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Who will win the Ballon D'or ?
Denmark contakt- 
Hope for Cristiano, sick of Messi because people don't undestand that he wouldn't be so good if it wasn't for Xavi and Iniesta. And if Messi played in the Premier League he would be ass fucked.
2012-11-30 00:38
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Messi is the best player of all time.
2012-11-30 00:51
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2012-11-30 10:47
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RONALDO 2008 > 2012 MESSI 2010 > 2012
2012-11-30 17:27
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so wrong lol If there was a Ballon d'Or that Messi shouldn't have won that was in 2010! It was a year in which Sneijder won everything for Inter and brought Netherlands to the WC finals, where Messi was a big zero ! Xavi and Iniesta both had amazing seasons yet Messi won it! So no, Messi 2012 > Messi 2010 by far
2012-12-01 00:56
Cristiano deserves more but Messi will take it.
2012-11-30 00:53
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Why? Messi almost broke the goalrecord in calendar year and it's 2012, should be almost impossible to do that nowadays. Ronaldo have been very bad like last games, but he played good against barcelona etc
2012-11-30 01:24
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it's not through a goal record that players win prizes. he wont the boot of gold for that. CR7 won La Liga and got to semi finals of the Euro this year , which by itself is more than Messi did. And Messi broke a record but CR7 only scored less +/- 10 goals which would be a record too if messi didnt hit that high. cannavaro won the ballon d'or some years ago after a shitty season and just cuz he was the best player of the World Cup 2008
2012-12-01 19:45
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It was in 2006. And I doubt he had a shitty season, Juventus won the title that year, only lost 24 goals in 38 matches and scored 71, where he ofc started. They only made it to the Quarter finals in the champions league where they lost to Arsenal who lost the final to Barcelona.
2012-12-01 21:25
Who will win? Messi. Who deserves it more? That's another question...
2012-11-30 01:26
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and the answer to that question would be Iniesta ;P
2012-11-30 01:34
Hoping for Ronaldo, but i will not be sad if Iniesta take it. Terrific player!
2012-11-30 01:56
Messi all the way
2012-11-30 02:24
Messi ofc C.ronaldo will never ever win that award
2012-11-30 02:34
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too bad he already did? or am i wrong? -.-
2012-11-30 03:03
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edit: again
2012-11-30 03:21
Messi has been the best player in the world,why shouldn't he win it?
2012-11-30 03:05
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well, he wouldn't be that good if there weren't for xavi and iniesta.. he is very dependent on that duo, whilst ronaldo plays individually good
2012-12-01 17:54
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The thing is it fucking doesn't matter how good he would be without them since it matters only how good he is with them because he actually plays with them, capish? Barcelona wouldn't accomplish half of those things they did actually accomplish if he didn't play. He is still their main player, but yeah Xavi and Iniesta are probably the best support which an attacker can have.
2012-12-01 18:06
Pirlo :/!
2012-11-30 03:10
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Forget it, he will never be recognize for his outstanding value, the best playmaker I ever seen playing..
2012-11-30 04:21
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exactly, Modric and Xabi are very good too, idk why mou play with Xabi and Kedhira, Xabi with Modric would a magnific duo, srry english mate.
2012-11-30 05:05
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As a defensive midfielder I'll play Khedira any time over Modric.
2012-11-30 07:54
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in defense yes, in creating attacks definitely not, actually attacks rarely start from Khedira.
2012-11-30 10:46
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It is not Khedira's main job, everything depends on which strategy mourinho wants to do, if he wants a more defensive team, he chooses khedira, otherwise, Modric.
2012-11-30 14:18
I've seen Khedira up front a lot of times, but his legs are like made of paper when he's trying to finish.
2012-12-01 00:11
yea u right but, RM in la liga play with low or medium teams, Xabi is very good like defensive midfielder,yea he is "old" but the RM has no need of play with Kedhira an Xabi vs Osasuna, Bilbao, Zaragoza, etc. srryenglish:)!
2012-11-30 17:17
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if we are going to talk about it, why the fuck Mourinho is playing without Kaka
2012-12-01 00:44
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i dont know Ozil is good but he is having a slump, i would love that Di Maria left nd RM buy Silva.
2012-12-01 00:58
When CR broke all the records people said "he didnt won competitions" so messi took it. Now Messi is breaking all the records and CR won the competition... Lets see what will happen..
2012-11-30 03:15
The answer is quite obvious : Messi Iniesta didn't win it in the year when he scored and won the final of the world really think he's gonna get it now? :D Ronaldo NO
2012-11-30 03:17
Messi with big difference
2012-11-30 03:30
Ah forgot , for the thread creator : cya~
2012-11-30 06:00
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I agree that Messi can score aswell without xavi and Iniesta, but scoring a goal without an assist isn't the proof that he scored the goals by himself, just watch these 73 goals, you'll see that 64 goals weren't scored only by himself. Most of the goals are scored easily, not because it's messi, but because he always has the best poistion to score.
2012-11-30 14:24
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2012-12-01 17:59
I hope iniesta. But if not, Cristiano (he deserved before, and havent got it) .
2012-11-30 07:22
2012-11-30 10:46
Messi will win it, because FIFA are cocksuckers, Sneijder deserved it more than anyone in 2010, but still wasn't even in the top 3.
2012-11-30 14:21
2012-11-30 14:51
at the great risk of incurring fanboy wrath, it would be nice to see someone from a league with some actual competition win it. not just players from 2 teams who play against garbage 4 out of 5 weeks. that being said i hope iniesta wins it because he's the only one whos successful internationally as well
2012-11-30 17:24
2012-11-30 18:30
I hope 4 Ronaldo, he was impressive last year at Spanish league and at EURO too, messi just won "Taça del Rei" and anything else. Let's see
2012-12-01 00:07
damn alot of fanboys here for 2 diving loosers. Of course i am talking about messi and c. ronaldo. Both great players but sometimes... Ronaldo is having alot of critics because he is mister 25% potential for one match and for another match he goes 80% of his potential. Messi same sometimes.
2012-12-01 00:35
As a lot of people have said Who will win it -> Messi Who deserves it -> now that sth different :)
2012-12-01 00:59
Kosovo spadzxf
2012-12-01 01:00 , someone put this in english .. People should see this, Mourinho is saying everything in this video.
2012-12-01 01:53
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it would be a crime if ronaldo wouldn't win it , for me...from then i closed the window :D
2012-12-01 15:25
2012-12-01 02:57
Messi will win the trophy, but Ibrahimovic deserves it more.
2012-12-01 15:27
Czech Republic hawai``
Ibra or Ronaldo I think
2012-12-01 15:31
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Kosovo XLN7
Three finalists for the FIFA Ballon d’Or 2012: A.Iniesta L.Messi C.Ronaldo WAIT A SECOND, DID YOU SAY IBRA?
2012-12-01 15:49
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Czech Republic hawai``
Iniesta maybe deserves it as for this years titles goes. But Ronaldo will take it all the way. Your tip?
2012-12-01 16:32
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Kosovo XLN7
No chance for Ronaldo. Iniesta deserves it and I'm fan of him, but I think that Messi will win it.
2012-12-01 16:40
ronaldo fanboys always saying that messi would suck at premier league :D who cares, he doesnt play in england, he plays in spain. and he is amazing. and ofc he would not score as many goals without xavi and iniesta. But i suppose ronaldo wouldnt score either, without teammates
2012-12-01 15:32
fnx | 
Brazil lsz1
Ronaldinho Gaucho deservs it more than everyone
2012-12-01 15:43
Messi is just GOD
2012-12-01 15:58
2012-12-01 16:47
RECORD #1 - With 73 goals for Barca Messi set a new world record, surpassing Archie Stark (1924-25 Bethlehem Steel, USA) RECORD #2 - Messi became the first player to score 50 goals in a single season in La Liga, breaking CR's record of 40 goals. RECORD #3 - Messi (currently on 252 goals) became Barcelona's all-time topscorer, breaking Césars record of 232 goals. RECORD #4 - Messi is the first player ever in the history of the Liga to score 8 hat-tricks in a single Liga season RECORD #5 - Messi is the first player to be crowned top goalscorer in the Champions League for 4 consecutive seasons RECORD #6 - Messi has played more matches this season (currently 59) than in any of his previous seasons with Barcelona. RECORD #7 - Messi registered 29 assists for Barcelona in all competitions this season, a new personal record RECORD #8 - Messi became the first player to have scored and assisted in 6 different official competitions in a calendar year RECORD #9 - Messi became the 2nd Barca player (after Pedro) to score in 6 different official competitions in a single season RECORD #10 - Messi scored 5 goals in the CL-match against Bayer Leverkusen (7-1), most goals by any player in a CL-match RECORD #11 - Messi produced 35 goals in home games this Liga season, more than any other player in La Liga's history RECORD #12 - Messi produced 14 hat-tricks in La Liga in his Barca career, breaking the club record held by Cesar (13) RECORD #13 - Messi became to first player ever to reach 100 points in the race of the European Golden Shoe (50x2) RECORD #14 - With 214 games Messi is Barca's most experienced foreigner in La Liga history, beating record of Cocu (205) RECORD #15 - Messi (24) became the youngest player ever to pass the 50-goal mark in the Champions League RECORD #16 - Messi became record scorer in the CL knockout stage with 26 goals. Previous record: 18 goals (Raúl/Shevchenko) RECORD #17 - Messi scored his 2nd and 3rd CL-hattrick for Barca this season, equaling the record held by Filippo Inzaghi RECORD #18 - Messi became the 2nd Barcelona player (after Quini) to win the Pichichi trophy for topscorer in La Liga twice RECORD #19 - Messi became all-time topscorer in the Supercopa with 8 goals, surpassing the record of Raúl (7 goals) RECORD #20 - Messi converted 10 penaties this Liga season, equal to the club record held by Ronald Koeman (1989-90) RECORD #21 - Messi scored in 10 consecutive Liga games this season, equalling the club record of Martín (42/43) & Ronaldo (96/97) RECORD #22 - Messi is the 2nd player (after H.Sánchez) in Spanish football to score 35+ goals in all comps for 4 seasons in a row RECORD #23 - Messi scored in 6 consecutive home games (twice) this season, a new personal record. Previous record was 5. RECORD #24 - Messi has equalled Samuel Eto'o's (2007-08) record of scoring in 7 consecutive away Liga games this season. RECORD #25 - Messi registered the fastest hat-trick in Barca's Liga history in the game vs Mallorca (5-0) this season (17 minutes) RECORD #26 - Messi became the 4th player in CL history (after Litmanen, Crespo & Henry) to score in 7 consecutive away games RECORD #27 - Messi became the first player in CL history to score 14 goals in a single season (main tournament) RECORD #28 - Messi (24 years old) became the youngest player ever to reach 150 goals in La Liga RECORD #29 - Messi became the 4th player to win 3 Ballons d'Or, after Johan Cruyff, Michel Platini and Marco van Basten. RECORD #30 - Messi became the 2nd player to win 3 consecutive Ballons d'Or, after Michel Platini.
2012-12-01 17:10
2 replies
Impressive. Don't think someone will brake his records. Hope he will continue this. Messi > Ronaldo by far.
2012-12-01 17:50
cruyff , and van basten won 3 times la ballon
2012-12-01 20:18
I met Messi would last longer in EPL thn your mother in my bed.
2012-12-01 19:19
cr ftw
2012-12-01 19:19
2012-12-01 19:28
1 reply
jk , I'd love CR7 to win it and he deserves it since he did more than Messi this year but FIFA always tends to give it to Messi either he deserves it or not
2012-12-01 19:28
Ronaldo deserves it more? Please back that statement up with some facts Mr. ThreadCreator. Oh, you can't. Messi would not be that good in other Leagues? SRSLY? He's almost NEVER injured, whereas the only possible way to stop him is to FAULT against him, basically he takes way more kicks in his legs than anyone else. This is worsened by some mentally unstable defenders, because being outplayed by Messi numberless times on a match must be frustrating. :D
2012-12-01 20:45
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ronaldo low playar . messi low playar . beckham best !!!!! sry . sry for insultes .
2012-12-02 15:05
f0rest stronk oh no wait NEO STRONKER oh no wait ronaldo stronk oh no messi stronker no fucku ronaldo best. fucking retard kids thread once again.
2012-12-01 21:05
1 reply
hitler stronk !! sry . sry for insultes .
2012-12-02 15:05
messi is da best
2012-12-01 21:27
any admin wants to close thread? please if not make me admin for couple seconds to close this one this is just another thread to see haters fighting
2012-12-02 14:59
1 reply
y close ? u h8 democracy ? u r fascist ! sry . sry for insultes .
2012-12-02 15:05
mikel owen is best futbol playar . mikel owen win all award . sry . sry for insultes .
2012-12-02 15:05
1 reply
hahaha just watched trough all your comments, i love you man thanks for the laugh<3
2012-12-02 15:48
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