of under an delusion that due to LANs being cancelled and everything going online, he could manage both school and online cs. However, he probably underestimated how badly online CS would be saturated with events too(one week they playing DH qualifiers, next week they playing ESL pro league etc. + they still have to practice). If mouz starts trending down again, I think bymas will definitely be cut from the main squad, because he is definitely a part of the problem for mouz due to them not being able to practice as much(Bymas still has 2 years of school left for him, so this situation would definitely not be feasible for mouz long-term)
2020-09-26 17:14
kids are too soft nowdays lmao
2020-09-26 02:24
Americans are too soft* Kassad even said only Americans said woxic was toxic
2020-09-26 11:01
Asia Blitzer
he knows perfectly well the implications of playing high level cs while having to go to school it is what it is he can't take it? leave mouz and play in a t2/t3 team
2020-09-26 03:48
Same story was for ropz untill the faceit london major. After that he dropped out of 12th grade
2020-09-26 11:08
Bulgaria cuddleslut
whats this trend with pros complaining about how hard their life is
2020-09-26 11:17
im bymas fan but low iq this time, Im sure there are many people who dont get salary 20k a month but they miss first lesson and last lesson for a good combo. In fact these people will likely earn in their life time just enough money what bymas makes in half year < so you gotta mix up things. Next thing bymas twitch streams they wont begin unless its 3-4 am in the morning so nice excuse. Whats describes a pro, hes always ready, he never gives excuses, good luck in future bymas when you get dropped out of top tier teams and dont have school anymore maybe you reevalute your life choices.
2020-09-26 14:47
2020-09-26 16:27
Belgium lil_vodka
what is his salary if its high enough & he can keep up his skill why should he continue school?
2020-09-27 00:25
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