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North America cake1 
Why did you stop playing Faceit for your 5v5 games?
2020-09-28 14:55
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RpK | 
France pol44r
too b player on mirage and inferno,not funny at all. besides that i lost all my reflexes after 1 months pause
2020-09-28 14:58
flag checks out
2020-09-28 15:00
RpK | 
France pol44r
and flair.
2020-09-28 15:01
United States tatsumi
Stop playing B site
2020-09-28 16:12
This is the main problem of CS, I agree with you on this point, this game requires too much consistency, you can't afford to take breaks, it's enough that I stop playing for a few days and I'm a noob, I need a lot of games to get back to an acceptable level of play afterwards
2020-09-28 18:36
RpK | 
France pol44r
2020-09-28 20:18
Bro mirage yes, but inferno b is very excited and interesting, wtf
2020-09-28 23:29
cuz mm better
2020-09-28 15:02
yep. 256 tick servers.
2020-09-28 15:17
2020-09-28 15:34
2020-09-29 15:54
Portugal dascouves
Nowadays not much different from playing 5vs5 global MM to faceit free. You get toxic people on both platforms Russians on both platforms Inbred players on both platforms And shitty communication on both platforms
2020-09-28 15:08
nexa | 
African Union Voxuu
Tbh everything true, but global == lvl3. So more skilled players, but still shitty communications in all games And problably more cheaters in mm, I don't think I played vs 1 in all my games
2020-09-28 15:46
ye global is lvl 3 lmao, lvl 5 at least
2020-09-28 18:42
if you only play soloq yeah faceit is pretty much same as mm
2020-09-29 13:52
Too many cheaters and smurfs. Literal SHIT anticheat that only causes FPS issues.
2020-09-28 15:12
Because I'm tired of tryharding and want just to enjoy the game. Now I only play retakes, wingman and very rare 5v5 matchmaking
2020-09-28 15:15
2020-09-28 15:16
Finland Autisthicc
1 day faceit launcher wiped my login details for no why tf does it do that? idiot launcher..i dont know my password and im too lazy to reset so i never play faceit again
2020-09-28 15:17
In my opinion, CS is not worth playing at all nowadays. Too much toxicity and being angry at each other. Not trying to win the game as a team. Instead, each player wants to have as much kills as possible to flex with it and flame his teammates that they had so little kills. CS is about being one team and playing for fun. Currently, we cannot enjoy a single game without some negative behaviors by some player, FACEIT or MM... doesn't matter really.
2020-09-28 15:21
nexa | 
African Union Voxuu
2020-09-28 15:48
+1 signed
2020-09-28 15:53
Finland Jonttu2002
2020-09-28 17:06
LMAO play pugs and cry when ur "team" is not playing like astralis XDDD
2020-09-28 17:21
+1 game is too full of depressed virgin boys
2020-09-28 18:39
2020-09-28 18:44
Too much people leaving from matches Toxic negative players Cheaters
2020-09-28 15:21
Lack of motivation, no matter what I tried I couldn't get to 3.4k elo, the closest I got was 3381, since then it's been a downhill path I'm still unsure whether I wanna give up trying to go pro in CS and focus on something else like Rocket League
2020-09-28 15:26
why would you even try to reach 3.4k elo u can play ecl legends with 2.7k elo or just grind premium master league top 100 if you are trying to go to fplc qualifiers makes no sense to grind elo after 3k tbh
2020-09-28 15:32
Well what else should I do? I played ecl legends, but that was when I had consistency issues, meaning that I had an insane start, averaging 26+ kills and then I bottomfragged every game. I also had ECL gifted then, because I myself would never be able to afford it. I never have any money to spare pretty much so I can't afford stuff like that myself. Getting it gifted every month isn't an option either. Same issue with premium as with ECL. I know it doesn't, but that was the only way I could've gotten recognition. I have no idea what else I should do, I soloQ'd to nearly 3.4k elo in 1k matches with pretty good stats but I have nothing else, I have lost all motivation due to not having any idea on what to do (except beg for getting gifted subscriptions, but that's just not me)
2020-09-28 15:37
nexa | 
African Union Voxuu
Find a team, close to your elo. I think that might help, with your skill you will win a couple of games, maybe then someone will recognize you.
2020-09-28 15:52
I did, and I'm currently in 1, it's not quite near my skill level but more like around 2.5k-2.7k, finding 3k+ elo teams is very difficult. I had high hopes and it looked very good at the start, going 4-0 in open, but we're 4-4 currently and that's disastrous considering 2/4 losses were against way worse teams, even choking from 13-5. Now I lost all the motivation that I had. Trust me, getting recognized is very luck based. My friend who is only 14 (2 years younger than me) got mentioned as the rising star of my scene in an interview with a semipro from my country. He also got invited to my scene's pro league, all that whilst being twice as bad as me (not saying he is bad, he has a lot of potential, but I envy him because I've been way more consistent and way better, not sure how to put this in a way where I don't sound egoistic, because trust me, I'm very humble, but it's the factual truth). I never even got a "nice shot" from any1 who's already recognizable... considering I play my best when I play with/against them... that just shows it's all about luck. It's depressing at this point and I just don't see why it would get any better.
2020-09-28 16:06
United Kingdom Bern1e
Good Luck
2020-09-28 16:04
Thanks I guess, but I feel like my time's coming to an end with CS. If I manage to do well in Rocket League I will just quit CS.
2020-09-28 16:07
Interesting, you shouldn't be losing these games if you know the enemy team is far worse than you and I can probably agree with you on that. You need to work more with your team so losses like these don't happen.
2020-09-28 16:13
Yeah exactly... I know, but it ain't something I can personally change unfortunately. It's mainly issues with attitude and not knowing how to play smart...
2020-09-28 17:01
you need a team
2020-09-28 15:55
2020-09-28 15:59
yeah I saw it, so if you are 16 you have more than enough time and you are already far. but still you have a lot to learn, so no point to lose motivation. keep going grind your way up with teams your time will come. I wouldnt switch the game now.
2020-09-28 16:22
Yeah I know, but I see no progress, I've been destroying 3.2k+ elo since March this year but I still didn't get anywhere. Before I would always progress in some way, but it's not the same now. I understand that I probably won't progress elo-wise as it's very difficult to get 3.4k+ especially by soloQing, but I still feel like I'm not any better (most likely due to not playing against better players but instead against 2.7k-ish players). I probably still have a lot to learn but it genuinely feels hopeless. Everything I've ever done was without anyone's help but this just feels like too much of a stretch... to take this even further by myself. In August this year I played the most CS/Faceit I ever have, around 108 matches in which I averaged an HLTV rating of 1.30. My elo didn't change that much tho, despite me winning 65% of the matches. Then I couldn't play for 5 days due to some reasons and I since then I haven't had the motivation to grind again. I wouldn't either and I know I will regret it if I do, but time's running out and so is my will for the game.
2020-09-28 21:50
link ur faceit. also if you want to progress and get recognition, join a team and play the ESEA league.
2020-09-28 16:11
check your PMs #29
2020-09-28 16:12
nexa | 
African Union Voxuu
Can you link it here? For others and for me.
2020-09-28 18:36
I don't really like sharing that stuff publicly due to potential abuse, but I will send it to u in a pm.
2020-09-28 21:41
With that much ELO, I'm sure you can directly join a Main team.
2020-09-28 16:12
If only it was that easy... I unfortunately don't have enough money to pay for fees and subscriptions (the fees in main are even more expensive afaik), so that's already one issue. I'm only 16 and I have no real way of getting money, I'm also quite poor as all my pocket money goes towards the loan I took out to be able to afford a PC that can run CS at more than 30 fps, I also really wanted 144hz so yeah... My motivation is also at absolute zero so that's another issue
2020-09-28 16:56
Ma men, if that's what you want don't you fuc***** dare to quit!!!! You can still make it, if you are as good as you say. Step 1: contact any academy of CS in Poland with your stats and information. Step 2: contact any academy of CS in Europe with your stats and information. Step 3: try to get to play with known streamers of your region (they know the pro's and they always want good players to join their streams, specially when young and promising. Step 4: get 1 answer out of the hundred's of emails you have sent (that's all you need, one positive answer) Step 5: go do your try out, get in and send me a champagne bottle so I can pop it open when you reach the major!! Dreams are to be pursued, don't give up when you are so young. My biggest dream was to become a medical doctor and I'm months away. Believe me, if I didn't insist and try all my options I wouldn't be standing where I am. Go pursue your dream little dude 💪💪
2020-09-28 17:34
Yeah mens, I was always against quitting, but rn I feel like quitting the most :/ I probably can, but idk if I have the motivation for it... #1 - I'm from Slovakia actually, but it's pretty much the same. Our scene is very egoistic tho so I don't think that's a good idea #2 - Not a big fan of academies, I wanna play for the main team if I do play for a team #3 - They are also egoistic haha :D I played with quite a lot of streamers/semipros/pros but I got 0 recognition. #4 - wat emails mens #5 - I wish mens, I wish(( It's looking sub-optimal rn tho Ofc they are, I always tried to stay positive but it's looking very dire currently, I feel like I've become too old for CS, even tho my age says otherwise... I also wouldn't be standing where I am if I didn't believe, but it feels like I would need to get very lucky in order to get even further... not sure if I can make it anymore, my biggest dream was to become a CS pro, do a complete UNO reverse card on my life and go from suicidal thoughts to winning a major, I just don't believe in that anymore :( I wish I would have enough motivation
2020-09-28 23:22
Well, motivation is something that only depends on you. I think that any fish that comes to the net is good. So if you would get into an academy that would be a start. About depression, ma dude, talk with your friends/family, I guarantee you, you have someone close to you that's been through that, and I know ma men, it sucks. I lost recently a friend to it, it's one of the hardest things to understand in my life, so please make sure that the people close to you, know what's going on. You are not alone.
2020-09-29 13:44
I know that, but I find it very hard to get motivation back for no reason... I always had motivational issues even tho I did really good Well I am in a team, but hopes are very low now after losing 2 officials to way worse teams. I sometimes do, but I'm quite anti-social and realistically, no one that I know has been through this much pain as I have. It has very much improved in the past years and I'm happy with what I got, but I'm just sad about not being able to get to the pro scene :/ Those suicidal thoughts aren't really a thing anymore, I got over it, but it hurts not being able to reach my dreams (or at least that's how I think right now). And due to very low motivation, it feels impossible to try again.
2020-09-30 22:40
bro listen to FAMthebest. If you keep grinding (and believing), one day the tables will turn and you will get that invite, or get that opportunity to shine. Send me your details and I will pay for one month of whatever you trying to play and you don't have money for.
2020-09-29 16:03
I'm trying but it's hard with 0 motivation :/ That's what I thought for years and I still haven't lost ALL hope, but I have nearly 6k hours now and over 1.1k matches on faceit and I don't see any improvement... No mens, I can't accept that. I don't want people paying for me, I would feel like a loser then. I know you wanna help and maybe I should accept it but if I fail then I will feel bad for wasting your/anyone's money... it's your money, you should make your life better with it
2020-09-30 22:43
Ok man, but keep grinding OR stop completely and put your focus on something else.
2020-10-01 12:07
Yeah I will probably stop completely and put my focus on Rocket League.
2020-10-01 19:26
hacker not banned
2020-09-28 15:28
too much toxicity including me
2020-09-28 15:31
ropz | 
Netherlands ONGix
Toxic people, somehow most faceit players think they are the best CSGO players out there, although every decent+ Valorant player can dismantle them lmao
2020-09-28 15:32
Poland Recruitn1
Need Focus on other things lost r3flex after 1month
2020-09-28 15:33
game is ruined performance wise
2020-09-28 15:34
It's pretty cancer if you don't have a consistent 5stack
2020-09-28 15:37
Why don’t all you guys do it the NA way? You can pug but also focus on league . You have a team environment so you get better in that sense, learning starts and everything, and then pug as well. In ESEA you still get toxic people, but you don’t get toxic people that try to throw games. And if someone leaves, you get a ringer.
2020-09-28 16:07
Jordan xrealx369
2020-09-28 16:14
United Kingdom carucaru
almost 4 dodges and people not connecting on faceit. MM is faster so the loss is faster
2020-09-28 16:32
NiKo | 
Finland Eestu
I've been playing mostly MM with my friends, but decided to play one Faceit premium game last night and it was the same as I remembered. We won the game 16-14, but everyone frustrated really easily even if we lost a close round. It was just wasn't really fun playing when everyone was just worried about the their ELO and immediately started yelling when they died.
2020-09-28 17:02
I was just trying FaceIt. Played overall 3 games and didn't returned again.
2020-09-28 17:24
Namibia doggc
faceit = warmup server. 3 out 5 of my queue ended up being cancelled because of retards not connecting to the server.
2020-09-28 17:37
could meet my ex
2020-09-28 18:45
lol that would be awkward
2020-09-28 23:23
the only way to make sure u wont lose is to never play the game again
2020-09-28 23:24
my hand started hurting when i dm and when i play faceit i would not be able to play
2020-09-28 23:28
Can you please check out my channel i'm doing cs:go videos thank you ! Here is my youtube channel :
2020-09-28 23:29
got to level 10, decided to play with friends in mm and sometimes ECL div 1 with not-toxic randoms
2020-09-29 13:46
Turkey KhT
I do play with friends or else I dont play.
2020-09-29 13:47
reached 2.5k elo but hit the slump, coming into the pug i knew i was gonna bottomfrag and have a bad game so I took the break which transformed into trying out valorant. now im in between not wanting to play either game lmao
2020-09-29 13:53
Turkey TARDUzZ
I stopped because I mostly played myself xd I made a faceit account 5 years ago when I was new to the game and sucked so I was level 1, and tried to get back into it recently, and I always either got total bots, trolls or leavers on my team while the other team have 3 gods, I mean I managed to get my kd up to 1.16 from like 0.6 and I can't seem to find a 5 stack to play with, and don't want to make a smurf, feel like it's too much effort so I just play mm with friends
2020-09-29 13:54
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