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4 stacks in pugs
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Denmark tense198_v2 
Most annoying group of people? They're always incredibly stupid, barely communicate and you can even get kicked for some stupid reason. Once I got kicked for saving a weapon in a 1v4.
2020-10-01 23:55
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2020-10-01 23:56
+1, i only remember 2 times that I played with 4 man premade and they actually were nice, gave info, were friendly and even +rep me in steam profile. Ofc I carried a bit, but still they were very friendly, first time they were russian (lulw) second time danes, usually the nicest players that I play with
2020-10-01 23:58
i dont ever remember a nice 4 stack tbh. they bait you in like 99% of the rounds and when you call them out, they use some stupid excuses.
2020-10-02 00:01
+1 i once queue to a 4 Vietnamese all of them are friends, they kicked me because i cant carry them
2020-10-02 00:02
the most ridiculous things about stacks is that they mostly have way worse teamwork and synergy together than soloq players. its actually unreal
2020-10-02 00:03
And fuckers cant even speak english and they laugh at you if you cant clutch a 1v3 situation. goddamn im not racist but damn
2020-10-02 00:04
yeah, its ridiculous
2020-10-02 00:05
Idk man sounds pretty racista
2020-10-02 04:22
I wonder how they would join NA servers... maybe they live in NA but somehow don't know English?
2020-10-02 05:23
But 1v3 are very easy
2020-10-02 05:24
if you're smurfing in silvers yea
2020-10-02 12:17
Netherlands RiberiA
Nah, it's how serious they are about the game, if 2 don't care, the rest follows them. If all 4 care, you have a decent team to play with
2020-10-02 15:03
+1, and if they start bullying me, I start trolling, i dont care if I lose, I only play the game for fun
2020-10-02 00:05
yeah, but they just instantly kick you if you do that...
2020-10-02 00:09
I'd rather get kicked and play a new game bro
2020-10-02 00:30
+1 waste of time to play with 4 pug idiots
2020-10-02 00:36
Romania sky27
"i start trolling" "i dont care if i lose" this is what every faceit thrower says and i hate them so much. go fuck yourself honestly
2020-10-02 12:36
I dont play faceit because I get bad fps, I am already global in mm, so I dont gain anything by tryharding. I simply play the game to have fun, and if I cant have fun because of a 4stack, I am not gonna try winning
2020-10-02 12:43
Romania sky27
global in mm is shit compared to a lvl 10 so you havent reached anything yet, if you play for fun then dont expect others to tryhard, they are probably 4 friends trying to have fun
2020-10-02 12:45
Triggered 4stacker
2020-10-02 12:46
Do you have a reading disability? Where did I say I reached something in my comment? Or where did I say I expect others to tryhard in mm? If they are being toxic to me, or shooting me for no reason, I will not play my game, because its not fun anymore
2020-10-02 12:47
2020-10-02 12:45
Poland rnkbjz
2020-10-02 00:29
2020-10-02 00:34
+1 also annoying to face 5 premades every game when i go with 1-2 friends))
2020-10-02 00:36
2020-10-02 00:37
North America Swboy1010
-1 I got qued with a four stack of chinese guys, and we absolutely destroyed the other team, and they were friendly and worked together.
2020-10-02 00:38
2020-10-02 00:41
i actually prefere to get paired with 4 stacks. since i play solo, i learned to adapt to the playstyle of others, so it always works out for me
2020-10-02 00:41
+1 finally smart and mature person here. We play with friends not too often and not always have 5th. I could also tell a lot of stories about shit random teammate, but it would be just a generalization. It's actually hard to communicate both in discord/teamspeak and in game at the same time. Personally I try to give as much info as possible and ask my mates to do the same or just give all the info myself when I'm dead. But we mostly play in full stack and sometimes can just forget to use in-game comms, don't need to be salty about that every time, just deal with that. We only kick 5th only if he is - trolling on purpose - playing like shit and obviously not even trying - playing like garbage AND being too toxic - playing ok but being so toxic so it affects the game If the guy doesn't perform well but behave normal and we see that he's trying to do his best -- we won't kick him and won't even say a word about his bad performance. If the guy performs well and kinda toxic but it doesn't affect the game then we can deal with that.
2020-10-02 05:51
Thanks for the essay dude
2020-10-02 12:46
You're welcome.
2020-10-02 12:49
i've found that since i'm solo, i need to ask more information about what I want instead of waiting for this info to come. I keep a good image of the radar constantly in my head, when i notice sudden movements, i ask. this works both for the info i want and for a little 'nudge' for the 4stack to remember that i'm there, and i need comms too. a few days ago i joined one of these games and the dudes asked me to play inferno apartaments, which is my weakest position, but ok.. i figured they must have been training cross, trading, whatever.. Naturally i got spanked but since the comms were flowing nice and albeit i wasn't really being able to stop T's, i was dealing enough damage for easy retakes. we won, but i finished the game something like 15/10/22. next thing, they added me and we proceeded to win the next 5 games together, but this time they asked where i wanted to be and things started to workout better for me.. cool dudes one thing i've learned with my almost 20 years of cs is that being nice pays off. even if you lose, you still learn, you still play and you can still enjoy if the people around you are not toxic. if they are, the mute button becomes your best friend hehe
2020-10-02 14:18
That's normal healthy approach. There is nothing criminal in taking the initiative instead of being quiet and at the same time expecting others to figure out what you want and then rage after that didn't happen. Replying with negativity to negativity leads to nowhere and won't help to win. Many people do it reflexively, but usually common sense prevail after we try to solve the conflict peacefully. Of course sometimes people just can't stop and you have no other choice than use mute button or kick them, but that's rare.
2020-10-02 15:01
You're right. I'm the one who unmute those that is already mutted at the start of the match and actively try to build a good talk there. Disappointments and mishaps often comes from different expectations on both sides - if you manage to work this out in the beginning, chances are you're going to have a great game
2020-10-02 15:59
They're just peeps trynna come up with a 100 IQ together. The most satisfying instance was when these idiots, instead of kicking me like they normally do, they decided to TK me one by one and all got kicked out of the game on cool down. Absolute geniuses
2020-10-02 01:01
"super try hard ez win 4q" vs "drunk throwing 4q" are massively different
2020-10-02 04:57
Romania sky27
2020-10-02 12:50
Solo q for me.
2020-10-02 05:10
At least they have friends and don't have to solo q.
2020-10-02 05:12
When i play against 4 stacks i submit to whatever play style they have because the ultimate goal in the game is to win rounds, so I dont mind baiting for someone who can frag well, plus if ur fragging well in the first rounds those 4 stacks will see u in high light and u can use them as bait
2020-10-02 05:15
Russia armando_o
1 time i queue with 4 polish stuck and the kick me in first round)
2020-10-02 05:59
Norway m16rlul
Idc as long as they give me info If they don't then I also stop calling and focus on my own game
2020-10-02 06:17
Fair enough.
2020-10-02 12:49
Yeah, 4 stacks is the worst. I've been kicked on the last round of games were I have 35-45 kills. They can kill you 8 rounds in a row without getting kicked and they can inflict damage on you in every round without getting kicked
2020-10-02 12:22
+1 its crazy. they can randomly kick you whenever they feel like it just cause you said a word they didnt like once in the game.
2020-10-02 14:22
NT, Tense. You deserve kick
2020-10-02 15:01
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