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Mteal Gear Solid/ CS fans come
Germany 7RU7H 
2020-09-29 13:24
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smileybs bestest twitterer
2020-09-29 13:25
yup always great and funny content ^^
2020-09-29 13:29
Poland Hanse
Best CS twitter ever created, nohat best group so far
2020-09-29 14:25
METAL ffs fuck me
2020-09-29 13:26
Estonia mr_abdul
2020-09-29 13:28
2020-09-29 13:29
Ahaha +1.
2020-09-29 13:45
Europe Holiwis
2020-09-29 13:30
:D haha
2020-09-29 13:37
2020-09-29 13:30
hyped af after the MGS remasters rumors ^^
2020-09-29 13:38
Haven’t played it actually. Heard it’s decent.
2020-09-29 13:39
well if they release the remasters you better try it ^^ but of course not everyone likes it ^^
2020-09-29 13:40
Okay men ^^
2020-09-29 13:41
It's not rumors, should be already available in GOG.
2020-09-29 13:47
no im talking about remasters of the game not just pc release ^^
2020-09-29 14:17
Didn't hear about full remake. Holy shit. Shut up and take my money!
2020-09-29 14:20
unfortunately looks like its gonna be available for PS5 only :(
2020-09-29 14:21
The article says PS5 and PC.
2020-09-29 14:21
its still unclear... probably will be a PS5 exclusive for some time (a year or 2) then release on PC... Sony needs to sell them PS5s 1st you know ^^
2020-09-29 14:23
Idk, they released TPP on all platforms at the same time.
2020-09-29 14:31
the ps4 was already for long when it released now they have yo sell their PS5 so as they already said previously some PS5 games will be exclusive for some time then released on PC
2020-09-29 14:39
Just checked what metal gear solid is, looks like a scuffed far cry tbh
2020-09-29 13:31
sad for you then
2020-09-29 13:33
Estonia mr_abdul
2020-09-29 13:46
Mgs1, in its time, is prolly one of the best games ever made on any console. Proper shame you didnt touch it back in 2000 or so, you would have loved it :)
2020-09-29 14:37
Is this some console garbage as well ? Sorry, I was always a part of pcmasterrace
2020-09-29 14:39
It was during the ps1 era. Console used to be the shit back then :D
2020-09-29 16:14
Yes but back then console have more games in it
2020-09-29 16:16
I will tell you a secret, they are still shit compared to pc's and their power
2020-09-29 16:18
By the shit above, it means it used to be the best. No pc or current console gameplay can top on old consoles imo, just because now they focus on graphics while gameplay is the same style in every game
2020-09-29 16:21
Didn't saw "the" my bad. I was never into games like mario, zelda, sonic, pokemon etc. I prefer realistic games like witcher 3, forza horizon 4 etc. Games on consoles are usually for casual players who play from time to time and are not serious about it.
2020-09-29 16:26
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