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New C9
United Kingdom DDoubleE 
It sucks that they will play in NA most likely :( NA got a bunch of T5-T4-T3 teams, Chaos as a T2(?) team and legit only EG, Furia and Liquid in T1. GenG is falling apart with s0m and Daps leaving for Valorant. C9 most likely will fall apart, depends on if they get oBo or not. Floppy might stay with "EU C9" coL most likely removing their last NA player, if they stay in EU. Furia is doing really well. MIBR basically disbanded and will never be a top 5 or top 10 team again. It would be so nice to see C9 in EU and it wouldnt be any VISA problems with Floppy since hes ½ German i believe. PLEASE C9, leave NA for EU.
2020-10-01 05:31
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The team is mostly EU region. I would be surprised if they went NA.
2020-10-01 05:33
Yeah i know right. Well, i heard that they will move to NA, i believe California :(
2020-10-01 05:35
That will be sad if they go NA. If tournaments are being filled with stream teams like Mythic, it won’t give the “colossus” much to prove.
2020-10-01 05:36
Yeah, i mean...Flashpoint is played in NA, and ALEX wanted a Flashpoint team so he does not have to travel to 40-50+ events per year. ESL etc. And i believe Flashpoint is located in LA as well. I just beg that they make a 180 and move to EU. Would be a smart move as well since the new C9 got lots of new fans from Turkey, UK etc. And probably more countries depending on who the 2 last players are. I believe its even 3 players because HenryG mentioned a roster with 6 players.
2020-10-01 05:40
I guess we just have to wait and see.
2020-10-01 05:41
Yeah... #Pray
2020-10-01 05:45
the trio of liquid, eg, furia should just move to a europe bootcamp at this point, it doesn't matter if they get obliterated there, the longer they stay in tier 2-3, the quicker they turn to a tier 2-3 team too
2020-10-01 05:39
Well...true i guess.
2020-10-01 15:19
I get your point but like Jack and HenryG have already said, all of C9's infrastructure, staff, facilities etc. are based in LA, so the team eventually has to relocate to LA regardless. And besides, they should poach 100T Jks for the new roster ;)
2020-10-01 05:50
2020-10-01 06:15
Yeah i know mate, but i think they would get better practice vs bigger teams in EU. And yeah, JKS on C9 would be INSANE, i hope so as well!
2020-10-01 15:14
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China VerycowB
Are you dumb stupid or dumb! Must still live in a cave!
2020-10-01 05:52
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