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Switzerland toastedgiraffe Imagine losing to Biden lol what a shitshow
2020-09-30 05:06
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cry | 
Brazil IsFree
Do trump supporters even watch debates?
2020-09-30 05:10
no. only people watching debates right now are Biden supporters seeing if he can actually stand a chance in the election, because most people in America rn don't think he can win.
2020-09-30 05:27
You a delusional trump supporter aren't you?
2020-09-30 05:36
+1, even with proof they will be in denial
2020-09-30 05:38
proof?? when lefties make their own polls we laugh ..
2020-10-11 19:34
lefties smart righties dumb / close
2020-10-12 20:45
2020-10-12 20:47
ah yes, forgot the polls were always right. ask a few people, extrapolate the data to the entire population. thats lefty proof for ya
2020-10-13 00:51
as somebody who doesnt care for both of them, even though trump didnt play by the rules, he obliterated biden with ease, so many times he made biden look like the "bad guy" and biden would just look at the cameras with his sad face. this poll has no value since rightists would vote trump even if biden wouldve had a better performance, and leftists wouldve voted biden even if trump had a better performance.
2020-10-08 17:23
Except those debates are targeting undecided voters. And those people care less who's the best bully but more about proposal.
2020-10-08 17:54
yes true, meanwhile this poll doesnt say anything except that biden has more voters.
2020-10-08 18:13
More voters is what a democracy is supposed to be about. Just the US that have a crippled democracy with electoral bs. Popular vote should be all that matters tbh.
2020-10-09 17:25
Electoral college is serious debate for country of that size tbh. ALso dont forget governors are "president" of individual states...
2020-10-11 19:22
Makes votes in small nobody cares mid county states worth 4 times a vote in California for example. How is that fair?
2020-10-11 22:17
Because this ensures that somebody cares about those states. He is president of the whole country not just california.
2020-10-12 01:11
So one person one vote should not be a rule for a democracy? What other exceptions do you want. All minorities votes are worth double to white vote? That state should be cared about equal to the size of the population in it. Anything else is discrimination.
2020-10-12 10:05
Both ways are unfair in country of that size, thats why you have federation, thats why i said that with country of that size ellectoral college has some real grounds.
2020-10-12 12:14
No electoral college has no ground at all regarding population density. The two major arguments for its creation were : - to allow some weight to slave population, as they couldn't vote themselves (see Jefferson election in 1800). - Madison directly designed it to limit the democratic power of the US citizens. Electoral college was a check to avoid the people to vote wrong. The State weight difference you claimed above has nothing to do with Electoral College beside, there is already a system to give little State extra weight : it is called the Senate, with 2 senator for each State, no matter their population.
2020-10-12 20:59
Reasons why it was created are worthless since there were lot more states added to union after his work even after his death. And almost all fedreative republics in history considered simmilar voting system btw.
2020-10-12 21:50
nobody decides their vote depending on one debate
2020-10-09 17:14
wauw, only an extremely detached, unintelligent person, with warped youtuber conspiracy views and 0 healthy irl contact with other people could come to this conclusion.... yeah i think biden is an old out-of-touch fart, but to say that trump "owned" him by repeatedly interrupting and displaying such severe lack of form, decency, decorum, and generally being the most childish and unpresedential president just shows how lost you are. How easily manipulated you are and how little critical thinking you do. Sad times.
2020-10-09 17:03
seems like i touched your weak point. both were bad, biden way worse.
2020-10-09 17:06
weak point?? You think calling biden some names or saying trump won is my weak point?? :D my weak point is seeing how incredibly many delusional unintelligent socially retarded people are in this world. You know, as a child growing up you have this idea that adults have things figured out, that they know wtf they are doing. Alas the last 10+ years of being an adult has proven to me, that 50-80% of the world truly is retarded. It saddens me to see that what should be an obvious fraudulent loser to everyone is a hero and saint to almost 50% of people. Its disheartening and frustrating. Fortunately i live in a 1st world country and have enough financial and physical freedom to not worry too much. But i do still feel sad and have sympathy with gullible manipulated people such as urself.
2020-10-09 17:10
+1 Trump could masturbate during the debate and his fanbase would still vote for him because "gUn CoNtRoL bAd" and "AbOrTiOnS bAd" Even though Biden wasn't particularly strong or even that great during the debate at least he wasn't interrupting event 0.1 seconds with a lie pulled out of his hat
2020-10-09 17:25
Yeah it's really weird to realise how locked people can be in their beliefs, that no matter what they see or hear, they can justify and defend it. Most people who is hoping for biden is perfectly capable of admitting he has flaws and is far from the ideal candidate, where as trump supporters will admire anything he does :/
2020-10-09 17:42
Ur weed is laced bro, switch dealers.
2020-10-11 19:07
nah its too shit to be laced bro. I go back and complain about the quality half the time :S
2020-10-11 21:24
Argentina Joedash
Biden: little flaws. Trump: a son of a bitch. Then you call people retarded.
2020-10-12 20:52
Ok "Orange man bad" lol
2020-10-11 19:06
brother you expect an american online gamer not to be right wing??
2020-10-12 13:46
Nearly all the most famous ones are lefties.
2020-10-13 00:45
I will be amazed if he loses at this rate. All Trump proved is that he can interrupt people 10000 times in 1 1/2 hours.
2020-09-30 05:36
you'd be surprised. people were saying the same thing during the last election, but there's a lot of stupid ass people out there who will stand by anything he says. it's disgusting to see such a manchild have so much power tho.
2020-09-30 08:24
i would prefer a manchild who does good things for his country to a clown cuck with fancy socks
2020-10-08 17:25
Yes the only real strategy he had against clinton was interrupting and being rude. He always tries to make the opponent look bad because he has nothing to show off.
2020-10-08 18:18
depends which state you are in. naice lie mens))
2020-10-08 18:04
He will buddy, I'm sorry, that's why Trump is already starting the excuses with the " I will not accept fraudulent votes" etc He knows he lost already
2020-10-09 17:44
he said that last election as well though lol and he won
2020-10-12 14:17
Unban_forsaken is obviously very confused if not a fake flagger. Here in US people are quite ashamed that we lead the world with over 200k covid deaths, and that this "business genius" tanked a good economy that he was gifted. Not many are very excited about Biden in particular, but many can't possibly vote for this clown again. The result of the Trump presidency has been sheer catastrophe and you would have to be half a moron not to realize that. ECONOMY is in BAD shape, very bad shape, and it's a direct result of this moron's inadequate leadership. Even banks are supporting Biden knowing he will likely tax them more, that's saying ALOT.
2020-10-13 00:18
Here in the U.S. where I live, like my flag suggests, any intelligent and/or educated people understand that Trump did not spread COVID, and that he actually shut the country down rather hastily, to the point that Democrats called him racist against Chinese by closing travel from their country specifically, and then Middle Eastern countries, as the virus spread there quickly. The economic success of the United States in the past 4 years is undeniable, along with unemployment rates and other things such as GDP per capita are at an all time high (and low for unemployment). If you honestly think that Biden's personal policies and leadership are the solution to this pandemic, you are clearly desperate for a magical change. If you use statistics in the past 8 months to describe the failure of Trump's presidency, then you're also clearly desperate to find a problem with his leadership. I didn't take a side in my original comment either, so assuming that I am confused by not fully supporting a liberal puppet willing to hand the presidency to a woman that ruined her state entirely is impressive. Although I know nothing will ever change your opinion because orange man bad, I would have been willing to have a friendly discussion about it, but your hostile response answers my questions. Have a good night, and don't bother trying to mount a counterargument because I don't bother reading comments from uneducated people that act intelligent.
2020-10-13 01:32
You're a total bot, the economy was strong when he came into office, only took him 3 years to fail in his first major crisis to destroy it. US has 4% of world population, with over 20% of the global deaths. Oh and GDP last quarter was down over 30%.... a HISTORICAL failure. Thanks for mentioning GDP to make yourself sound even dumber.
2020-10-13 02:41
Who would have stopped the spread of COVID any better? You notice how Biden never had a "COVID-19 plan" until AFTER the deaths? Also, the United States is one of the few countries that reports the death of anybody that has COVID as a COVID-19 death. If you got COVID and were perfectly fine and died in a car crash you are marked as a COVID-19 death. Please do not blame Trump for a global pandemic started in a corrupt communist country. Edit: You're calling me a bot and fakeflagger when we are real people talking about real life issues. You need to get a job or something, find a hobby.
2020-10-13 03:55
The US by all the math available has failed to contain covid, and that's directly due to leadership in power right now. Biden has been a private citizen for 4 years now, so you might be confused. Oh and for your information I'm one of the few thousand contractors from NYC that Trump's companies has stolen labor from. I made Trump org business plans for their bids on 1 Grand Central... Ever hear of Grand Central in NYC? Talk to me when you comprehend reality
2020-10-13 18:30
Denmark Xipingu
No one should tbh, I watched one of them for 5 minutes and it was awful.
2020-10-08 18:46
ofc not
2020-10-12 21:12
- | 
Australia popoto
brazilian omegalullllllllllllllllllllllll
2020-10-13 01:08
This is the type of thread that proved that politics is a joke, it's like a Hollywood, pure theater. Typical tribalistic behavior red flag blue, demys republicans, rooting for your tribal side without seeing any commonality between two sides, basically it's setup automatically that half the population hates each other. Pathetic. You subscribe to this shit you give it power, you subscribe to it you're part of the problem, how about saving yourself and not waiting for the hero to save you because he's never coming, no matter how many marvel movies you watched.
2020-09-30 05:11
Russia Slavaa
ok. we got it. Stop spamming
2020-09-30 05:12
who cars
2020-09-30 05:36
make better b8 next time 0/8
2020-09-30 05:43
Where is psychology degree
2020-10-08 18:04
Trump lost League Of Legends
2020-09-30 05:12
sad :(
2020-10-12 14:16
United States Phamous3k
Lol... Who picked Trump hahaha
2020-09-30 05:14
Nepal Aguminok
idk people with brain probably
2020-10-08 17:14
not rly
2020-10-08 17:18
United States Phamous3k
Haha only on hltv & Trumps twitter would people agree with this statement lol. I’ll happily be brainless then haha
2020-10-08 17:33
Nepal Aguminok
2020-10-08 17:48
Just comment "My belly is fat, my brain has delay, you guessed right, i am from NA" next time and move on.
2020-10-11 19:08
United States Phamous3k
Funny stuff bro. Omg. Hahahaaaa. Will do. Omg haha.
2020-10-11 21:30
Argentina Joedash
You okay bro?
2020-10-12 20:55
2020-10-12 21:13
typically most of the people answering those polls already vote blue in the first place
2020-09-30 05:28
yeah the others are too busy watching nascar or some shit either way america loses
2020-09-30 05:35
is nascar even playing tonight?
2020-09-30 05:42
no but the clownfiesta is biden v trump = faze vs nip
2020-09-30 05:44
well stay hydrated my guy you're gonna need it
2020-09-30 05:53
2020-09-30 05:56
God | 
Australia zi8gzag
2020-09-30 08:15
i dont listen but yes, drain gang indeed
2020-10-08 17:10
God | 
Australia zi8gzag
2020-10-09 05:33
yes Dobry & Gaming aka Bladee & friends
2020-10-09 05:41
they watch the vod
2020-09-30 08:24
This leftist shithole country should back to Afrika. Americas belongs to kazaks/native Americans. They came from central asia
2020-09-30 05:33
United States Phamous3k
+1 hahaha
2020-09-30 05:37
Central asian came from afrika too btw
2020-10-08 17:51
Afrikan came from Eurasia so who cares. Neanderthals never came from afrika.
2020-10-11 18:08
Someone never took biology classes it seems.
2020-10-11 18:46, the famous scientific journal
2020-10-11 19:18
"Even if bipedality or hominins evolved in Europe, there is no doubt both our genus and our species originated in Africa." Ty
2020-10-11 21:04
Whats you point here? You think homo sapiens evolved from neanderthals?
2020-10-12 14:07
Eurasian people have Neanderthal DNA and not originated in afrika.
2020-10-12 15:59
Ofc there is a certain share in DNA, but none of that means that they did not originate from africa. Eurasian people came from africa and later met with neanderthals, which resulted in some mating, aka mixing of DNA. None of that means, that homo sapiens are descendants of neanderthals. Homo erectus are a common ancestor of homo sapiens and homo neanderthalensis. While we still do not know 100% who our last direct ancestors are, no real scientists ever stated, that its neanderthals. This should become painfully clear for your if you look into the cro magnon people, that are part of the "European early modern humans/EEMH": "The description as "modern" is used as contrasting with the "archaic" Homo heidelbergensis and Homo neanderthalensis, who lived within Europe during about 400 ka to 37 ka, and who with the arrival of EEMH became extinct or absorbed into their lineage.". And even homo heidelbergensis came from africa. So did the ancestors of neanderthals, its just that neanderthals themselfs did not live in africa, but again, that doesnt mean their ancestors didnt.
2020-10-13 14:18
Lithuania Ufasas
there are no other important news, but gay ass dumb political news?
2020-09-30 05:33
Biased much
2020-09-30 05:33
why the FUCK would anyone vote for trump again? mans legit called americans who died in the world wars, legit losers??? lmaoooo still hasnt built that well hmm
2020-09-30 05:39
Anyone not believing in the main stream fake news media owned by reptilians. I guess we ll see how many americans rather wear a tinfoil than a mask soon.
2020-10-08 17:50
Lmao maybe cause the economy was booming before the shutdown or maybe because the fact that biden is senile, or because biden supported segregation and im not about that ngl
2020-10-09 05:47
proof he supported segregation
2020-10-09 16:55
Lmao u want to find a compilation of bidens fuck ups?
2020-10-12 21:32
I've seens some of them too. The point being both seems equaly senile. So it is not really a point at all.
2020-10-12 21:49
Ok even still after taking that out the economy was still booming and unemployment were high af before the shutdown, which there is not evidence hinting of biden being able to do a better job
2020-10-12 22:37
About economy: Biden 12-15 Term annual growth : 2.2 1.8 2.5 2.9 Average : 2.35% Trump 16-19 Term: 1.6 2.4 2.9 (projected without COVID) 2.3 Average : 2.3% According to numbers, the economy was booming as much under Trump than it did under Obama. Unemployement : 2012: 7.9 2015 : 5 -2.9% for Obama/Biden 2016: 4.7 2019 (projected without COVID) : 3.5 -1.2% for Trump I could easily say Obama did a better job on unemployment. But honestly the lower it is the harder it is to reduce it. So here, I'd say, At best for Trump it is also a tie. So there is no evidences, as you said, that Trump or Biden would do a better or worse job on these subjects. So remain all the rest : international policies, inner policies, ethics, etc... Which well, is depending of ideologies mostly. So it is one opinion versus the other, on these subjects there is far enough threads to keep them away from this reply. And remain the big thing : COVID handling. Here, according to numbers, not only USA did worst than many countries, but it is one of the country with still no coordinated plan to fight the virus : contradicting information on the social distancing, masks, poor access to ventilators, etc... As the USA is supposed to have the best doctors and medecines, as the USA spend the double per capita than any other wealthy country in healthcare, the handling of COVID was really bad don't you think? US citizens should have expected better outcomes. So as you asked if " biden being able to do a better job" ? And it was at worst for him a tie on other subjects as I said above, I believe, on the COVID subject he can't do a worst job. Him being able to not get infected is just an exemple.
2020-10-12 23:16
Argentina Joedash
Both biden and Trump are dumbasses, USA is doomed at this point, leftists and far right wing destroyed that country.
2020-10-12 20:57
conservatives are just coping rn
2020-09-30 05:39
ask Fox news poll and trump won, but in the end its just 2 crazy old men having a go at each other, nothing to see here
2020-09-30 05:41
United States Phamous3k
I mean... CNN, CNBC, shit ABC, the Disney Channel all picking Biden. Fox is a very very republican network so he should win Fox... That's there HQs. Still, either way it's all a shit show.
2020-09-30 06:58
Europe Vallon4
Literally all the media blocks you listed are as left as they get, so what exactly is your point? The left votes for the left regardless of objective results, I really hope you weren't implying they were unbiased, lmao.
2020-10-08 17:21
United States Phamous3k
Andddd Fox is biased lol. But, forget the media cause I actually live here. I’ve yet to meet an actual Trump supporter after that debate. A buddy of mine who’s full die hard republican isn’t even voting. Lol. So, Nov. 3rd we’ll see. Doesn’t really matter any more tbh.
2020-10-08 17:31
what, in a country where joggers are allowed to loot and burn cities people wont be honest about their political opinion? 👌😂
2020-10-08 17:34
United States Phamous3k
Lol. Mongolia... Jesus Christ.
2020-10-08 17:42
u can do better than that
2020-10-08 17:47
United States Phamous3k
Thats A+ for Mongolian.
2020-10-08 18:13
Thats F for Americanish.
2020-10-08 18:18
United States Phamous3k
Funny joke bro
2020-10-08 18:37
I do have a degree in comedy.
2020-10-08 18:41
United States Phamous3k
I can tell
2020-10-08 18:42
Glad you can, shows it paid off. 😊
2020-10-08 18:45
United States Phamous3k
The ongoing joke lol... Hey, you got it
2020-10-08 18:46
Is this where we kiss?
2020-10-08 18:49
Nobody is allowed to do that, they charge an sentence people for looting and burning down stuff. If you have any evidence of someone lootig or setting fire, send that info to the FBI. Thats not even a joke, the FBI is helping in those cases. For example: from may 29-31, over 1000 people were arrested in LA alone. You can find enough articles for every big protests and find the number of arrests. Or you close your eyes and keep repeating your lies.
2020-10-12 14:20
I just asked Fox new. They said you are wrong
2020-10-12 14:14
biden will win popular vote but will lose cuz electoral
2020-09-30 06:43
United States Masshole
The same shit happend in 2016 when hillary "won" the first debate Both were bae butnholy shit biden was literally lying his ass off
2020-09-30 06:45
Imagine trusting these statistics on CBS lmao
2020-09-30 06:50
So.. republican voters thought Trump won, democrat voters thought Biden won. Wo would have thought?
2020-09-30 06:57
+1 unexpected as fuck, i cannot find the words to say how shocked I am
2020-09-30 07:05
2020-09-30 07:07
10% thought it was tie so 10% of the voters are swing votes...
2020-10-08 17:45
You can think All you want how Biden Will win but if you lived in 2016 you would know it means nothing on election day Fairly certain No Def certain Trump Will win
2020-09-30 07:08
United States Jeebur
Wow an online poll! Trump blew Biden out of the water tbh. Biden literally lost to him on the topic of Climate Change. That shouldn't happen
2020-09-30 07:09
Pence today did the same if not more :D
2020-10-08 18:22
imagine believing pool
2020-09-30 07:15
United States ItsImpact
I mean. He just kept interrupting Biden and kind of came off as childish. Also talking about Biden’s son was fucked.
2020-09-30 07:17
His part about forest cities in Europe was way more fucked. Perhaps he just watched Star Wars and though we were Ewoks or something. Or perhaps he played Warhammer and we are Forest Elves, idk.
2020-10-08 17:18
Argentina Joedash
Maybe watched the lord of the rings and thought you were elves?
2020-10-12 21:04
Perhaps, in all cases it is quite worrisome since he claimed he talked to one of us.
2020-10-12 21:12
Argentina Joedash
LMAO. Is trump, what do ya expect? He's always high. Edit: imo he was playing a Medieval game like skyrim and talked with an elder or stuff, and thought he was talking with europeans. Like I said, he's always high ;(
2020-10-12 21:14
Trump is a moron, couldn’t condemn white supremacy groups when is was such an easy answer.
2020-09-30 07:23
Trump condemned white supremacy ever since he was born, unlike Joe that literally praised A KKK leader.
2020-10-08 18:23
Qatar olaolakaka the "best" Trump did in 2016 was in the second debate when 32% of people said he won, according to a Washington Post/ABC poll. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA 41 > 32
2020-09-30 07:25
hi someone that didn't watch any of the debates :D
2020-10-11 21:10
why would i waste time watching that crapfest
2020-10-12 07:19
Why would you waste your time believing the media? didn't you learn from last time the media claimed trump had lost?
2020-10-12 11:43
what makes you think i believe in the media bro wtf??????
2020-10-12 12:01
You literally quoted a CNN article WTF
2020-10-12 13:30
you seems to have reading comprehension problem...
2020-10-12 13:37
Trump is last hope 😎👍👏👏
2020-09-30 08:12
Trump should've pick nuke, his T side is incredible
2020-09-30 08:22
Argentina Joedash
I heard that he had a good CT side back in 2016 when* cbble was a thing.
2020-10-12 21:06
Brazil Victorhs
2020 and you STILL believe mainstream media polls. LUL
2020-09-30 08:23
It's unreal
2020-10-08 17:16
sodaH | 
Estonia rafio
Liberals are scared of the 'virus' and won't vote. Trump will easily win.
2020-10-08 17:12
He lost so hard he refuses to appear in the second debate actually.
2020-10-08 17:15
No he didnt
2020-10-08 17:18
I wonder what the effect of polls is on the actual vote. Like does it make people vote who wouldn't vote otherwise? Does it sway undecided voters?
2020-10-08 17:18
Punish the anxiety that punishes you, make her feel the weight of your indifference, but if you don't get so much, then put your hand on it, harassing it, leaving it against a wall. Find the way to be greater of everything that harasses you internally, aware that, with the use of willpower, you can get around and transcend what makes you smaller
2020-10-08 17:33
Polls have indeed an effect. That's why some politicians propose to stop them 2 month prior to an election. So only the proposals (and the candidate) affect the people. Another side effect is the media spend more time speaking about polls instead of speaking about proposal. Turning an election into a random game : "chose the most popular mystery box. Who cares what's inside?"
2020-10-08 17:46
"debate" lul
2020-10-08 17:35
Russia RogueDecay
who cares if 41% of country are active voters, polls decide nothing and essentially designed to fool majority
2020-10-08 17:37
Romania Anonym20
imagine trusting media nowdays lol
2020-10-08 17:39
Germany Jermen
Reminds me of the polls last election that showed Trump losing too...
2020-10-08 17:53
2020-10-08 17:58
Trump lost debate to Biden? :D Fake news.
2020-10-08 17:58
Azerbaijan lDarKl
trump better
2020-10-08 17:58
debates are too late to have any actual effect if trump loses, i think the causing factor would be his childish move to cancel the stimulus move right before the election
2020-10-08 18:02
Fake news, Biden coudnt end a sentence without stutter.
2020-10-08 18:09
United States nfstopsnuf
Old news last night's debate was the VP one not the presidential one
2020-10-08 18:09
imagine thinking this means anything
2020-10-08 18:11
Mean while you have a study that shows 10% say Biden even if they're voting Trump so any poll you see you need to first také 10 from Biden and add them to Trump to get accurate results.
2020-10-08 18:34
biden2020 fuck republicans they are racist
2020-10-08 18:42
Argentina Joedash
And the guy is racist himself xd
2020-10-12 21:08
lmfao leftist talking about racism HAHHAHAAHAHAAHAHHA
2020-10-13 00:40
Denmark Henry1887
"donald trump will never be president of the united states" barack obama 4 more years trump, 8 more years pence !
2020-10-08 18:43
CBS News Poll results. Lmao my god.
2020-10-09 05:42
Hey Americans, remember something???
2020-10-09 17:15
She fucked up - Nothing to do with Trump, all her fault really
2020-10-09 17:47
Brazil CiZiN
how can anyone support a retarted person like trump?
2020-10-09 17:18
I’ve been wondering about same thing for 4 years .... damn hair is turning grey
2020-10-09 17:21
Brazil CiZiN
ultra conservatives piss me off. the exact same thing happens here in brazil with bolsonaro simps
2020-10-09 19:00
Argentina Joedash
Conservative is good and progresism isn't good imo. But neither extremes are good, either way my brazilian friend, america is a mess thx to the left and far right movements, trump or biden will keep destroying USA and the people will keep voting them.
2020-10-12 21:11
Serbia TheSerb
Who gives a f about murica
2020-10-09 17:20
United Kingdom pnuTblyat
2020-10-11 19:10
2020-10-12 21:14
it was an unfair debate, biden finished way too many sentences and didn't allow trump to do his signature move of speaking over him, he was clearly on drugs.
2020-10-09 17:25
"source: CBS poll" L U L M A O H R E A L L Y D U D E
2020-10-09 19:06
source: trust me bruh
2020-10-12 21:14
i'm still waiting for old nuke
2020-10-11 19:08
hahahahhahahahahhahahahahahhahaahhahahhahahahhaha no
2020-10-12 21:15
United Kingdom pnuTblyat
even if you dont support trump its obv af he won the debate
2020-10-11 19:10
Usa lost 😔 Country of capitalism has just lost everything and now it’s left shit
2020-10-11 19:23
2020-10-11 19:40
2020-10-11 19:41
new to us elections, hillary won the debate %67 %27 but yeah you see, Trump on tvs. So don't overreact the debate "WIN'S".
2020-10-11 19:45
Imagine thinking internet / tv polls are even real...
2020-10-11 19:48
Imagine believing fake news, the silent majority laughing at you. Trump won a long time ago. Lmao.
2020-10-11 19:49
cbs poll lmao
2020-10-11 21:12 Even the regressive leftists were so disappointed with their democratic leaders they said they lost. That was until mainstream media showed a poll of dems leading the polls. Then, suddenly they believed they won. This is comedy gold. Leftists who claim to be against government manipulation believes in every poll from the fakest of news and want more government manipulation. Toastedgiraffe, maybe you don't remember Hilary was ahead in the polls too. I can't believe the leftists are going to make the same mistake again. This is going to be a good year after all. :)
2020-10-12 13:38
The tie won, idiots
2020-10-12 13:41
They said Trump has 0 chance of winning against Clinton and what happened??? Don't take the media too seriously.
2020-10-12 13:42
mods deleted the pro trump thread i started .. wont even give my original account back are the mods defending podesta? is this about wikileaks?
2020-10-12 14:13
Trump is a loser and clown. Joe Biden is true politican.
2020-10-12 16:05
*a demented pedo ftfy
2020-10-12 20:58
who cars, the USA are fucked anyway
2020-10-12 21:00
Denmark Xipingu
2020-10-13 00:24
Russia LeGoBoys
Lol he will win
2020-10-13 00:26
Don't bet on it
2020-10-13 01:03
remember when some dude on 4chan put some heavy bet on his conviction that boris johnson would win the election in uk? it was purely based on the fact that heavy rain was forcasted. he explained that he knew leftists would be too inconvenienced to go to vote when it was pouring, always touchy about their immediate comforts, while conservatives are heavily invested in the future of society. Now this shows you a lot of fat people laying in front of tvs and sending text messages to show their worth. When it comes to reserving time of a day - it's going to be LANDSLIDE for trump.
2020-10-13 02:47
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