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ESIC should not BAN
Europe Heavon 
ESIC should NOT be the ones who should be handing out the bans in general, especially not determine the "lenght of those bans". They clearly have noone in charge with experience that have dealt with these kind of matters (shown by the lenght of bans from the 37's) - they make themselves look not as professional with this, even tho they did a good job catching the bug exploiters.
2020-09-28 10:27
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Hello proffesional esports manager,this is ESIC CEO and we will now give you all the power for bans and their lenghts. Have a good day.
2020-09-28 10:29
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thank you ESIC CEO, very cool!
2020-09-28 10:31
In that case.. Give me a moment to think about this.
2020-09-28 10:58
CIS sexiestuser
true, i still dont get how they got rights to ban someone at all it should be done either by tos or valve
2020-09-28 10:32
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They are banned for participating in ESIC member tournaments under the rules provided. Not from CSGO, obviously.
2020-09-28 10:44
They don't have any rights to ban anyone. Other organizers such as ESL will hire ESIC to investigate and recommend resolutions/punishments.
2020-09-28 13:40
Kush | 
Netherlands RiberiA
I think Volvo is fully involved and gave them rights to... 0/8 shit bait thread reported
2020-09-28 10:33
Denmark Xipingu
Yeah, because surely you know if Valve is involved or not. 0/8, cya
2020-09-28 10:40
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You illiterate m8?
2020-09-28 13:37
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Denmark Xipingu
Are you?
2020-09-30 21:51
Russia reguix
Their team ranking already showing how retarded they r
2020-09-28 10:42
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That was the CSPPA, not ESIC. Those are two different organizations
2020-09-28 10:47
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Russia reguix
thx for info,my bad
2020-09-28 12:42
They are the governing body for stuff like this.
2020-09-28 10:47
As long as ESL support them your opinion doesn't matter.
2020-09-28 12:44
Any coaches who claim he isn't guilty should explain why he doesn't talk to an admin about the situation. If you did nothing wrong give the decision to the people in charge. Then any action that followed is made by an admin or the TO and then you shouldn't be banned. But you have to do it immediately. All Coaches didn't do it so all coaches deserve their ban.
2020-09-28 13:05
Why do Brazilians always accuse others of cheating,but not themselves??? They always say they are innocent,never did it....n stuff like that
2020-09-28 13:42
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Bruh.. Not the topic here..
2020-09-28 18:23
Yes. I would publicly decapitate the cheaters myself :()
2020-09-30 21:54
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