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Best NA Players
felps | 
Brazil FelpsOnFire 
-what are the Top 10 NA players player pool : Xeppaa / oSee / Floppy / ELiGE / NAF / Brehze / koosta / Ethan / junior / tarik / oBo / leaf / daps MarKE / Stewie2K / Jonji / stanislaw / s0m / penny / grim / autimatic / Twistzz / motm / vanity / other's I wanna see you guys top 10 list
2020-09-28 01:45
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all trash
2020-09-28 01:46
United States Jaksin
ELiGE isn't trash
2020-09-28 01:47
lol not true at all
2020-09-28 01:49
Germany sniffy1997
brazil ^^
2020-09-28 01:57
Big ^^
2020-09-28 16:43
Germany sniffy1997
look ranking ^^
2020-09-28 22:49
look ranking ^^
2020-09-28 22:51
Germany sniffy1997
wow furia become a free win
2020-09-28 22:52
xand | 
Brazil kahr
stewie2k obo naf elige twistzz tarik
2020-09-28 01:48
stewie is good, but not like early liquid or c9. He needs to leave liquid better fore both teams tarik not a top player at this point even tho he has being so good for the second best NA team.
2020-09-28 01:56
Second best NA team? So you're saying Liquid is first? lmfao
2020-09-28 02:00
no Furia at first. Yes their are not a NA roster but they are an NA based team
2020-09-28 02:01
"Yes he's not an NA player but he's an NA based player" Why aren't non NA players on your list? (Furia isn't even close to being better than EG but I wont get into that)
2020-09-28 02:03
first I said team not player. Second I only talking about player that were born in north america. That has nothing to do with the fact that furia is in the NA region bc they are playing there.
2020-09-28 02:06
"Best NA players"
2020-09-28 02:06
were did I say that? lol
2020-09-28 02:08
The title of your post? lmfaoooo
2020-09-28 02:08
but that is not our argument was about. You asked me "Second best NA team? So you're saying Liquid is first? lmfao" so I answered furia. That has nothing to do with the thread topic
2020-09-28 02:10
So with your logic, Best NA players = Best players born in NA Best NA teams = Best teams playing in NA, not necessarily American. Make it make sense
2020-09-28 02:11
ofc lol. Players are based on nationality. Team don't have nationality lol. For a team to be NA he has to plain in North America. Philadelphia Fusion, San Francisco Shock and most overwatch team are all NA team with more outsiders then NA players also in LOL that happen a lot. Liquid NA team with only 1 na player
2020-09-28 02:16
Man you are not making ant sense, typical br brain
2020-09-28 02:18
what do u mean what I said is the truth they are NA team bc they are playing in NA. The players nationality has nothing to do with that
2020-09-28 02:24
0/8 read what you just wrote
2020-09-28 02:26
can u answer with an actual argument lol
2020-09-28 02:27
Brazil not na, use your head
2020-09-28 02:29
By your logic navi is eu team because they are playing in epl eu
2020-09-28 02:32
no. Navi is CIS bc they are playing from that region
2020-09-28 12:46
Teams don't have nationality, yet every team his their flag next to their name xD "It’s hard to win an argument with a smart person, but it’s damn near impossible to win an argument with a stupid person" - Bill Murray bye bye lol
2020-09-28 02:19
im just saying the truth lol. also why do u fill the need to win an argument with someone on a HLTV forum
2020-09-28 02:23
DD | 
United States breasts
2020-09-28 01:48
he is an average role player. he does what he needs to do but nothing spacial. He is better then a lot of player in NA not trying to under value him at all
2020-09-28 01:53
elige brehze oBo NAF grim xeppaa autimatic twistzz ethan koosta
2020-09-28 01:48
honestly I think brehze surpassed ELiGE in their current performances I disagree with some other things but it is a pretty good list and that is your opinion after all
2020-09-28 01:51
Ethan could also be #3, i think hes very underrated
2020-09-28 01:56
grim is mad overrated.
2020-09-28 02:10
grim can't bait anymore
2020-09-28 02:18
grim didn't bait. you would know this if you watched them. triumph is complete garbage after grim left them
2020-09-28 02:21
United Kingdom 230IQUSER
is ur list in order? If so the order is a bit of a LUL
2020-09-28 02:25
2020-09-28 01:50
he is doing relatively well in a easier game with less competition the CS. So no ps : I think u were just joking but I had to say that. VALORANT sucks ass
2020-09-28 01:52
atleast brax would be on a cs team rn unlike all of mibr...
2020-09-28 15:25
why did u mention MIBR? Just bc im Brazilian? LOL also FER, Fallen, Kng, taco are better then swag
2020-09-28 15:59
Those are all t3 players vs brax T1 so youd be wrong
2020-09-29 06:06
2020-09-29 12:54
2020-09-28 01:53
I guess u are not from Indonesia but their cs scene sucks as well. Also your name is liquidbestteam. It is true Europe has better team currently but NA team are also very very good
2020-09-28 02:00
I'm not a fakeflagger
2020-09-28 02:00
2020-09-28 01:54
2020-09-28 01:59
Elige Cerq Naf Grim Ethan Twistzz Obo Brhezee (idk how to spell it)
2020-09-28 01:55
Brehze ?
2020-09-28 01:57
2020-09-28 01:57
cerq is not North American! you have a pretty good list
2020-09-28 02:00
Elige Brehze Twistzz NAF oSee oBo Grim Koosta Junior Cooper
2020-09-28 02:12
2020-09-28 02:15
motm???? hello
2020-09-28 02:16
elige brehze naf/ethan obo twistzz xeppaa/osee autimatic floppy etc idc
2020-09-28 02:19
brehze cerq elige obo naf twistzz grim
2020-09-28 02:22
Shroud Stewie stannislaw motm
2020-09-28 02:22
2020-09-28 02:25
2020-09-28 02:28
not so many good players in the list, the good one would be elige, but he is a known lan big game choker, so idk
2020-09-28 02:29
Nah no one man. Just three top ten players from last year including a guy who was top ten two years running. Then you get into the Twistzz, Ethan's and Autimatics of the world. Shitty place. If you consider a quarter of the top 20 list shitty I guess.
2020-09-28 22:57
BnTeT is Asian , but he is play for NA team. so i think he is one of the best NA player too
2020-09-28 02:50
Indonesia lukerey
3 from TL 2 from EG 2 from old c9 2 from gen.g 1 from chaos maybe
2020-09-28 03:08
Malaysia Suno[t]
nitr0 should return and lead osee, floppy, obo and marke/leaf
2020-09-28 12:49
2020-09-28 14:02
Pakistan LoOuU2
In the following order starting from the best : Ellige (consistent) NAF (highest skill ceiling) Brehze Twistzz Ethan Stew Obo Floppy Osee Grim
2020-09-28 15:29
1. Elige 2. NAF 3. Brehze 4. Twistzz 5. Ethan 6. Obo 7. Tarik 8. Autimatic 9. Stewie2k 10. Floppy/Grim/Xeppa
2020-09-28 22:58
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