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Why +Nato?
s1mple | 
Other el1teman 
He is like the worst stand in you can get, he was removed from Nordavid and Heroic lol. HS would have been a better option or some other player
2020-09-29 22:01
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Maybe they know nato a little bit but they dont know HS at all?
2020-09-29 22:03
Blame and Nato were together on Heroic and I believe they're pretty close to being BFFs
2020-09-29 22:03
ropz | 
United States omaega
+1 but I think +friberg would've been funnier
2020-09-30 00:28
2020-09-30 21:38
y he do this to fibbe, man D:
2020-09-30 22:49
2020-09-29 22:09
2020-09-29 22:09
for playoffs...
2020-09-30 00:10
Sweden crittaN
of an online league...
2020-09-30 02:40
theres no such thing as lan right now, get over it we're not in 2019 jesus christ.
2020-09-30 06:42
Sweden crittaN
No youre right, but in 2021 (or 2025, whenever it is safe to hold lans again) results in this online era will be forgotten.
2020-09-30 19:04
GuardiaN would be better IMO
2020-09-29 22:10
everything checks out Gave me a good laugh though
2020-09-29 22:14
2020-09-29 22:20
maybe for coL valorant roster
2020-09-30 01:13
yup was stupid considering Nato was main awp for nordavind lmao. Rigon/Juanflatroo would have done much better for free. good thing I bet on Nato under 16 kills map1 at least 1.9 odds :D
2020-09-29 22:11
sign me complexity pls im dj and good player i dont need money cuz i have 32k$/month
2020-09-29 22:11
I think there is a big jump going from Nordavind to Complexity. One team is brute force the other one is slow and thought out. Never felt he was a good fit in NVD, but almost no one is apparently.
2020-09-29 22:13
2020-09-29 22:21
they should have tried out juanflatroo
2020-09-29 22:16
2020-09-29 22:21
nato won cs summit 5 with mousesports as stand-in so why not? he's probably the best available stand in they could get. he's pretty good individually USUALLY. its just not easy being a stand in sometimes, especially with this little time for preparation
2020-09-29 22:16
Juanflattro available. They need obo like individual player and nato is more like a support player. Imagine having two RUSH in CoL
2020-09-29 22:22
22/8 is pretty good on T half of overpass, maybe blame wanted someone he knows will listen
2020-09-30 00:11
he did good on overpass ngl.
2020-09-30 00:26
he carried on overpass he did good on mirage, if he keeps this up he might even end up as fifth
2020-09-30 02:12
I made this thread after first map
2020-09-30 02:39
I know which is actually retarded ngl, judging standin by 1 map is pretty stupid
2020-09-30 03:12
well also judged by his performance in Nordavind and Heroic
2020-09-30 03:48
nordavind went down as a team so i wouldnt be too harsh there
2020-09-30 12:06
Also heroic where he was removed/left. He was main awp and he literally lost confidence in his awping and es3tag just took over and at that point nato was not useful to the team and he was replaced
2020-09-30 19:31
I know he wasnt good in heroic but nordavind as team went downhill even without nato so its unfair to call him bad on that team.
2020-09-30 19:33
Well unfair to call him good if he was booted off two last teams
2020-09-30 20:51
You know palyer can be booted of a team and still be good right? Have you heard about magisk?
2020-09-30 20:54
Nato was removed from Sprout, Heroic, Nordavind.
2020-09-30 21:25
Also during cs summit when he stood for mouz he literally changed his sens, mouse acceleration to have same settings as Karrigan DURING the tournament. This is highly unprofessional as you need to perform your best and not make yourself play worse when the team needs you the most.
2020-09-30 21:29
Well and he still won that tournament with mouz, and currently he has done pretty well against ence
2020-09-30 22:23
ye with 0.95 rating overall in the tournament. He did pretty good against ENCE but ENCE arent good right now. I am not a hater, I hope he does well
2020-09-30 22:47
has stand in experience and knows blame well
2020-09-29 22:19
2020-09-29 22:23
"He is like the worst stand in you can get" Not even close. He is versatile and blameF knows him. Remember how badly mouz played when he was stand-in?
2020-09-29 22:20
2020-09-29 22:23
Hungary szia
Should've +fejtz The international standin
2020-09-29 22:21
this aged well
2020-09-30 00:07
2020-09-30 00:08
2020-09-30 00:09
24-9 on ovp uh oh
2020-09-30 00:11
Poland v1ctorex
ye 1 map crazy
2020-09-30 20:55
one map against top 22 team nice.
2020-09-30 22:48
jdm64 | 
United States ekwi
maybe nato can win another thing as a standin, it'd be hilarious
2020-09-30 00:12
Nato wins more as stand in than on own team haha
2020-09-30 00:15
2020-09-30 00:14
That is actually probably the best one of those I have heard. Great work!
2020-09-30 02:41
danish cs best cs?
2020-09-30 00:16
2020-09-30 01:03
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2020-09-30 01:08
Asia Blitzer
friends with blamef thats it
2020-09-30 02:41
Sweden Lagge15
They wanted a standing and didn't have much time to scout, pracc and plug in a player. So Nato makes a lot of sense, since he is a versitile player and know BlameF. A big issue for his first map was the protocols which looked weird. I remember an early AWP round where he was in outer looking towards IV. As soon as their player who had control over main/t-con died, NaTo got anxious and tried to switch between Main, Pop and IV. Mor or less impossible holding all 3 unless you got impecible timing. In a team he would know where to go, which angle to stay away from and what angle that is his first and secondary objective.
2020-09-30 08:36
HS the guy that was also kicked from nordavind?
2020-09-30 12:07
Why the fuck would u not bring in Nato? He's shown himself to be a good stand in before. Also he's a solid player imo. He left nordavind because they had different ideologies on how the game's supposed to be played.
2020-09-30 19:33
Nato is basically the god of stand-ins.
2020-09-30 21:34
Denmark Menterx
This thead age well :D
2020-09-30 21:35
United Kingdom SiXCS
Nato is a beast thats why. Just hasnt found the right team to gel with yet
2020-09-30 21:37
United States Valerence
nato did good lol??!!!
2020-09-30 21:38
clown statements. HS is completely fucking garbage NaTo can be a legit top 10 (team) player
2020-09-30 22:50
???? Any proof besides bs statement? Because hs can frag and IGL. Nato can't awp and has no role overall
2020-10-01 19:36
nato is useless shit, they should try to avoid war but instead they start war :8
2020-10-01 19:38
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