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Finland Saikam 
anyone wanna watch anime with me?
2020-09-28 22:58
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2020-09-28 22:59
why men???
2020-09-28 22:59
i dont like anime
2020-09-28 23:00
2020-09-28 23:00
Brazil pooternd
nice alt
2020-09-30 02:02
Not alt noob
2020-09-30 11:39
Brazil pooternd
sorry mr Putikainen oops, Saikam*
2020-09-30 13:08
typical br brain
2020-09-30 13:23
Wtf ropz
2020-09-28 23:01
He earned my respect.
2020-09-28 23:02
I just started watching full metal alchemista brotherhood mens)))
2020-09-28 23:00
have you watched hunter x hunter?
2020-09-28 23:33
2020-09-28 23:49
watch it
2020-09-29 00:16
did you liked the chimera ant arc?
2020-09-29 00:45
Yeah it was cool, not my favorite though, i didnt like the ending of chimera ant arc, the ending was kinda boring. otherwise it was good
2020-09-29 00:58
Hmm ok. I actually think that the build up was ok-good but overwall it was waaaaaaaay too stretched (With fucking total 60 episodes, which casued me skipping through them) + getting everything explained from the narrator (like literally EVERYTHING) got really on my nerves. I wouldnt rewatch that arc.
2020-09-29 01:02
What was your favorite arc? Mine was probably greed island arc, my least favorite one was the phantom troupe arc, although i really liked kurapikas hatsu
2020-09-29 01:03
I actually really liked every but the chimera ant arc . If i have to choose, my favourite would probably be the phantom troupe one.
2020-09-29 22:24
sure, just give me your address
2020-09-28 23:02
North America Swboy1010
I recommend Seraph of the End, Diamond no Ace.
2020-09-28 23:02
with you no
2020-09-28 23:04
2020-09-28 23:38
Its not rude just blunt that comes off differently than it sounds. Im not saying I'm not going to watch anime with YOU as in him personally but I wont watch it with anyone else
2020-09-28 23:50
i would but i am horribly depressed atm
2020-09-28 23:05
2020-09-28 23:33
All the more reason to watch anime.
2020-09-28 23:41
expected from anime watchers
2020-09-29 11:31
ok lets go
2020-09-28 23:35
what you wanna watch
2020-09-28 23:37
hmm, what about chuunibyou?
2020-09-28 23:43
i was thinking boku no pico but yea sure
2020-09-29 00:15
2020-09-28 23:38
I'll watch some hentai with you bro
2020-09-28 23:42
Aight bro
2020-09-29 00:59
what anime u watch?
2020-09-28 23:42
Right now im watching is it wrong to try to pick up girls in a dungeon, kinda ok, not the best. Favorite animes are hunter x hunter, the seven deadly sind and dr stone
2020-09-29 01:00
The only good season of Seven Deadly Sins was Season 4 and the only good fight in the series was Meliodas vs Escanor.
2020-09-29 09:35
I think season 4 was the worst season
2020-09-29 11:22
I was joking mens((
2020-09-29 11:25
o fuck mens((
2020-09-29 12:02
I've always felt that watching a series or a movie together is a little akward, you wanna focus on the action but not talking at all would render the point of watching anything together useless.
2020-09-28 23:45
Not really. When you watch stuff together it's more fun because you see the other one react to whats happening and shit can be more hype for example. Also you can immediately talk about the episodes right after watching them. Maybe your friends are awkward heh
2020-09-29 00:35
Hmm don't think it's my friends, my besties are into anime and they said so too. We do love the discussing part though, that's for sure.
2020-09-29 11:49
+1 watching movies/series together can be really fun, but if you want the best experience and totally focus on the movie/series than you should watch it alone IMO.
2020-09-29 00:57
Depends on what you watch and who you watch with.
2020-09-29 11:48
That's certainly true, but watching with a stranger person seems like it would be a rather akward experience. Maybe not so much if there are more than two people watching.
2020-09-29 11:50
Depends on taste. Do you have trash taste?
2020-09-29 00:01
United States ProPizzza
he is asking if you are a jojo fan basically
2020-09-29 00:43
Whats trash taste in your opinion? Name some anime for example. I am just curious btw.
2020-09-29 00:48
MHA, SAO, Erased, Fairy Tail comes to mind
2020-09-30 01:13
I can totally understand why you would consider SAO as trash. Cant talk about fairy tail since i didnt watched it (but i read some reviews and everyone said that its kinda bad). MHA is really dicussable as i think, but whats wrong with erased tho?
2020-09-30 01:52
The last 2 episodes? Hello? Up until then it was pretty good-ish but the ending is just a kick to the balls to us audience. It can suck my damaged nuts.
2020-09-30 03:40
Its been a while since i watched it, so i dont remember exactly what was wrong with the last 2 episodes tbh ^^ Could you explain?
2020-09-30 03:45
The absolute cuckness the main character got. You'd know if you watched it buddy.
2020-09-30 03:48
Do you mean the anime is bad because in the end he didnt get the girl kayo? Pls tell me that i'm wrong lol.
2020-09-30 03:52
The timejump was stupidly rushed with flocked out writing. The villain was too predictable. Like I said, good-ish until Kayo's arc(she did carry the show) but a complete letdown after she left
2020-09-30 04:07
Hmm, yeah the villian was predictable but i still really liked this anime. I just watched this video: and like he says the story was kinda rushed, especially in the end because the creators were mostlikely limited in the amount of episodes they were allowed to create. But in the end i definitely wouldnt call it a bad anime.
2020-09-30 04:14
My favorite animes: hunter x hunter, the seven deadly sins and dr stone
2020-09-29 00:59
Do you really need to ask a person who likes anime if they have trash taste?
2020-09-29 11:35
You thought all anime is good, hehe? No, even anime might be bad sometimes.
2020-09-29 11:39
No, I mean you have trash taste if you like anime.
2020-09-29 11:39
You got outsmarted bro. UwU
2020-09-30 01:56
You got outsmarted bro. UwU
2020-09-30 02:01
If I visit finland one day why not mens
2020-09-29 00:34
Then you can watch Vinland Saga together
2020-09-29 00:43
2020-09-30 02:02
I have a HLTV discord, and there is some weebs in it. Im sure they would love to talk anime with you
2020-09-29 01:02
share discord mens))
2020-09-29 01:17
2020-09-29 09:35
please leave this site
2020-09-29 09:39
that's gay
2020-09-29 09:44
Not with you, lol.
2020-09-29 11:36
weebs out
2020-09-29 11:45
2020-09-29 11:51
Why anime :( Why not I don't know.. The Lord of the Rings extended edition trilogy?
2020-09-29 11:51
aint nobody got time fo that
2020-09-30 02:01
People these days are weak :/
2020-09-30 11:42
Brazil DodoGamer7
of course mate
2020-09-30 01:18
yes what hentai u wanna watch?
2020-09-30 13:26
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