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United States D4nny_122333 
I'm so happy that Floppy is still on C9, I thought that they were going to become full european with no NA players. He is a good player and I'm glad that he isn't going to get stuck on a team with JT and Sonic, and that he will have a chance to be on a team with the firepower to be top 5 and a great coach to boot. I hope that the fifth player that they pick up is American too but even if he isn't I'll support C9 a lot more knowing that they kept Floppy.
2020-09-29 03:29
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floppy = EZ tier 3
2020-09-29 03:29
Switzerland retard2k
Only good players can 1v4 Astralis, especially on a big brain level map like train
2020-10-23 20:02
Nah he was actually really good on C9 and basically the only reason that they were notable at all for a bit.
2020-09-29 03:31
Not bad, but honestly not of the caliber that C9 seems to want
2020-09-29 15:04
he's their second highest rated player in 2020, being above woxic and ALEX.
2020-09-30 00:01
against tier 3
2020-09-30 00:37
Bosnia and Herzegovina scrayfever
C9 played some pretty big contenders if I remember
2020-10-23 20:03
your dead mom tier 3
2020-10-23 20:17
2020-10-23 22:03
If they're still willing to go with an American even with corona, I think that makes jks much more likely now as well That would be a solid team
2020-09-29 03:30
Europe mAngOnice
jks goes to CoL As much as we know
2020-10-23 20:34
floppy in 2020 :DDDDDDDDDDD
2020-09-29 03:36
Fors | 
Brazil ricca
best jerman player :-)
2020-09-30 00:02
floppy is german tho so nt, c9 still eu team xaxa
2020-09-30 00:41
Wouldn’t be logical to kick him, he waa their carry.
2020-10-23 19:56
NAF | 
India FosFate
floppy literally 2nd best player on that team
2020-10-23 19:58
Canada Droidd
Es3tag is fifth I think you meant 6th player
2020-10-23 19:58
Bosnia and Herzegovina scrayfever
Floppy announced 4th pleas use internet Ty
2020-10-23 20:03
Canada Droidd
uuhh, please read topic, he said that "I hope their fifth player is maerican too" as well you libtard
2020-10-23 20:04
floppy was about to be loyal and waste his career
2020-10-23 20:00
United States catsmoop
I expect floppy to do well in new roster. Doesn't have to be the star, he will be able to actually grow and develop game w/ solid pieces and good IGL around him
2020-10-23 20:01
Floppy is a snake don't support him
2020-10-23 20:03
Bosnia and Herzegovina scrayfever
2020-10-23 20:04
if i remember correctly, floppy would build pretty successful teams in MDL and basically get annoyed with players or tired of them, and just disband the entire roster because of that. Lots of good EPL ready rosters from MDL just lost because. one that comes to mind was Vision Gaming. Floppy, kaboose, huynh, lanhero, Spongey. they were very good, rolled the entirety of MDL, every player had really high ratings, then he just basically said fuckit and kicked huynh and lanhero, despite lanhero being IGL and huynh having 2nd-3rd highest stats on team. team disbanded and basically no EPL ticket anymore This is all based off of memory. I could be wrong as a disclaimer.
2020-10-23 20:08
Europe Cirros_V2
2020-10-23 20:32
South Africa @FyreCS
I like Floppy, but I don’t see him fitting into this team though. I would’ve preferred JKS over him, and then add a Taco/ maybe an upcomer like Spinx or Flamez
2020-10-23 20:11
Europe Cirros_V2
+1 true but cant agree with taco. Flamez is crazy tho and would fit much better
2020-10-23 20:34
South Africa @FyreCS
Agreed, I’d prefer one of the young Israel talents to get a shot
2020-10-24 08:02
Europe Cirros_V2
Hes a snake.
2020-10-23 20:31
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