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your subscriptions?
Cyprus eClipz-AU 
mens)), what services are you subscribed to? i'll start by listing just a few of mine; - discord nitro $10/month - faceit premium $10/month - spotify premium $10/month - netflix $13/month - crunchyroll $8/month - ea play $5/month - youtube premium $12/month - nordvpn $12/month [18+] - p*rnhub premium $10/month so i'm basically paying avg hltv users salary ($90) just on my qol services, how are u coping
2020-09-29 19:46
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Serbia hltvmens
imagine paying for subscriptions
2020-09-29 19:47
2020-09-29 19:57
Germany I_Am_Jerm
imagine using coach bug and dispute is later
2020-09-29 20:09
Cyprus Swishh_
2020-09-29 20:14
2020-09-29 20:28
2020-09-29 23:26
Serbia livefour
2020-09-30 14:25
POV when your economy is trash and you're poor as fuck
2020-09-30 18:59
lmao +1 😅😅😅👌
2020-09-30 20:59
Albanian talking
2020-09-30 20:59
exposed 😳😳😳😳
2020-09-30 22:47
2020-09-30 23:43
2020-09-30 19:45
Netherlands staticNL
Imagine being such a leech that you don't pay for any of the entertainment you consume and being proud of it.
2020-09-30 21:07
2020-09-30 21:00
Serbia hltvmens
im not consuming any of the shit he mentioned so im obviously not paying them..
2020-09-30 22:24
Netherlands staticNL
so what do you watch/listen to and pay for, entertainment wise?
2020-10-01 18:09
imagine being such a subhuman you take pride in consuming 👌😂
2020-10-01 17:49
Netherlands staticNL
your statement makes no sense whatsoever, but okay. I get that youre getting offended, because you don't pay for entertainment, as you probably can't. But its a fact that if no one pays for anything, entertainment will hardly exist. Not being able to pay is one thing, not wanting to pay for any entertainment while you can and taking pride in it is just plain stupid. That's just spitting in the faces of everyone that you happily watch for entertainment. Funny how I only recognize your username from idiotic comments and takes. I guess someone's intelligence really shines through on forums.
2020-10-01 18:08
decent bait 👌😎
2020-10-01 18:11
I dont need to pay for entertainment cause ppl like you will
2020-10-05 12:11
Cyprus Swishh_
xaaxax true
2020-10-05 12:16
I mean... he is still right. If you give money to netflix, netflix's budget get's larger. We are in the middle of a epidemic and economic depression. If we don't spend money it's only gonna get worse. If you pirate content that's not available in your country that's one thing but pirating netflix shows cause you can't spend 10 bucks is a joke.
2020-10-05 13:01
Entertainment industry is full of shit and I refuse to give a single penny to them. I barely even watch movies and tv shows anyway so its not gonna make a difference if i paid for the couple shows i have watched during my life
2020-10-05 13:14
Alright, then Spotify/Apple music/Youtube, do you not listen to music? Maybe you have a game subscription idk like humblebundle or smth. P*rn, do you watch it on sketchy ass full video vixen sites or do you pay for it Amazon prime maybe? it's not only for TV Idk
2020-10-05 13:19
I know right.....
2020-10-01 10:46
Latvia igorzett_
2020-10-05 10:29
how the hell you're paying 10$ for spotify premium?
2020-09-29 19:48
+1 how is that even posible??
2020-09-29 20:05
is there a difference between default spotify and premium?
2020-09-29 20:07
Sweden flippig
No commercials
2020-09-29 20:11
No commercials, unlimited skips, and a better quality, but i dont hear a difference tbh
2020-09-29 20:28
actually i get it for 0.8$ kekw
2020-09-29 20:29
Well, i need to pay 19.99pln (5.2$)
2020-09-29 20:30
I used to use Brazil currency to get spotify for almost nothing but just ended up recording the songs
2020-09-29 20:46
wtf, it costs me (br) R$0,99/mo... that's like under EUR $0,20
2020-09-29 22:46
pls enlighten me on that R$0,99 spotify subscription, I pay R$21,90 for a duo subscription for me and my girlfriend, how did you get it that cheap?
2020-09-30 08:10
i got one of those push notifications for $0,99 for 3 months. It has been over a year and the monthly fee hasn't increased.
2020-09-30 14:21
Portugal Hashiii
2020-09-30 21:46
2020-10-01 18:14
Most people get it cause you can download songs.
2020-10-05 12:13
Yeah i know, but spotify is 5$, not 10.
2020-10-05 12:19
it depends on where you are from dude. It's 15 dollars in denmark.
2020-10-05 12:58
just listen to music with youtube, no ads there lul
2020-09-29 23:27
on pc- yes. but not with a phone
2020-09-30 14:43
yes, on phone too.
2020-09-30 14:59
1)youtube music is not free 2) If you want to listen music on yt without YT premium it will stops when you will block your phone
2020-09-30 15:01
Or you can just download youtube premium apk.
2020-10-01 10:47
you can open youtube site in your browser, choose any video, then click pause/continue, now you can block you phone and video won't stop
2020-10-01 10:56
bruh moment. very comfortable
2020-10-01 15:37
Portugal DeviphZ
or just download the songs like a normal human being
2020-10-01 18:13
i mean yt music is free but its the same like yt premium music stops when you block your phone
2020-09-30 15:03
no no, just use Youtube Vanced. A free app you can download. It has adblock and you can close screen for videos.
2020-09-30 20:23
Ty for this info mens))))
2020-10-01 00:23
np mens, its a life saver app, deserves more attention.
2020-10-01 12:01
well. its a new one for me. ty for info
2020-10-01 15:36
2020-10-01 15:49
Germany FAN_BIG
No commercials, unlimited skips, better quality (if you aint got laptop speaker, you will notice the difference) multi sessions with friends, listening on multiple devices, download your playlists
2020-09-30 08:06
Basically no unlimimited skips and the rest doesn't matter much if at all.
2020-09-30 21:00
If you enjoy hiking, camping, driving long distances, or really doing anything where you have spotty/no connection the downloads are life saving. On mobile it’s nice to just choose the song you listen to as well.
2020-09-30 21:27
Germany FAN_BIG
As I said, you clearly hear the difference in quality. So if you like music and got a half decent device to play it from, its worth the money
2020-09-30 22:29
Germany ske0
The part with downloading the playlist is only important for Germans. (Rank 43 in Internet coverage across the country also the contract is soooo high for 5/10 GB) its a shame for us lol
2020-10-01 10:47
Czech Republic Poloolpp
you dont have to listen to albums on shuffle on mobile
2020-10-01 10:48
Yugoslavia günT
Netflix Spotify F1TV NBA league pass
2020-09-29 19:48
please dont spend money on nba just search free hd live games.
2020-09-29 19:53
I pretty much only watch replays tho. During the regular season I stream illegaly but I don't mind paying for a better platform during the playoffs.
2020-09-29 19:55
Isn't F1TV quite rubbish? Heard a lot of people complain as of late.
2020-09-29 20:00
Yeah it's fucking shit, easily the worst experience I've had with any online service ever, especially a paying one. I actually ended my subscription after last weekend's race.
2020-09-29 20:03
So here's the thing, F1TV (Pro) is a great app as far as the services which the app provides is concerned because it totally changes the viewing experience of a race but the servers they use are fucking garbage so you'd do well to go two races in a row where everything works, from the main stream, to the onboards and all that (some times it will shut down for the majority of a race). I think it's still worth the $80/year I pay but the thing that pisses me off the most is that the connectivity hasn't gotten any better in the two years I've had the app, it's like they don't give a shit about its issues even though they happen so often and piss off so many people that pay for their shit.
2020-09-30 10:37
-I missed the Hungarian and the Belgian GPs due to problems on their end. -I have to delete the app every weekend due to cache issues -For the first few weeks I had to reset my password every time I logged in (even tho I chose to be kept logged in) because it kept saying I had the wrong one even tho I didn't -They never refund or even apologize when they fuck up -When watching replays the experience is so bad, for example when you want to fast forward. I can honestly list more issues. It's unbelievable that they charge 15 euros a month for it, let alone that they've even launched the app and website.
2020-09-30 19:51
Yeah if I had to pay that much for it I probably would've dropped my subscription long ago too.
2020-10-01 02:00
- rutracker premium 0 rub/month
2020-09-29 19:49
+1 torrent for mens))
2020-09-29 20:05
legenda nahui
2020-09-29 20:09
nice fake flag
2020-10-01 17:04
2020-10-01 17:06
only 75 gb for 12 years? noob
2020-09-29 20:33
Total uploaded: 154.6 TB
2020-09-29 20:35
75 GB downloaded this week only for me.
2020-09-29 21:47
it shows how much he uploaded, not downloaded, so your comment is irrelevant
2020-09-29 22:30
I know man, I read what #75 wrote.
2020-09-29 23:07
74.87 gb is a size of content I myself added to tracker so others could download it. Rest is statistics of uploaded today/yesterday/total. Download statistics was removed after rating system gone.
2020-09-30 08:03
i know bro, i can read russian
2020-09-30 15:33
I was don't know this details)
2020-09-30 16:11
2020-09-30 07:59
Wow mens)) I am impressed.
2020-09-30 10:06
Nothing special though, just active "subscriber". xD
2020-09-30 16:11
Lol yes my russian friend. Let's go drink some Vodka. 😎👌🏻
2020-09-30 18:29
Last time I consumed any alcohol probably more than 10 years ago and didn't drink since then.
2020-09-30 18:31
That's good man. Alcohol fucks up the brain.
2020-09-30 18:45
+1 I only drink water and herbal tea now.
2020-09-30 18:55
Yerba Maté is also good shit. :)
2020-10-05 09:22
Before work out session. :)
2020-10-05 13:20
i subsribed to minecraft youtube official chanel
2020-09-29 19:48
- onlyfans $800/month - crunchyroll $8/month - twitch subscriptions $500/month dont need anything else
2020-09-29 19:49
2020-09-29 20:06
Belgium lil_vodka
dj 32k/month?
2020-09-29 22:31
United Kingdom Oren_
in england dj is also 32k/month
2020-09-30 21:42
pornhub is free bro
2020-09-30 10:13
Why subscribe to a streamer's Twitch when you can directly subscribe to their OnlyFans?
2020-09-30 21:03
spotify, netflix, amazon prime, audible, gym, thats about it.
2020-09-29 19:49
- discord free - faceit free - spotify free - torrent free - random anime website free - youtube free - pornhub free we have the same things but u pay 90 and i dont pay anything ez for me
2020-09-29 19:49
free spotify, omegalol
2020-09-29 22:30
2020-09-29 22:47
India somecunt
Use mods ez
2020-09-29 22:53
Where from lol
2020-09-29 23:08
India somecunt
2020-09-29 23:38
Just listen in the browser with an Adblock/Ublock, LOL!
2020-09-30 21:03
wwe network $9.99
2020-09-29 19:50
Tier 3 subscription to pokimane 24.9$/month
2020-09-29 19:50
Netherlands WitnessMe
- Spotify family subscription 15 EUR - Netflix 4k subscription 15 EUR - 10Gb cellular subscription 16 EUR - FaceIT subscription - 50EUR/Year - NZB News server - 55EUR/Year - NZBCAT - 10EUR/Year
2020-09-29 19:51
What about Videoland ? Did you subscribe ?
2020-09-29 21:54
Netherlands WitnessMe
2020-09-29 22:15
10 gb phone internet for 16€, thats a lot, i got 50gb for 10
2020-10-01 10:46
Germany NotJuan
HLTV Premium
2020-09-29 19:50
[Only Premium HLTV Users can view this comment]
2020-09-29 22:37
I very much agree with your comment on this very interesting subject, thank you for sharing your thoughts
2020-10-05 09:30
can someone gift me HLTV Premium sub pls, mine ran out today and dont have money to renew((
2020-09-29 23:29
sure check your messages for code.
2020-09-30 08:44
[Only Premium HLTV Users can view this comment]
2020-09-30 14:59
[Only Premium HLTV Users can view this comment]
2020-09-30 20:54
2020-09-30 21:04
[Only Premium HLTV Users can view this comment]
2020-09-30 21:47
same 😋😏👍
2020-09-30 21:02
HS | 
Estonia qoznyyy
- pokimane t3 sub €24.99/month - netflix €9.99€/month - gifting others pokimane t3 subs €249.99/month - osrs idk
2020-09-29 19:52
+1 very good mens
2020-09-29 20:06
imagine paying for osrs membership
2020-09-30 10:15
Finland SunMutsi
Bonds for life
2020-09-30 10:20
2020-09-30 10:55
atp sub dazn sub
2020-09-29 19:52
6 months of duolingo for 50$, bought it accidentally because im retarded sometimes i buy boom when im too lazy to manually download new music, like 2$ per month no need for anything else because its common knowledge that all entertainment in russia is free if you know where to look
2020-09-29 19:54
> 6 months of duolingo for 50$ lmao is there any difference between free and premium?
2020-09-29 20:03
Pakistan LoOuU2
ads say there wont be any ads, but they arent that big of a issue in free version either , at least for me.
2020-09-29 20:21
not really tbh, there are infinite lives and no ads but theres no way those worth so much
2020-09-29 21:10
good to be russian, all movies/series/sports are free for us :)
2020-09-29 22:33
dont forget free music
2020-09-30 01:22
yea, but for music i still use spotify, that's why i didnt mention music, im too lazy to download manually
2020-09-30 15:29
netflix amazon prime spotify dazn
2020-09-29 19:55
idk exactly, but $25 pokimane and around $900 onlyfans
2020-09-29 19:56
Spotify 1,80€ Netflix 1,70€
2020-09-29 19:56
wtf, why so cheap
2020-09-29 22:34
Look at his flag
2020-09-30 21:51
That doesn't explain anything.
2020-10-01 13:37
Andorra talking KEKW #421
2020-10-04 13:11
My spotify plan is in brazil And netflix turkish Ez money Imagine ppl paying the real price for that KKKKKK
2020-10-04 13:11
netflix spotify
2020-09-29 19:56
netflix i dont know why but i have spotify premium without paying for it
2020-09-29 19:58
Month free
2020-10-01 13:36
nah its been free for like 6 months now
2020-10-01 17:11
amazon prime twitch (1 channel + 1 prime) patreon (1 guy)
2020-09-29 19:58
Youtube premium 😎
2020-09-29 20:01
Dude are u retarded, why u pay for all that? If u have enough money its better to just throw it or give to some charity instead to paying for things that u can get for free. I would beat ppl like u every day but Im pretty sure u are trolling.
2020-09-29 20:02
how u get p*rnhub premium for free plz men
2020-09-29 20:10
man he is nolifer)) they spend their money on useless shit cause they have no friends))
2020-09-29 22:27
Sure, tell him to pirate, think that you have the moral high ground anyway and then threaten with violence. That's as eastern european as it can get. XD
2020-09-30 19:11
So you suggest stealing the salaries of the people that work for those services?
2020-09-30 21:07
yeah some poor guy from Serbia gonna beat someone kek
2020-09-30 21:53
Both flags checks out Moldova calling someone poor while being the poorest country in Europe and Swedegay talking about fight..
2020-09-30 23:41
Maybe that's why sweden is first worlder country, because we dont fight over useless shit. ever thought about that?
2020-09-30 23:50
sounds like u have only wood in ur skull rofl
2020-10-01 00:29
Sweden flippig
Viaplay 40$/ month Spotify 10$ Wow 12$/month Leeching netflix + hbo And ofc boring stuff like electricity, phone, internet acess etc..
2020-09-29 20:02
Malta haxaLajtus
Spotify Netflix F1 TV
2020-09-29 20:04
Germany Lifant
Spotify DAZN Netflix Prime Video I share all so they're like 10€ / month together, Prime Video is free as student
2020-09-29 20:06
Right now only a minecraft server. Stopped with twitch prime last month because I haven't watched it for months.
2020-09-29 20:07
Torrenting for movies $40 (20 each) to local charities each month
2020-09-29 20:08
Austria mo_bamba
2020-09-29 20:09
have none
2020-09-29 20:09
spotify premium $0
2020-09-29 20:10
ZywOo | 
Poland GodLk
spotify premium hbo netflix
2020-09-29 20:12
Netflix and Amazon Prime
2020-09-29 20:13
discord nitro $0,77 cent / 2 month - spotify premium $0/forever - amazon prime $1.02/month - youtube prime (youtube vanced) $0/forever am i thrifty ? am i poor ?
2020-09-29 20:20
how do you get nitro so cheap?
2020-09-29 20:48
He buys one month every 2 years
2020-09-30 19:40
United Kingdom KieranFR
Amazon prime that's it
2020-09-29 20:23
Spotify 5$
2020-09-29 20:25
United States PP_Bizon
who the fuck actually pays for p*rnhub lmao
2020-09-29 20:26
2020-09-29 21:14
no lifers like op))
2020-09-29 22:25
2020-09-30 21:08
Electricity 20-40euro month Phone connection +home internet 20 euro month
2020-09-29 20:29
-amazon video -electricity -water -internet thats about it :()
2020-09-29 20:32
2020-09-29 20:41
Serbia K4bby
Netflix GeForce Now Few Youtube Memberships Sometimes I get Spotify Premium or Youtube Music when I travel more.
2020-09-29 20:36
YouTube premium 12$? Tf? Spotify - 4$ Yt premium 4$ Ecl faceit 6$ Cis league 5$ Ps plus 12$ Buying new licenced Minecraft account every month - 0.5$ XD
2020-09-29 20:37
clax | 
Russia ILTk
cis league kekw
2020-09-30 23:00
Denmark nrth_LUL
Nord VPN 2$/yr on
2020-09-29 20:48
2D | 
Japan breasts
criterion channel 100/yr mubi 80/yr mlbtv
2020-09-29 20:48
4euros for Spotify thats it
2020-09-29 20:50
Shared with my wife: Electricity for 1 house and 1 flat. Insurance for 1 flat and 1 house. 2 ISP 2 time netflix 1 car insurrance 1 car mortgage 2 bank account fees 3 house employee services Solo : 1 phones contract 1 isp 1 vpn 1 golf club membership 1 gym membership 3 house club memberships 1 life insurance 2 private banking services 1 security services 1 laywer services 1 accountant services 8(not sure) bank account fees national taxes local taxes 2 real estate mortgages 1 house insurance and various other expenses, paid by my companies, so not really personal strictly speaking
2020-09-29 20:50
DJ 32k/m?
2020-09-30 21:10
Nope, retired.
2020-09-30 22:28
UFC fight pass $5/month
2020-09-29 20:51
2020-09-29 20:51
youtube premium 2eu/month
2020-09-29 21:11
Sweden botl0f
only hbo
2020-09-29 21:12
Dosia | 
Russia Rapu
Humble Bundle Monthly That's all
2020-09-29 21:12
Who is Ceh9?
2020-09-30 21:10
Dosia | 
Russia Rapu
famous youtuber
2020-09-30 23:26
Secure vpn free
2020-09-29 21:14
Netflix NordVPN Premium Tidal Premium P*rnhub Premium And other stuff as well like Hulu, Crunchyroll etc...
2020-09-29 21:53
Dude, what's the profit of getting a paid subscribtion in PH?
2020-09-30 21:11
It's not my account. I found it in a channel on Telegram.
2020-09-30 22:13
youtube premium wtf
2020-09-29 21:59
Prime yt premium xbox game pass ultimate humble bundle (sometimes) few local app subs
2020-09-29 22:04
belle delphine onlyfans Netflix
2020-09-29 22:07
Turkey TheKaiser
Nothing - $0/month
2020-09-29 22:08
You meant daddy pays it, right? :) I have nflix and YouTube family premium.
2020-09-29 22:09
2020-09-29 22:27
ah yes, the anal exchange
2020-09-29 22:28
Argentina Proxx_Arg
why would you pay for youtube premium???
2020-09-29 22:10
cause he has no life and no other way to spend money))
2020-09-29 22:24
endless music. any music. no ads. i use yt music 10 hrs a day, would be annoyed to hear ads whilst driving
2020-09-29 22:24
Albania HLTV_God
why youtube music instead of spotify?
2020-09-29 23:22
Cuz i can find romanian underground rap artists. On yt you find them
2020-09-30 08:02
No 15 second adds before every f ing video
2020-10-01 13:33
Sweden Fizze
Why do you pay for spotify premium if you have youtube premium? Just use youtube music
2020-09-29 22:19
cause he has no life and no other way to spend money))
2020-09-29 22:24
Sweden Fizze
Seems likely as he earns 32k/month as a DJ
2020-09-29 22:27
2020-09-29 22:27
Sweden Fizze
2020-09-29 22:27
2020-09-29 22:24
Sweden Fizze
you use youtube music?
2020-09-29 22:27
Yes, at home. Outside Spotify.
2020-09-29 23:28
wtf people buy youtube premium?
2020-09-30 13:07
Sweden Fizze
No ads plus you get a rippoff of spotify (Youtube music) with it that works just as good as Spotify
2020-09-30 17:35
Netflix 0€/month Spotify premium 0€/month looks like you need to get a life))
2020-09-29 22:23
I'm working for Spotify and some dumbass from Polsha is stealing the money I should be getting as my salary, thus I can't get a life.
2020-09-30 21:13
wtf mens)) im not stealing anything)) im leeching))
2020-09-30 23:30
I have spotify free trial I think that counts everything else is free and don't really see a reason to pay
2020-09-29 22:27
What is discord nitro
2020-09-29 22:29
Serbia Aco_
its like better discord, just google it and see
2020-09-29 22:32
Amazon prime 9.75€ Spotify 8€
2020-09-29 22:37
FACEIT premium (1 month) Humble Bundle (10 games a month for $35 every 3 months)
2020-09-29 22:43
spotify, netflix, sky ticket (sports) used to have but recently got rid of: dazn, amazon may add ea for fifa 21 temporarily, cancel sky permanently (it's a hustle but i plan to do for 2 years) and netflix (don't rly use it)
2020-09-29 22:45
Netflix, Spotify, Faceit, Dazn, Sky
2020-09-29 22:47
Finland vjollila
right now: spotify, ruutu+ and iRacing
2020-09-29 22:52
Finland vjollila
stuff i had: wrc plus all live, eurosport player, brazzers, c-more, viaplay sport
2020-09-29 22:51
what irating?
2020-10-01 18:10
Finland vjollila
online racing sim
2020-10-05 09:13
no men, what iRATING
2020-10-05 09:30
Finland vjollila
oh about 2300 road and 1600 oval my mistake
2020-10-10 14:41
Youtube premium That's all
2020-09-29 22:52
- Discord 0$ who tf pays for a chat room loool - Netflix 0$ ex gf still has hers logged in - VPN 0$ comes with Opera browser - music 0$ piratebay by album and drag the files onto my phone - porn 0$ either xvideos or just google the actresses name - anime 0$ kissanime - 128 tick 0$ who tf still plays csgo
2020-09-29 22:52
India somecunt
Kissanime is banned. Nevermind is still working.
2020-09-29 22:55
Finland vjollila
there is infinite amount anime pirating sites anyway
2020-09-29 22:59
sorry I actually meant gogoanime
2020-09-29 23:05
Finland vjollila
im too using that did you watch made in abyss 3rd film yet? pretty great
2020-09-29 23:06
no too many others on my to watch list
2020-09-29 23:08
Finland vjollila
just watch it great series first season (films 1 and 2) is only 12 eps quick watch
2020-09-29 23:20
Netherlands staticNL
I recommend for anyone whos interested. By far the best one ive come across.
2020-09-30 21:05
2020-09-30 10:34
50% you probably make up to flex HAHAHA
2020-09-29 23:08
Gym Spotify Can you call rent a subscription to your house? lol
2020-09-29 23:10
netflix spotify
2020-09-29 23:13
Albania HLTV_God
netflix 11$ spotify 10$ oldschool ruescape 10$ faceit 15$ smartphone 55$ deepestweb 200$
2020-09-29 23:20
spotify disney plus (for couple months) netflix, but I don't pay for it
2020-09-29 23:27
HS | 
Europe nvebev
spotify netflix steam OMEGALUL (DAILY)| twitch (mostly dota streamers)
2020-09-30 00:55
Korea XigNw0w
Amazon Prime, just reminded I have to cancel it.
2020-09-30 08:14
Pokimane tier 3 US$24,99 Onlyfans from various women from around the net, around US$150 plus donations to Twitch streamers (mostly pokimane) US$450
2020-09-30 08:14
who subscribe to youtube premium smh??
2020-09-30 08:29
Winrar 40$/month
2020-09-30 08:29
True alpha
2020-09-30 23:32
Denmark ImA1ex
Idk when i buy subs i usually cancel them again before i'll need them again. But right know i got. Faceit Premium / 6€ Disney plus / 8€ Both are set to automaticly cancel until i need them again.
2020-09-30 08:52
Appartament $2100 / month ish Car payments $5-800 depends on how many tolls I pass that month and how much I drive Grocery delivery with a weekly menu for 4 days a week approx $100 / week, rest is food deliveries (e.g uber eats) very random $$ each month. Id probably average $100 a week. Lunch $10-25 / day Netflix, HBO etc is on my ex $0 Esportal free user Spotify. $15
2020-09-30 10:20
NordVPN 3 year plan costs ~ 3$/month LUL
2020-09-30 10:22
Wow imagine paying for any of that shit.
2020-09-30 10:39
why would u pay for discord nitro ?
2020-09-30 10:45
Just checked the benefits of being a Nitro subscriber and it's a total scam unless you just want to support the devs.
2020-09-30 21:17
yeah i know
2020-09-30 21:35
faceit premium 10$ per month????? i got faceit premium for a year for like 33€
2020-09-30 10:45
Imagine having the nerves to play CS:GO for the whole 2020.
2020-09-30 21:17
2020-09-30 21:29
i just got a few twitch gifted sub xD
2020-09-30 10:52
Faceit premium Netflix HBO Viaplay Spotify ECL F1 premium Disney+ and some other shit
2020-09-30 10:52
Only spotify, 5 eur a month and 1 twitch sub and discord nitro but they were both gifted to me
2020-09-30 13:09
Ireland IX!
Discord Nitro Classic Pro that's all
2020-09-30 13:10
none lul
2020-09-30 14:25
None, imagine paying for stuff like that lmao
2020-09-30 16:15
Spotify ($2, free trial) & Internet ($5).
2020-09-30 17:39
netflix disney+ amazon prime xbox game pass onlyfans from linkolini
2020-09-30 19:00
just faceit premium which is like 7ish a month
2020-09-30 19:14
Why would you do anything more than just: Netflix Faceit csgo spotify Maybe amazon prime Everything else is a complete waste of money because it is either useless or you can get it for free
2020-09-30 19:35
Netherlands staticNL
a lot of the stuff people watch for free (youtube and twitch for example) is only free, because other people are paying for it. if no one were to pay for such content, we'd have a heck of a lot less
2020-09-30 21:01
Not true for YouTube generally
2020-09-30 23:31
Netherlands staticNL
A lot of people watch youtube with adblock and a lot of videos get demonitized at first as well. Depends on the kind of content though. I support youtubers through patreon.
2020-10-01 12:09
soundcloud go 8€
2020-09-30 19:35
- discord nitro $10/month - crunchyroll $8/month - ea play $5/month - youtube premium $12/month [18+] - p*rnhub premium $10/month What's the point of all of these
2020-09-30 19:43
Germany R1AN
i wish some day i will earn more than 50$/month
2020-09-30 19:45
Sell drugs. Scam people.
2020-09-30 21:20
Germany R1AN
too hard in 2020
2020-09-30 21:21
Go on those drug selling platforms on Tor.
2020-09-30 21:22
yeah u wont make more than 50$ month with this shit mentality LOL
2020-10-01 12:08
Germany R1AN
ok try to scam people i'll watch
2020-10-01 14:50
theres other scams than just steam scams idiot
2020-10-01 16:02
Germany R1AN
expected from spain lmao xDDD scam nation worse than gypsy
2020-10-01 16:06
Im well sorted in life, nothing illegal, dont worry about me or my country Just saying that if u aclly wanted some money u could get it even without any effort by scamming and could get away w it but u just too dumb n will continue crying about how u got a shit job or no money
2020-10-01 19:42
Netherlands staticNL
netflix crunchyroll spotify hidive amazon prime few patreon monthly donations twitch sub faceitpremium, but bought an annual subscription private internet acces drivereasy (annual sub) humble choice
2020-09-30 21:05
Netherlands staticNL
shonen jump app
2020-09-30 21:12
Drivereasy. Imagine paying for a malware.
2020-09-30 21:21
Netherlands staticNL
Driver easy isnt malware and is a great program. Fixed a bluetooth 3.0 issue I had since 2010 (drivers on mobo site didnt work). Also updates a lot of drivers people dont think about updating. Its just a great program to keep your pc up to date. Microsoft should buy drivereasy and incorperate it into windows.
2020-10-01 12:11
Nothing im a loser
2020-09-30 21:03
Drugs $???/???
2020-09-30 21:09
Ireland DaFlame
Netflix Disney + Amazon Prime Funimation Spotify But I don't pay for any of them. Use parents login/family plan and Funimation is my mate's subscription
2020-09-30 21:15
Paying for both Youtube and Spotify??? It doesn't make much sense...
2020-09-30 21:39
Canada puckpuck
netflix (13$ month) spotify (10$ month)
2020-09-30 21:40
netflix spotify xbox game pass ultimate crunchyroll bcs why not watch some animes sometimes
2020-09-30 21:48
pornhub premium x videos red brazzers blacked bangbros tushy vixen
2020-09-30 21:50
Only spotify
2020-09-30 21:50
faceit premium is a paid service, what? I thought Faceit Premium is some sort of a League which you can join when you have enough ELO or something, didn't know this details. I only played 2 games there though.
2020-09-30 21:53
its paid for lower ping, 4 timeouts instead of 1, map is random (the vote is on where the server will be)
2020-09-30 21:54
Spotify HBO Netflix Some twitchstreamers i support Local newspaper (premium articles) FaceIt
2020-09-30 21:53
Other Zytoep
who uses and pays for crunchyroll lul
2020-09-30 21:57
-Spotify (7eur/month) -Xbox Game Pass (3 month free) -Discord Nitro (1 month free) yeah. i dont have monei :((
2020-09-30 22:06
i was making the list but im way too depressed to publish it
2020-09-30 22:21
spotify ($10) phone bill ($55) cs skins ($400/month xD)
2020-09-30 22:29
No subscriptions
2020-09-30 22:31
lul, never been subbed to anything, always using pirated software
2020-09-30 22:34
Me 2
2020-10-01 17:04
bro if i was from iceland i would get all the existent subscriptions
2020-10-01 17:04
Existent what is that
2020-10-01 17:05
2020-10-01 17:52
faceit premium $10/month
2020-09-30 22:50
Only Belle Delphine onlyfans and Pokimane twitch subscription
2020-09-30 23:29
spotify netflix disney+
2020-09-30 23:32
Why people still pay spotify when you can have youtube premium for the same price?
2020-09-30 23:36
Australia Am2de
Lot of people do that for Spotify podcasts
2020-10-01 00:14
Last time I was using YouTube, the web app was an absolute nightmare and they didn't have a native windows app
2020-10-01 10:22
The phone app works just fine (I find it as easy to use as Spotify with a way more vast catalogue + a better recommendation algorithm (for me) + skiping ads on youtube + being able to use youtube with the screen blocked is a huge thing for me, especially for podcasts + good interaction with my car's android auto). When I am at the PC I use the browser version, or even youtube itself (the current version is VERY similar to spotify, not to say it is a copy lol). Not sure why would I need a native windows app. Maybe I do not listen to music on my PC as much as you. (You could also connect your phone to your pc, via cable or bt, and control everything through the phone app). Not trying to sell it for you. Spotify is very neat, user friendly, and works amazingly well. Just telling you my experience. Of course that there is a something like an "adaptation curve" everytime we make a change for something new. In my case, after a couple days adapting to yt premium, I would never go back to spotify. ps. I am talking about YT premium, not YT music. Here in Br YouTube Premium goes for BRL$20/month, same as Spotify premium (+-USD $4/month).
2020-10-01 20:48
none, what a waste of money all those things are. just pirate music and shows. As for faceit, play it for free lmaoooo... also really discord nitro??? what a useless way to spend 10 bucks. NordVPN LOL You know that they got hacked? Just use proton or something for free... accomplishes the exact same shit. Youtube premium? Okay i thought you were fucking stupid but this is even more pathetic. Just use adblock on pc and newpipe on android phone or adblock browser on iphone.
2020-09-30 23:46
I think we need to make a flag exchange. I thought life in Canada ain't that bad
2020-10-01 13:36
There's a difference between being smart with your money and being poor. I made 60k last year as a 19 year old and even still i refuse to pay for shit thats unnecessary.
2020-10-01 16:00
Well, if ur standarts are that high and u re so obsessed with making and saving as much money as u can, why are u on hltv in the first place ant not busting ur ass (in t1 country, instead of enjoying ur life there)
2020-10-01 16:51
um because I am a programmer on a computer? I can take periodic breaks to relax lmao
2020-10-01 20:25
So if you're a programmer you're fine with people pirating your software, something you've spent potentially hundreds of hours working on?
2020-10-02 11:00
Most everyone I know in this industry believes in pirating software. Also tons of programmers believe in making open source technologies and as well are not commercial application developers. Often Software in my industry is created for a client (often a huge organization) who ends up buying licenses in mass quantities and in my case, it's security applications. I have no problem with the average person to pirate software especially when open source alternatives exist for most things. Windows = Something I will not pay for or will not spend market price for, linux distros are the alternative which I also use Microsoft office products = not something im paying for when libre office exists Photoshop = not something im paying for, for soooooo many obvious reasons Music = something I might pay for depending on if the artist has a huge record label behind them or not... spotify I will definitely not pay for given they already pay the artist but also charge an extreme amount for something I could achieve with on youtube for free or newpipe (which is not pirating, it's using the Youtube API in a legal manor). I also just download my music which by far better suits my use case of wanting to listen to the best quality and not having to use spotify's junk interface. Movies = something I would not pay for when Youtube exists and is free. I also am super into movies and have watched probably close to 5000, probably more. If I paid for every movie I have watched, I'd be broke and theres a huge chance I would've paid for a shitty ass movie given all the movies I have actually watched. Shows = same argument as movies. Shows especially I have no moral reason to pay for as they pump in the ads constantly. Cable is something I wish my family would get rid of. Now if I was a game developer, I would agree with your argument as there is no real alternative. I also don't pirate games.
2020-10-02 17:50
Australia Am2de
Wardell, Aceu, Sinatraa, Pokimane, Sykunno - Tier1 twitch Twitch prime Spotify
2020-10-01 00:16
Pokimane's stream sub. Yes im a simp menS))))
2020-10-01 00:16
what in the holy fuck can YT premium possibly offer that is worth $12?
2020-10-01 10:49
Amazon prime 5$ Spotify for students 5$ EA Play 5$
2020-10-01 10:59
spotify 5.99$ netflix - free, I am invited to my friends 6$
2020-10-01 12:10
So what are you paying that 1 cent for Xd
2020-10-02 11:01
bank transfer fees:( prolly more than that
2020-10-02 13:45
netflix (7) tidal (4) viaplay (10) Disney+ (7) Amazon prime (7) Nordvpn (70 euros for 3 years i believe) Xbox game pass (currently 4 euro - but the price will increase to 10 soon) Humblebundle 10 euros monthly.
2020-10-01 12:19
- Google One (2) - Netflix (free cuz I don't pay it myself) - Youtube Music (free cuz I don't pay it myself) - Floatplane (3)
2020-10-01 13:40
who the hell actually subs to youtube premium???
2020-10-01 13:46
who tf wants to download videos. i don't know anyone
2020-10-01 17:50
torrent 0 $
2020-10-01 16:10
REZ | 
Mexico PS4
how do u afford it? im rethinking about remobing my spotify subscrpition
2020-10-01 16:12
Symbolab - 1.245$ / month twitch - $4.99 / month my Nord and Grammarly accounts are cracked so that saves money I bought wolframalpha on mobile and just screen it on my PC so i dont have to spend a monthly subscription on that. i havent played faceit in months otherwise you can include that.a
2020-10-01 16:58
Different porn sites ~ 70$ Netflix Spotify Faceit Playstation network Premier League +++ 200$
2020-10-01 17:03
spotify ivi
2020-10-01 17:11
TV cable (comes with internet, and I have a shit ton of channels, inlcuding champions league, F1, Spanish football...) 120 ish (I have some phone lines included) Amazon prime (I think It's 40 a year or something like that) Netflix (the normal prince per month I think It's 11? I don't even check that out) DAZN (10 a month to watch spanish basketball and the UFC main cards)
2020-10-01 17:12
only humblebundle, i only pay for games. Music and movies I pirate or just use spotify free
2020-10-01 17:12
spotify (Student)
2020-10-01 17:46
Get ezblocker and you save 10$ from spotify
2020-10-01 17:52
Poland neverbait
2020-10-01 17:58
netflix iracing f1tv privatevpn wrc+
2020-10-01 18:05
Spotify Premium Netflix Doordash Dash Pass Faceit Premium
2020-10-01 19:45
I pay 300$/month for onlyfan girls
2020-10-01 20:26
Faceit (3.33/m) Spotify (idk, student discount) Netflix (from parents, 0.00/m)
2020-10-01 20:41
sub to pokimane))
2020-10-02 11:04
imagine paying for porn, such a cuck
2020-10-02 11:06
Spotify (student discount) Xbox Game Pass (Maybe I'll stop when it goes up to 10 euro/month) Disney+
2020-10-05 09:22
2020-10-05 09:55
Also imagine bragging about consuming useless stuff
2020-10-05 10:17
I'm only subbed to twitch streamers because I get gifted subs
2020-10-05 10:00
My step-father pays for netflix my mother pays for viaplay (norwegian streaming service) i pay for disney+ and i used to pay for hbo
2020-10-05 10:05
United States _Nohj
2020-10-05 10:18
i only subscribe to twitch channels and nothing else, ive got like 3 or so i usually keep the subs going and i gift subs too occasionally. In last 6 months I've spent like $500 on twitch lol.
2020-10-05 10:26
Only subscribed to Netflix, and it is for my family, got paid £100 for the year. So personally no subscriptions. Get all my music from Youtube, all my anime from stuff like kissanime. I paid for nitro once, but it wasn't worth it.
2020-10-05 12:14
Spotify Premium
2020-10-05 12:22
only prime
2020-10-05 13:07
I have a lot of YouTube subscriptions
2020-10-05 13:24
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