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height experts come here
Portugal hellobye 
i'm 18, i'm insecure af about my height and i have the doubt if i will still grow some cms or i won't grow up anymore. i have some things that make me feel that i might still grow but i'm not sure it is related: i still have acne and my voice its still ''childish'' - is it related or it has nothing to do with height?
2020-09-29 00:34
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Men grove till age 22.
2020-09-29 00:36
Finland Autisthicc
most dont
2020-09-29 00:37
most do. sorry you didn't
2020-09-29 00:39
Finland Autisthicc
im not even 20, but google search will tell you that most dont
2020-09-29 00:40
You're braindead if you believe most men keep growing after 18.
2020-09-29 15:56
K not most, but late bloomers do, and some who aren't do as well, so it's a sizeable number. It's a lot less than during growth spurts as a teen, but it's also not rare.
2020-09-29 16:16
Netherlands Flevo
Who said he was man? Maybe he girl
2020-09-29 13:17
Legends say there are no girls in HLTV
2020-09-29 13:19
Netherlands Flevo
He can still be alien or attack helicopter
2020-09-29 13:44
In general a guy might growth until 20 yo. But dont expect much. U should focus in your self steem tbh.
2020-09-29 00:36
ye i know i should xd but rn im interested in that. how much cms +- can u tell me?
2020-09-29 00:37
idk, 2/3 cm max.
2020-09-29 00:37
i guess it actually depends on when i stop growing even though i don't have any hopes on that...
2020-09-29 00:38
Life is a tragedy when seen in close-up, but a comedy in long-shot. Basically one day you will laugh thinking this was a "problem " for you, So in general we always suffering for stuffs, wich basically is waste of time and energy, since 90% of your problems will be laughable at some point.
2020-09-29 00:41
my brother stopped growing when he was 21. If you didn't grow in the last year you probably reached the max though
2020-09-29 00:37
ye in the last year i didn't grow, i remember i grew up +3cm in 2019 summer and idont see any changes since then
2020-09-29 00:37
men grow untill 40, youre fine
2020-09-29 00:37
i'll be nba player then nice
2020-09-29 00:38
balling like curry
2020-09-29 00:38
Don't try to fix the physical reasons behind your insecurity. Fix the insecurity itself. If you don't learn to accept and love who you are for what you are, you will just find another 'excuse' for it. I'm not saying that you should stop trying to improve, but work on things you can control and build confidence instead
2020-09-29 00:38
ye ik but my self esteem has been down for so many years that i don't even feel like trying - also it feels impossible to me lol
2020-09-29 00:40
well, that's what lack of self steem does to you - it's crippling and the first thing it attacks is your will to fight back. pretty normal, very much fixable. you can do it yourself without help, but i can't really say how since it's very personal. i suggest you start by reading the 'mechanics' behind this.. understanding what triggers your insecurity and what gets you out if might give you a good overview of the situation and how to deal with it properly. if you want a faster way, a psychologist can help
2020-09-29 00:43
Did you grow continiously over a long time or did you have sudden height outbursts?
2020-09-29 13:23
i don't really know, i only started paying attention to it when i was around 15/16, since then i grew like 7cm
2020-09-29 13:32
I had outbursts for example, i noticed it because every time i had them the back of my knee was iching. When i was 18 i was probably around 178(i dont know exactly) and when i was 19 i was 190 also my voice got a lot deeper(probably deepest voice in my friend circle/ i had a higher one before. A guy of my class even thought i use a voice changer in teamspeak after we havent seen each other for a year) i never had acne tho until i turned 18 I am 22 now and still 190
2020-09-29 13:41
haha, i feel like i might still grow up some cms, i know i probably won't grow up 10 or 15 cm but i'd like to get like 5+, would be gr8 already. we'll see :D
2020-09-29 14:19
You could just be a very late bloomer if your voice hasn't matured i guess???
2020-09-29 00:39
what is a bloomer?
2020-09-29 00:42
i mean perhaps you are just going through puberty later than others
2020-09-29 00:43
thats what i thought u meant, just wanted to confirm xd. is there any more signs of it being a late puberty that i can check on?
2020-09-29 00:44
You'd have to do your own research sorry, certainly not knowledgeable in this field and definitely don't want to send you out with wrong information
2020-09-29 00:47
ye i will look for it, i remember that when i was in 8th grade my mates had their puberty before me - all of them had acne around that age, pubic hairs and i didn't have none of that - it started at mid of 9th grade. but i haven't grown in a year, thats why i think i won't grow anymore :/
2020-09-29 00:49
There's a slight chance you may have been a late bloomer if that's the case. However, like I said, the only way to be 100% sure is to get an xray of your epiphyseal plate. 168 cm is pretty bad, but it's not that noticeably short. I hate suggesting gym, but it might work for you. Under 168 is where I say unless you have a really good face, don't bother with gym.
2020-09-29 16:06
Lithuania Sedge
do you have egg hairs?
2020-09-29 15:03
A late bloomer is a person that 'develops' a little later than usual.
2020-09-29 00:44
just accept that some people weren't born to be at the top unlikely you grow taller as unless you started late your height probably stagnated acne will stay for a bit, voice thing will probably stay that way but you can takes pills if ya really want
2020-09-29 00:39
i said childish but my voice isn't that bad, i just said childish cuz my english sucks and i didn't remember any word better, i'm fine with it. well actually is one of the few things i'm not mad about myself :p
2020-09-29 00:41
oh well, that's good at least but just gotta learn to accept your insecurities overtime though some people are just born ugly or unattractive and nothing you can really do about it
2020-09-29 00:44
Go gym
2020-09-29 13:54
you can go to the gym all you want, if you're short you'll be short forever, being short is unattractive, your face doesn't change either, an ugly face will stay like that your whole life
2020-09-29 15:42
would u rather be short and fat or fucking ripped?
2020-09-29 15:50
short and ripped - "oh he's super insecure he has a short man complex stay away from him, joke of society" short and fat - double negative, even fat women don't want you
2020-09-29 16:06
just try to be taller men hope this helps
2020-09-29 00:41
ty dude now i'm 195
2020-09-29 00:44
2020-09-29 00:45
Germany Lifant
I still grew from 18. I was basically, the shortest person in class at 16 with 164, now I'm 183. 18 isn't final, but don't expect all too much. go workout mens, it will make you more confident and happy with yourself
2020-09-29 00:43
bro i'm 168cm if i would build muscle i would look like hornswoggle from wwe come on..
2020-09-29 00:43
Germany Lifant
bro better be hornswoggle than be short and insecure. Girls prefer short, muscular/lean and confident over tall, skinny, insecure. I agree that short buff guys always look weird, but you don't have to get bulky, you can build decent muscle and then just go very lean, with abs and veins and everything, it's gonna look alot better than unfit tall people
2020-09-29 00:46
China Grenadr
Im 19 and 170cm but when i was 18 i was 174cm......... Both barefoot Only downhill from here my cyka blyat idi nahui
2020-09-29 00:45
2020-09-29 13:11
Men grow till 21. But the RULE is simple: 0 - 130 -> coldzera 130 - 150 -> dwarf's child 150 - 170 -> dwarf 170 - 180 -> small 180 - 190 -> fine 190 - 200 -> awesome 200 - 220 -> beautiful 220 - 250 -> gorgeous 250 - 270 -> pls marry me 270 - 299 -> SemiGOD! 300 -> * * - P E R F E C T I O N - * * Over 300cm -> a bit too tall
2020-09-29 00:46
guess ima dwarf :p
2020-09-29 00:46
Nah. You're stuck with what you have most likely. Unless you can go into space. Microgravity can cause up to a 3% increase in height.
2020-09-29 00:48
As long as u are taller than your gf on heels its awright
2020-09-29 13:14
Lol midget
2020-09-29 13:15
I turned 19 a few days ago and I barely grew a few millimetres in the past year, however my friend of same age grew by 4cm in the past year. Growth is different for everyone
2020-09-29 13:27
yeah i know, i hope that i'll still grow some cms but we'll see :D
2020-09-29 13:33
Europe Holiwis
I think I stopped growing at 15-16 gl mate
2020-09-29 13:31
thanks man!
2020-09-29 13:34
focus on things in life that u can actually change and not geneticly or dna related things. u just gonna go mad if u constantly insecure about ur height, or ur whatever. fml it'S saddening to see how social media ruins a kids life by basically nothing that is actually important. unless u live in the netherlands or somewhere up northern it doesn'T even matter how tall u are.
2020-09-29 13:38
ye ur right about everything u said. unfortunately it isn't that easy to change my mind over night :/
2020-09-29 14:21
Brazil YUB8
Between the age of 19-21 i only grew 2 cm
2020-09-29 13:39
Unless you’re like under 170 you have nothing to worry about
2020-09-29 13:39
i am :D
2020-09-29 14:20
Then this is bad, the only thing you can do is bulk and lift heavy, also grow a beard and go bald.
2020-09-29 14:26
dwarf and bald? jesus that s bad
2020-09-29 14:35
Not if you’re big and have a decent sized beard
2020-09-29 14:38
Romania csf
i think men tend to grow a considerable height for like 3-5 years, and then maybe grow like 2 or 3 more cm in 2-3 years. So it depends when u started to grow. If u started late, at around 14-15 then youre probably done growing. Provided u havent provided any info about your growth history, i dont really know, but u can do the maths. And u have to face it, final height is still mainly determined by genetics and nutrition (when youre a child), because my parents arent really tall (165 and 175) yet i still manage to be 190, probably because i had a great nutrition when I was a child
2020-09-29 14:21
Being insecure about height is the more concerning of thosw traits
2020-09-29 14:27
it's not something that i can change over night
2020-09-29 14:35
Exactly, so why worry about it
2020-09-29 15:37
Sweden botl0f
you won't grow.
2020-09-29 14:37
ye probably wont :/
2020-09-29 14:57
Height only starts to become an issue if you're under 5'9'' (173 cm). At 5'6'' (168 cm) to 5'8'' (173 cm), you will suffer a bit in the dating scene, but if you have a good face, it can offset a somewhat below-average height. I'm 5'8'', and although I'm slightly shorter than average, I notice that there are quite a bit of men who are shorter than me, so as long as you're not noticeably short, you can work around it. Under 5'6'', and you will start to suffer a lot. At 5'5'' (165 cm) you're only 1 inch taller than the average female. At this point, you have to be either really REALLY attractive in the face or rich and famous. 5'4'' (162 cm) and under, and it's probably over for you no matter what. There have been cases of men growing after 18, but it is extremely rare. Don't assume this will happen to you. If you REALLY want to be sure, you need to get an x-ray of your epiphyseal plates. If they haven't sealed yet, you can still grow. This is your opportunity to do whatever you can to increase your height. However, if they have sealed, it's a done deal. Overall, just accept that there's pretty much nothing you can do about your height. There are people born to win in certain areas, and there are people born to lose in others. And it's not your fault. You can try to lift, work on "confidence," or whatever, but there is no gym for your height. Just don't let it take control of your life because it will fuck you up.
2020-09-29 15:59
Finland 7ones
This might be the case in the USA, but ppl are somewhat taller in northern Europe and also in some Balkan countries.
2020-09-29 16:05
Finland 7ones
Most men are done growing at the age of 18, but some have still growth left. That is why the average height from growth chart is around 1cm higher at the age of 20 than 18.
2020-09-29 16:01
I member I was 1,78m at 18y cause of military enlistment. Am 1,81m now. So, not much.
2020-09-29 16:09
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