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Vitality 6th
Belgium ibuprofenia 
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2020-09-26 18:49
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2020-09-26 18:50
Furia | 
Brazil Thorik
2020-09-26 18:55
-botwoo +any t3 awp who can sit @ corner in ct and press mouse1 wen run into croshair like botwo do
2020-09-27 18:17
Disband will join.
2020-09-26 18:52
In my opinion, hAdji would be the best 6th man for himself and Vitality. It'd be a waste for keoz and nivera since they need game time at their age and I don't think it'd make sense for them to get a straight up AWPer in Maka when ZywOo probably won't ever be out and if he is then shox could AWP, but they'd be screwed anyway since ZywOo is 80% of the team. I guess it could sort of make sense having a player who can rifle and awp in Nivera, but still think he should be after more game time. What do I know though? It's not my job. Also, tldr to myself.
2020-09-26 18:59
actually getting maka could mean zywoo would be moved to full rifle and seeing how well maka did in heretics their thinking might be that they want more than 1 horse to bet on. If zywoo is something like ropz on mouz this could really work out.
2020-09-26 22:30
2020-09-26 22:37
+1 hadji best choice atm
2020-09-27 18:25
Croatia efsosajeti
i would love to see body again in a team with shox
2020-09-26 18:55
Switzerland zthoui
bodyy is so bad
2020-09-27 18:20
no he has been in a top form for a long time now in ldlc
2020-09-27 19:15
Switzerland zthoui
tier 3
2020-09-27 19:17
Switzerland zthoui
he was trash in G2 back then, when cs was supposedly easier
2020-09-27 19:18
he was doing the grunt work, but he was always an amazing fragger, in ldlc his role is fitting him 100% and he can shine. He knows a lot about the game, played few years in tier 1 scene, he is a very very valuable player rn
2020-09-27 19:31
Slovakia Daev0n
+1 so many people are stuck in the past
2020-09-27 19:34
Switzerland zthoui
idk, he has to prove it, when he had the chance he was bad
2020-09-27 19:45
i agree, everything to prove
2020-09-27 20:12
Russia nobody_cars
2020-09-26 18:55
hadji better option, solid player with experience can play a lot of roles
2020-09-26 18:57
-zywho +smithzz
2020-09-26 19:00
Brazil chico12
nice try 0/8
2020-09-26 22:28
nt BRA71L
2020-09-27 04:38
Brazil chico12
i wanted to make a joke about danish football but the biggest title in denmark is eriksen
2020-09-27 16:24
nt M16R
2020-09-27 16:36
Brazil chico12
furia is in 9th
2020-09-27 16:36
furia no scene
2020-09-27 16:37
Brazil chico12
the best team in NA
2020-09-27 16:49
nt no scene
2020-09-27 16:50
Indonesia LosD
2020-09-26 19:01
2020-09-26 19:02
hadji/keoz. Unless they want to use their 6th a lot, get nivera.
2020-09-26 19:01
Btw im pretty sure theyve already chosen Nivera
2020-09-26 19:03
his brother better not teach him valorant
2020-09-26 19:05
scream must teach his brother valorant just in case csgo gets overtaken by valorant in the upcoming years as a backup plan for his career xaxaxaxa
2020-09-27 16:27
theyre gonna sign hadji, but id like to see nivera playing for them
2020-09-26 19:04
They already tried... but LDLC was greedy and i dont think theyve changed their mind considering that their roster is better than it was when they wanted to sign hadji the 1st time
2020-09-26 19:05
It will be Keoz because which one of those would leave Heretics at this time? None. Heretics are doing well so its pointless becoming a 6th man rotation player if your team can potentially breach top 20.
2020-09-26 19:06
Heretics kind of trash org would probbably give them if Vitality are willing to pay the buyout
2020-09-26 19:09
Who cares what the org wants? The player can simply refuse the offer. Only 2 options are: Hadji (Unlikely because ldlc surprisingly has been winning their past few games) or Keoz (Very likely because he's always standing in for teams and is not on a very good roster at all now.)
2020-09-26 19:11
I dont think Nivera would deny joining a top 5 team with best salaries in france Maybe Maka would but i really dont think Vitality would choose him anyway
2020-09-26 19:15
Maybe he will considering he will barely play. No one who has actual skill and who could be part of a 5 man team would join as a 6th man bitch to slot in for who ever is fatigued or burnt out.
2020-09-26 20:37
The worst plqyer will end not playing much ..probably misuta ..if nivera join , misuta trade 1 frag at best when nivera do multi kills in same spots as CT .. with Apex and misuta virality play 4 vs 5 , if rpk and zywoo get a Bad day it s game over .
2020-09-26 20:47
Misutaaa and Nivera are friends maybe if they play together misutaaa will play more confident and better when playing with a friend... being a literal noob surrounded by a god and 3 legends is very hard
2020-09-26 20:58
2020-09-26 20:46
Brazil bernog
I want = Nivera I think = Hadji
2020-09-26 20:53
Nivera Nivera
2020-09-26 21:00
ScreaM...guy is free. Unless he’s tied up in some bs valor any contract or something. But on that list Hadji is the only one who makes sense.
2020-09-26 21:48
He's contracted to TL valorant
2020-09-26 22:33
0/8 why would scream leave the superior game
2020-09-27 16:30
2020-09-27 16:54
Italy deb
2020-09-26 22:34
2020-09-26 22:41
Vitality either dont want to pay his buyout or they think he doesnt fit into the team
2020-09-26 22:44
as much as i want to see nivera compete at the top i somehow think being "just" the sixth player does not do him justice. nivera zywoo duo sounds amazing tho. i think it will be hadji because afaik they almost picked him already before they got misutaaa
2020-09-27 16:39
2020-09-27 16:52
who cares about some tier 2 team
2020-09-27 16:51
Fan of cheater
2020-09-27 16:52
Fan of nonamer
2020-09-27 16:52
Only for the flair :D not a fan of them
2020-09-27 16:53
what flair?
2020-09-27 16:56
The thing next to your name with the heart is called flair
2020-09-27 16:56
i know - But evRIL??
2020-09-27 16:57
I changed it for you
2020-09-27 16:59
2020-09-27 17:12
allu | 
Finland Porro
2020-09-27 16:53
Romania sky27
amanek replaced by niko, amanek goes to vitality
2020-09-27 16:57
Amanek is worse than Nivera and Hadji
2020-09-27 16:59
Romania sky27
amanek is god compared to these 2 no namers
2020-09-27 17:51
Faze flair so i cannot trust you
2020-09-27 18:00
RpK | 
France HippzZ
Keoz is the most realistic option I guess
2020-09-27 17:00
Serbia LtN))
NIVERA or Maka
2020-09-27 17:13
Hadji is the best option atm.
2020-09-27 18:02
Keoz, pls sont destroy heretics or ldlc
2020-09-27 18:04
LDLC and Heretics are getting destroyed by their own shit management Heretics only care about fortnite while LDLC havent played a match in nearly 2 months
2020-09-27 18:11
Oztriker destroys ldlc
2020-09-27 19:12
Denmark Raskoiano
2020-09-27 18:20
its amanek
2020-09-27 20:15
2020-09-27 20:26
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