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stoner | 
Libya mahmutRahmid_exe 
To anyone who has died in second place, how do you cope? :(
2020-10-01 10:00
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Norway LeTankT34
who play warzone? is it popular now xdddd
2020-10-01 10:06
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yup its still popular.
2020-10-01 10:06
CIS Merlas_mtk
warzone have more player than cs, nt
2020-10-01 10:07
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2020-10-01 10:08
9 replies
Warzone has 60 million active players and its the most famous and active fps game at the moment
2020-10-01 10:20
8 replies
yeah i just saw the stats and it shocked me. Ive been playing warzone alot now more than CS. Its been almost a month i didnt touch cs. I quit it :(
2020-10-01 10:24
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But its better this way, more fun in warzone, easier to take opponents down, requires less brain activity so u re enjoying it more, super casual and have the opportunity to team up with good players if u want more competitiveness, cs is not a healthy environment anymore apart from obv watching it, i watch all the tournaments but stopped cs 3 years ago
2020-10-01 10:26
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you are very right. Thats the reason why im taking a very long break from csgo. Ive been playing cs so competitively and i went through alot of rage. Teammates were bad. So i decided to play casual games from now on.
2020-10-01 10:29
same, I've deleted the game and I've got more time for everything else now. I miss it but it's worth stopping
2020-10-01 11:09
Come back, u have to tilt in faceit when 5 randoms just run over u as they were s1mple and zywoo;D
2020-10-01 10:47
2 replies
oh hell naaw! pls dont remind of that shit xD
2020-10-01 11:32
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Like u play the game and can be sure without their srtup not even the best would win hahaha
2020-10-01 11:48
no, that is the player count, not active players lol
2020-10-01 10:30
I don't but everyone I know plays it, it's big
2020-10-01 10:21
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2020-10-01 10:25
China china_man
i don't cope, i just cry
2020-10-01 10:08
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haha. I felt like fkng killing myself xD
2020-10-01 10:30
Warzone define active players as people who almost clicked the download button. Right now there are 500 k who has csgo open, CSGO have 20 mill active players. There are 300 k on Warzone right now, they have 75 mill active players.
2020-10-01 10:27
8 replies
Interesting. Also cs is played only on one platform but wz in like 3 different platforms
2020-10-01 10:32
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There are ofcourse more factors, and the number for Warzone might be wrong. Don't know if the tracker i stumbled upon takes consoles in the total count. But the point is "active users" or playerbase doesn't have a clear definition. That's why you have insane numbers on shifty mobile games, like clash. It's just a method to pump up the numbers to make themselves and their product look good.
2020-10-01 10:57
where do you see the stats for warzone?
2020-10-01 10:33
5 replies
Playercounter. I just googled, might be wrong.
2020-10-01 10:48
4 replies
is it reliable? i dont know how it has the live count of some games like overwatch, LoL when the companies dont release the numbers. and it says 755,385 Players Online for overwatch which is definitely false.
2020-10-01 10:51
3 replies
Steamcharts is the only counter i trust, so no I don't think it's reliable. probably just a random generated number to be honest :P The term "active users" have bothered me for years. It doesn't have a clear definition, the 75 million players are most likely the ones who have clicked the download button or made an account.
2020-10-01 11:14
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its ~750k here not 75mil. and this site also says "You are viewing the live Overwatch player count on PlayerCounter." which is clearly fake. i agree steamcharts is probably the closest to the actual number for multiplayer since it requires you to be online on steam. unless other companies like blizzard provide an api i think its not possible to get any number.
2020-10-01 12:18
Australia FlaKeXD
steamcharts doesn't work when new games get launched so an alternative can be just to google: Steam Stats, and it comes up with the official steam/valve statistics:
2020-10-01 12:35
wz is a fun game when u need to chill but at the same time waste time.
2020-10-01 10:55
6 replies
how is it a waste of time ?
2020-10-01 11:04
5 replies
you kill a lot of people then suddenly you die just like that because of very fast TTK and campers
2020-10-01 12:29
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2020-10-02 10:42
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2020-10-02 16:05
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2020-10-03 10:26
its pretty EZ to get a lot of kills never played COD before but holy shit people are bad at this game
2020-10-03 10:31
I have more 2nd places than wins.... :( I am veri sad mens... always some shitty last team that plays like bisch and has better position mens :( U have to cope with it by not coping with it mens
2020-10-01 11:40
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2020-10-01 11:44
I don't play games where you don't need skill such as fortnite, warzone and every battle royale
2020-10-03 10:35
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ok sir
2020-10-03 10:41
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