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Globe earthers come here
maga | 
2020-10-01 23:27
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United States LizaSimpson
Wondering when will you rent a boat and show us ice borders ?
2020-10-01 23:28
man, people are actually that stupid?
2020-10-01 23:38
yes proof flat earth
2020-10-01 23:28
Fors | 
Brazil ricca
2020-10-01 23:29
flat earth trolls are getting boring
2020-10-01 23:29
This user is just the flat earther version of You_Knows_God_Exist Wouldn't surprise me if they are the same person
2020-10-01 23:30
flat earthers are 5yo kids?
2020-10-01 23:36
I'm convinced, you've opened my i know that earth is cube shaped
2020-10-01 23:40
Myanmar Guzhas
what?? i always thought that the earth was a globe thanks for opening my eyes, truly
2020-10-01 23:42
It is called gravity, you are welcome
2020-10-01 23:43
2020-10-01 23:49
Flat earthers don't believe in gravity.
2020-10-01 23:50
So why things fall then?
2020-10-01 23:53
Density and bouyance according to them. If you wanna debunk and make a flat earther look dumb, you better understand what they believe in.
2020-10-01 23:54
It was a genuine question. but then why the sun do not fall on Earth as it is more dense than space and air upthrust is not enough to keep it floating on it?
2020-10-02 00:00
Heaven's magic, god's power, miracle... stuff they say.
2020-10-02 00:01
But if so, why god did not used his power to make gravity? Wouldn't that be a easier explanation?
2020-10-02 00:03
Because that would mean the earth is a globe. They don't even believe space is real, my friend. You simply have no idea how unimaginably delusional flat earthers are. Trust me in this, I have been arguing with these idiots for years of my life.
2020-10-02 00:04
That's disappointing
2020-10-02 00:05
I can send you the best debunking video of all times so you can see how fucking dumb these people are. You can just skip some parts, you will laugh at how fucking hard globebusters were debunked.
2020-10-02 00:07
Korea Weeataku
Because sometimes the rings of saturn touch the earth and turns 90 degrees. These people with before Galileu theories... pathetic. Fucking attention seekers
2020-10-02 00:22
Why do you do this? Everyone understands that you are trolling, but people like you is exactly the problem. I understand that you are a child and dont really understand what it is that you are doing, but cmon grow up, you are only making the world a shittier place for yourself.
2020-10-01 23:47
2020-10-01 23:49
I thought flat earthers are just trolling but well..
2020-10-02 00:08
a stream of flowing water being compared to water not falling off the earth
2020-10-02 00:09
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