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If astralis wins
Serbia TheSerb 
If astralis wins epl will they be #1 again?
2020-09-26 02:16
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no sir
2020-09-26 02:16
ass trails wil be #1 when get rid of botvice (bot) and xypex (baiter) -botvice -xypex +pimp +coldzera
2020-09-26 02:40
2020-09-26 02:40
+1 great moves
2020-09-26 02:50
Pimp, the best CSGO streamer.
2020-09-26 02:53
-cold +markeloff
2020-09-26 03:05
They got to get rid of that brainwashed igl called gla1ve as well and bring in the best igl to ever touch the game, Niko
2020-09-27 16:27
-dupreeh +jugi for fire power
2020-09-27 16:30
and don't forget -Magisk +Magixx Their name is too similar and magixx is younger EZ TOP 1
2020-09-27 16:33
Always has been the best
2020-09-26 02:17
mens wtf name doesnt checks out
2020-09-27 16:32
Not by ranking. Maybe NaVi win though.
2020-09-26 02:20
Slovakia veeellys
2020-09-26 02:48
Na'Vi so far seems to be the most likely to win the entire event seeing how well they've played so far. If na'vi wins it they should get close to #1 if Astralis wins they'll be #3 - #5
2020-09-27 16:31
Not sure
2020-09-26 02:26
hopefully they wont. Astralis winning would be so bad for the CS scene. I was fed up of watching 2018/2019 cs and knowing they would win from day 1. please not that again. online cs is already making not want to watch cs please don't add Astralis to that list as well.
2020-09-26 02:30
i dont like this whole 7 man roster thing either. its good to have more players in case someone needs a break but to switch players between each match just feels like a cheap trick to counter anti-stratting. The players may not admit it but being subbed in and out cant be fun, could easily create conflict within a team.
2020-09-26 02:53
i want to watch the young teams win this time, new nip, team spirit, coL, teams like that, nothing makes me happy than some "expected upset"
2020-09-27 16:35
oh and please, i beg you 100T to win EPL NA
2020-09-27 16:36
ofc denmark bestest
2020-09-26 02:41
Name checks out.
2020-09-26 02:54
Name checks out.
2020-09-27 13:12
Finland Nettimies
2020-09-27 15:53
Name checks out.
2020-09-27 16:25
Probably not #1 in HLTV rankings. But we all know they're the stronger team in the scene if they manage to win EPL.
2020-09-26 02:49
astralis sucks
2020-09-26 02:50
Nickname checks out
2020-09-26 03:55
Glaive the brainpower is back. Of course they are the #1 team again. Back from trash thanks to glaive the brain.
2020-09-27 13:14
100%, they wont get 400 points for epl
2020-09-27 13:18
Denmark Vaxerity
idk if they will be #1 again cause after EPL they might wanna add bubzkji and doing that will decrease the points they get
2020-09-27 13:19
If they win and get back to no.1 and then dominate all year and next year. Your gonna see alot of 7 man rosters or even more. Cs gets more and more like football everyday
2020-09-27 16:32
no, we won't.
2020-09-27 16:36
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