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S1mple VS Zywoo
NiKo | 
Russia communism_no_thanks 
Who will win and play better? 1. NaVi (IEM Katowice 2020) vs Vitality (EPICENTER 2019) 2. AIM map - S1mple (prime) vs Zywoo (prime) - AWP - Pistols - Rifle 3. 100 Clutches in different situations - S1mple (prime) vs Zywoo (prime) I think it would be like: 1. 2 - 0, for NaVi 2. 2 - 1, for s1mple: rifle and awp 3. 50/50
2020-09-26 18:13
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2020-09-26 18:14
s1mple movements close to 0/10 How can you claim being the GOAT but having so bad movements
2020-09-26 21:49
His movement is shit. Guess movement doesnt fvking matter in this game and practicing it is stupid.
2020-09-27 11:41
His movement is good enough for everything but looking supersmooth and stylish but u usually dont need acor like movement lol
2020-09-28 17:11
Finland GolybSkull
u always spam this everywhere lmao, maybe get a life?
2020-09-28 15:07
bruh. Your links aren't working m8
2020-09-28 15:08
choko talking
2020-09-26 18:14
Latvia Phenomennn
ChoKo fans are the worst, cuz they are plastic
2020-09-27 11:28
ofc goat s1mple
2020-09-26 18:16
s1mple movements close to 0/10 How can you claim being the GOAT but having so bad movements
2020-09-26 21:50
nt kiddo, always goat s1mple
2020-09-27 04:40
nt kiddo but that's not an argument
2020-09-27 19:24
2020-09-27 19:43
Maybe s1mple didn't know what to do on those maps? And still s1mple has one of the best in-game moves
2020-09-27 06:18
Finland GolybSkull
2020-09-27 11:24
his movement is relevant to the maps he plays, not movement maps
2020-09-27 11:23
ah yes i do this everytime i play in a match
2020-09-30 14:32
Sri Lanka nt_fallen
s1mple top 1
2020-09-26 18:17
agree with all but clutches I think zywoo is better there
2020-09-26 18:17
about 75/25 for zywoo?
2020-09-26 18:26
2020-09-26 22:46
Individually ZywOo is much better cuz s1mple stats lying
2020-09-26 18:18
Okay, so what is your answer on 1, 2, 3?
2020-09-26 18:19
1. 2-1 Navi 2. ZywOo 3-0 3. idk
2020-09-26 18:21
Switzerland noxer*
Nah. S1mple is just much better than zywho individualy
2020-09-26 18:29
+1 wtf, s1mple is a different breed, when hes feeling the game you cant stop him, Zywho is just very consistent, but in terms of talent s1mple is way above for me
2020-09-26 22:17
RpK | 
France pol44r
-1 s1mple lost 1v1 to scream .
2020-09-28 14:53
Can you link it to me?
2020-09-28 15:11
RpK | 
France pol44r
2020-09-28 15:13
2 years old. Seriously?
2020-09-28 15:14
RpK | 
France pol44r
"1 year ago" Also imagine losing to scream the year you get top 1 2018 XDDDDDDDDDDDD
2020-09-28 15:15
It's not like they were playing seriously man. I don't like when any player get laughed because of their past also. I don't see a problem in losing to another player even if player who lost was top 1 at the same year. You can learn something from playing against players who on the same level like you. Losing is just a beginning of the path to become the best player in game. I just enjoy looking how my fav team plays. I don't like doing aggresive talks, posts or something else in which I will disrespect other team. I won't say that I am a good person who doesn't do shittalks. But I try to do them only when nothing helps. If you like ScreaM, then be his fan. I won't judge you for this. Just don't offense other players for him. That just makes you and fans of him look more stupid. Even the most powerfull can be defeated. You just need to plan how to defeat him.
2020-09-28 15:30
RpK | 
France pol44r
tldr s1mple is great but he doesnt shine in 1v1 cuz he dont care
2020-09-28 15:32
Yeah. Probably something like that. I don't think that anyone will.
2020-09-28 15:32
RpK | 
France pol44r
Also lost to woxic
2020-09-28 15:14
Switzerland noxer*
s1mple won multiple times against scream on 1vs 1 lol, there are a bunch of videos online on it. Also, s1mple was rushing scream there lol
2020-09-28 17:00
this is acutally right s1mple plays for his stats zywoo literally doesn't care about his stats
2020-09-26 22:16
2020-09-26 22:28
Finland GolybSkull
2020-09-27 11:25
Doesn't care about his stats you say? Then that's probably why he can't overplay s1mple
2020-09-28 15:12
statistically speaking yes
2020-09-28 16:48
yay big brain time :D
2020-09-28 16:49
i think s1mple
2020-09-26 18:19
Belgium ibuprofenia
Epicenter vs katowice Navi 2-1 1v1 - zywoo 3-0 3. Zywoo
2020-09-26 18:20
3 - 100 for Zywoo?
2020-09-26 18:21
2020-09-26 18:31
never seen s1mple clutch if enemies dont peek his awp 1 by 1
2020-09-26 18:21
s1mple movements close to 0/10 How can you claim being the GOAT but having so bad movements
2020-09-26 18:26
Better write your answer on 1, 2, 3.
2020-09-26 18:27
2020-09-26 21:49
Okay, but write your answer on 1, 2, 3.
2020-09-26 18:28
Are you living in the past?
2020-09-28 15:13
Serbia LtN))
s1mple prime >>>>>>>> zywoo
2020-09-26 18:32
zywoo prime?
2020-09-26 20:14
Serbia LtN))
S1mple prime (2018) > everyone
2020-09-26 20:33
S1mple 2018 - 1.29 big events play off rating Zywoo 2019 - 1.33 big events play off rating but simple also bytes so much
2020-09-26 22:43
Serbia LtN))
This is not about bytes and mega bytes s1mple is better than ZywOo /closed
2020-09-26 22:47
check your flair, you will never say something against s1mple
2020-09-27 11:07
Serbia LtN))
check your everything, u will never say something against ZywOo
2020-09-27 11:12
lmao, look Zywoo is not the goat of cs :)
2020-09-27 11:14
Serbia LtN))
OK maybe u are not so delusional as i thought
2020-09-27 11:17
I'm not delusional lul
2020-09-27 11:20
Simple 100%
2020-09-26 20:34
Brazil Catatauu
Zywwo awp > s1mple But s1mple is better on other guns. s1mple is more complete player. i would pick s1mple for my team.
2020-09-26 20:41
+1 s1mples game knowledge is insane
2020-09-26 22:19
Serbia LtN))
2020-09-27 11:22
flag checks out lmao
2020-09-26 20:45
2020-09-26 22:12
Zywoo > S1mple /close
2020-09-26 21:50
Both are nothing without baiting
2020-09-26 22:15
NA brain
2020-09-27 10:41
ok Germanistan, shouldn't you be worshipping a figurine of hitler right now
2020-09-27 19:53
NA geography
2020-09-28 14:51
He just made such a fool of himself lmao
2020-09-28 17:26
Nt bootleg Germanistan
2020-09-29 19:47
nice brain lol
2020-09-29 21:42
Bootleg germanistan who's a fan of bootleg scream. Im not sure what more could be expected of u lul
2020-09-29 23:23
When you make yourself look like a retard but you stick with it
2020-09-30 05:54
Imagine a bootleg germanistan who's a fan of bootleg scream, calling someone else a retard. smh
2020-09-30 15:36
2-1 Zywoo Rifles and Pistol he’d win S1mples a much smarter player tho and more experience so I’d pick him
2020-09-26 22:21
1) 2-0 easy stomp for NaVi 2) 3-0 easy stomp for s1mple 3) 70/30 Zywoo wins
2020-09-26 22:23
Albania Maltin
Unbelievable how people tend to favour S1mple. Everyone with a brain would know that S1mple doesn’t stand a chance against Zywoo
2020-09-26 22:27
Unbelievable how people tend to favour Z2wh0. Everyone with a brain would know that Z2wh0 doesn’t stand a chance against goat s1mple*
2020-09-27 05:22
Unbelievable how people tend to favour S0mple. Everyone with a brain would know that S0mple doesn’t stand a chance against Zywoo
2020-09-27 10:38
2020-09-27 10:41
2020-09-27 11:03
imagine being 12 y.o. hater of GOAT s1mple of this game. KEKW
2020-09-27 11:09
I've done videos about them, can you please check out my channel i'm doing cs:go content, thank you !
2020-09-27 11:17
imagine being 16 y.o. fanboy of baiter s0mple
2020-09-27 22:33
Statistics per ct. He does not do eco, does not save money for awp, teammates do it for him and much more. Naturally, he will have such statistics
2020-09-28 11:03 Godple >>>>>>>>>>>>> Baitwh0o
2020-09-28 11:08
zywoo is often the first to attack with farmgun to be traded. therefore it does not have 60% success. s0mple won't be the first to go off the map even twice. however, they have the same rating. you're in shit again, fanboy
2020-09-28 11:22
By the way, why do you take open kill statistics only for the current event, where Navi is in the easy group, to prove that s0mple is not a baiter? I'm shocked by your logic
2020-09-28 11:36
Latvia Phenomennn
S1mple GOAT Zywoo Zywho
2020-09-27 10:40
S1mple wins every time. ZywOo is a shit lucky baiter.
2020-09-27 10:40
2020-09-27 11:06
Vitality in EPICENTER 2K19 was not the best Vitality team The best one was with NBK in the beginning of 2K19 ... If you want to compare both teams, took their best line up
2020-09-27 11:06
2020-09-27 11:10
Wtf? But still that vitality would lose to Katowice navi, and i am not baiting or kidding
2020-09-28 06:11
I dont think so, this line up won against Liquid (when they were the best team in the world), and Astralis ... I think it will be a close match btw those 2 line up
2020-09-28 17:20
They lost to liquid in cologne, while navi destroyed astralis , best team at that time
2020-09-28 23:17
they won against Liquid in the summit_5 And Astralis wasnt the best team at that time, but one of the best yeah
2020-09-29 19:03
Who was best at the start of Kato 2020
2020-09-30 03:05
zywoo is way more impactful for his team than s1mple, also s1mple is a known choker, he choked in too many key moments of his carreer, theres always an excuse from the 12 yo fans, zywoo has a way more expressive carreer so far, and he is playing at top level for way less time than s1mple zywoo > abism > s1mple s1mple is a kd hunter, zywoo in the long term will always encrease the chance of his team win tourments, even hunting less highlights so if u are a 12yo that watch twitch and play fornite s1mple is the goat if u follow cs like a real men and know how the team works, u can clearly see zywoo is WAY better. #devilwalk_1_major_s1mple_0_major
2020-09-27 11:06
2020-09-27 11:14
Finland AleksiBOT
+1 S1mple has choked 2 major finals , dont know why people count him as a contender for GOAT
2020-09-27 11:30
LMAO flag checks out ofc zywoo >>>> s2mple
2020-09-27 11:11
2020-09-27 11:13
1. zywoo 2. zywoo 3. zywoo
2020-09-27 11:46
2020-09-27 11:13
Estonia ROOK07
They are both overrated. They need to train to be really the best. I hope that ropz or xantares will beat em soon. also 1. NaVi 2-1 2. ZywOo 2-1 pistols and rifles 3. I think that s1mple. ZywOo isnt a big clutcher, but he s a good opener.
2020-09-27 11:26
Finland AleksiBOT
1.) NaVi 2020 2.) ZywOo 3-0 ( S1mple lost a 1v1 to woxic , never forget , he is good only when he baits ) 3.) ZywOo 75 - 25
2020-09-27 11:32
good man
2020-09-28 11:14
Woxic's production just shows that there is more to the game than a 1v1 and aiming. The same way it isn't about two awpers directly facing each other in a match and who wins, it's about who has more impact for their team.
2020-09-29 21:40
Objectively, Zywoo was on top for 2 years and now seems to play a little worse, which suggests he'll go down the stats soon just like every other star player (device, niko, olof back in the days etc). While s1mple is on top since like 5-6 years and doesnt seem to stop. Not a fan of any one of them but logic tells me s1mple is better as a cs player overall, at least for now.
2020-09-27 11:34
Play a little worse?? ZywOo was 0.10 lower than s1mple because of some problems in vitality and with ZywOo. Now he has overtaken s1mple but you say he is playing worse. Lmao clearly biased s0mple fan saying I'm unbiased.
2020-09-28 15:05
Ofc i have to be a s1mple fan cuz how else i'd say he's better than zywoo which you are probably a fan off. How ironic from you. Idc about both of them for me zywoo can be better, i told u my opinion and if u care about it or not, i really fuckin dont care, for me s1mple is better for u zywoo, who cars lul.
2020-09-28 16:23
You're a fan ofc cuz you said you're unbiased and then spoke biased words.
2020-09-29 21:24
Ok w/e u say couldnt care less tbh
2020-09-30 13:29
cuz zywoo is playing for his team, s1mple isnt
2020-09-28 17:08
ok cool but who cars?
2020-09-28 17:22
EPL rating shows
2020-09-28 11:12
Vitality s1mple, anyways who cares. NiKo lost to woxic, s1mple to scream. ZywOo clearly much much better even if you include 1v1 or 1v2 bait trade clutches.
2020-09-28 15:03
rain | 
Canada T1dal
s1mple is clearly the better player. In his prime he would destroy zypoo
2020-09-28 15:08
In that case kennyS will destroy both zywoo and s1mple in his prime.
2020-09-28 16:52
rain | 
Canada T1dal
not s1mple in his prime but zywoo yes
2020-09-28 18:29
zywoo not even in his prime yet
2020-09-28 17:08
France Gablyn
Zywoo have gamesense
2020-09-28 15:14
s1mple has better raw aim and skill. He would win in an aim map.
2020-09-28 15:32
Navi: 2-0 S1mple: 3-0 S1mple-70-30
2020-09-28 16:54
2020-09-28 23:18
boring debates as always
2020-09-28 23:21
Izako Boars
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