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The left got their “gotcha”
Switzerland retard2k 
After years and years of bitching and complaining, the left finally got their dream: A possible Trump crime. But after all those years of whining like a hyena, the left is acting as if he was caught robbing a bank. It’s tax fraud, the most punishment you get from that is a fine and maybe some months in jail. Oh but apparently the possibility of tax fraud is the end all be all for the left. One of the saddest developments in political history. Trump should get re-elected the way they’ve harassed Trump.
2020-09-29 05:28
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Brazil ZerongBr
for the left, it wont change a thing, they hate him anyway, and his supporters dont care
2020-09-29 05:29
Name checks out
2020-09-29 05:30
2020-09-29 06:11
Orenge men bed
2020-09-29 05:31
cry | 
Brazil IsFree
I dont wanna get political but I think if I bend real hard I can reach my dick with my mouth
2020-09-29 05:31
Brazil ZerongBr
2020-09-29 05:39
cry | 
Brazil IsFree
I said I didnt wanted to get political dammit
2020-09-29 05:41
kinda cute O-o
2020-09-29 06:04
Try it
2020-09-29 06:10
cry | 
Brazil IsFree
I SUCCeeded
2020-09-29 06:16
Trump will win 2020, left will burn in hell for all the corrupt nonsense they've done.
2020-09-29 05:39
You have to be a American fake flagging more than half your posts are about the left and trump lmfao
2020-09-29 05:41
Canada Arketerac
Name checks out
2020-09-29 05:59
Is it even tax fraud? I thought it was just tax avoidance at most.
2020-09-29 06:10
device | 
Denmark 4vs0
Honestly anyone who even attempts to justify the character of trump or biden is themselves a horrible person
2020-09-29 06:19
China SwooksarV2
Isn't it tax evasion? So 5 years max, 500k fine + evaded taxes? But if Trump lost money (cause fake billionaire) and legally had no income, it could be legal? A stretch cause how tf do you report $750 when he would have to report his personal expenses and thus have income? Did he buy groceries with his company card and list it as corporate expenses????
2020-09-29 06:20
Yugoslavia seeeed
Name check out
2020-09-29 06:26
Apt name-guy is under IRS audit for a lifetime- as if the avg always wrong fanatically braindead leftist morons somehow found something that the IRS auditors overlooked. Like Mueller was going to say corrupted by Putin two years after the fact and allow the guy to remain POTUS. Leftards are morons. Don't be surprised if Don leaked the returns himself. They have already convicted people for improperly attempting to obtain his tax returns. Finding the felon here is a simple task.
2020-09-29 06:43
I agree
2020-09-29 07:01
2020-09-29 07:02
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